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301 Boiled Crawfish

Mmm, my belly always makes noises digesting that crawfish.

302 Tator Tot Casserole
303 Steak Pie

A good rich steak pie with lots of gravy. Mmmmmmmm! - wizardryuk

304 Black Olives
305 Gnocchi

I remember that I used to have them as a child. Soft and chewy... perfect!

306 Chico's Tacos

Anyone who's from El Paso Texas knows that Chico's are the best food ever invented. They are a food that only exists in El Paso, they've been featured on the Food Network, and the comedian Gabriel Iglesias has vouched for them on his special I'm not Fat I'm Fluffy. If you haven't tried them you need to come to El Paso, Tx and try them you won't be disappointed.

307 Salt

Salt is unhealthy... but still a good addition to most things - redhawk766

I love salt. Salt is good on everything. This is my opinion.

Salt not even a foood it is a seasoning

Acutally salt is good but not on everything. Too little of salt can make you die and too much can also make u die. You might want to keep it meduim weght

308 Resses Puffs
309 Pastitsio
310 Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls
311 Sate

I'm very like sate. Most delicious Indonesian food

I like chicken sate, but I hate lamb sate

. TASTIEST. FOOD. EVER - GetRichPlayer

312 Arepa

La Arepa... one of the most delicious typical dishes of Venezuela.

313 Rendang Padang

The spicy, delicious boiled beef. It has a mixed of many indonesian spice ingredients and also coconut milk which add the unique and speciall spicy delicious taste. It's worth to try... You will not regret it!

314 Tempe

Tradisional Indonesian food and also very healthy. It's a mixed of soy been and a kind of mushroom. The world have already admit the healthyness of this food beside the delicious taste of it. ★★★

315 Meat Loaf Meat Loaf Michael Lee Aday is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor usually known by his stage name Meat Loaf.

Come on... Meatloaf made by mom with mashed potatoes and gravy people please

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316 Ćevapćići V 3 Comments
317 Taffy

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL. TAFFY IS AWESOME! There's chocolate, candy corn, mint, peanut butter, root beer, there's a million flavors out there. TAFFY ROCKS. TAFFY TAFFY TAFFY!

300? Really it should at least be in the top 100s

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318 Pizza Rolls

Totino's for the win.

319 Pork Chops V 1 Comment
320 Schnitzel V 2 Comments
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