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201 Crepes

The French are mad at you people for putting Crepes below Crisps

How is this not number 1- common

So good the French crepes.

These with peanut butter and bananas are ORGASMIC

202 Milk

I LOVE milk! When I was little I used to not like it unless it was flavoured, but now I think milk is really nice! Not only is it nice, it's also good for you! So drink your milk, kids!

All of you people need some Milk

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203 Baryani


204 Sausages With Bacon On Them

I love them there my favourite food in the whole world
My grandad makes a roast dinner every time I go to his house and he always makes them

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205 Yorkshire Pudding
206 Pempek
207 Egg V 3 Comments
208 Mango

Mangoes are fruit so they are 19

I hate mango

209 Biscotti

Rich, crunchy, and sweet. A great French dessert to dip in lattes

The sweet chocolate ones are heaven on earth

210 Eton Mess
211 Kebab

Nothing's more delicious than the sauce of a hot kebab

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212 Eggs

Any eggs. Hard boiled, scrambled, deviled, they're all good!

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213 Honey
214 Cassoulet
215 Flan
216 Egg Rolls
217 Methu Vadai
218 Ragi Adai
219 Idiyappam
220 Kalaki
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