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341 Date

They taste better than raisins and have more fiber!

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342 Water Chestnut
343 Smoothie

Smoothies are really soothing. I love them like when they melt in your mouth

Should be a little higher on the list. I'm thinking two percent

Yes. YES! Smoothies are delish. My favourite flavour is tropical. - FennikenFan9

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344 Ambrosia Salad
345 Grapefruit
346 Herring
347 Madeleines
348 Apple Crisp
349 Roasted Marshmallows

This camp food is heaven in my mouth. Who agrees?

350 Chicken Pot Pie

My very favorite comfort food. It isn't to salty or sweet, makes vegetables taste great, and is a delicious mystery on what's inside. Send me to this dream now!

"Fill a flaky pie crust with chicken and gravy, and you get this. Evil or Genius." - Pikachufan0922

I love eating this and cold winter days it comforts you and is delicous


351 Chicken Madras

I see you baby! Chicken madras, chicken madras, chicken madras. Woah you drive me crazy! Chicken madras, chicken madras!

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352 Honey Walnut Shrimp V 1 Comment
353 Jicama
354 Shark

People DO eat shark. You need to do your research when you see food you haven't heard of. Have you heard of shark fin soup

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355 Linguine with Clams

, sooo good I clean the clams up so good and slurp down all of that linguine it feels so good inside of my tummy and perfect for a girly night out.

356 Katsu Chicken

Crispy & decadent, what more to ask for?

357 Cevapcici V 1 Comment
358 Sari Roti
359 Creamy Stew

"This stew has been stewing for hours. So rich, you'll feel like a king." - Pikachufan0922

360 Club Sandwich
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