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301 Meat

I like meat avoiding even vegetables.

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302 Lychee
303 Durian

It is known to taste like heaven and smell like hell

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304 Cornbread V 1 Comment
305 French Toast Rolls

Recipe provided by buzzfeed, I am very fond of these tiny morsels of sweet/tart goodness. - ListerBlister

306 Quorn V 1 Comment
307 Chicken Kiev


308 Ham Roll With Branston Pickle
309 Flour Tortillas

Its one of the Mexican-American tasty traditions

310 Shish Kabob
311 Swiss Roll
312 Boiled Crawfish

Mmm, my belly always makes noises digesting that crawfish.

313 Tator Tot Casserole
314 Steak Pie

A good rich steak pie with lots of gravy. Mmmmmmmm! - wizardryuk

315 Black Olives
316 Gnocchi

I remember that I used to have them as a child. Soft and chewy... perfect!

317 Chico's Tacos

Anyone who's from El Paso Texas knows that Chico's are the best food ever invented. They are a food that only exists in El Paso, they've been featured on the Food Network, and the comedian Gabriel Iglesias has vouched for them on his special I'm not Fat I'm Fluffy. If you haven't tried them you need to come to El Paso, Tx and try them you won't be disappointed.

318 Grape Leaves

I love it

319 Salt

Salt is unhealthy... but still a good addition to most things - redhawk766

I love salt. Salt is good on everything. This is my opinion.

Salt not even a foood it is a seasoning

If I couldn't eat sugar I would be ok with it.
If I couldn't eat salt I would die.. Because of eat it anyway. - Foxfood

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320 Resses Puffs
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