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341 Shark

People DO eat shark. You need to do your research when you see food you haven't heard of. Have you heard of shark fin soup

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342 Linguine with Clams

, sooo good I clean the clams up so good and slurp down all of that linguine it feels so good inside of my tummy and perfect for a girly night out.

343 Katsu Chicken

Crispy & decadent, what more to ask for?

344 Cevapcici V 1 Comment
345 Sari Roti
346 Walnuts
347 Creamy Stew

"This stew has been stewing for hours. So rich, you'll feel like a king." - Pikachufan0922

348 Club Sandwich
349 Vegetables

The reason this should be low on the list is not because I don't like vegetables but because this statement is too broad. Carrots, spinach, broccoli etc is less broad.

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350 Nasi Lemak

Lovely. The dish of Malaysia. It is really quite delicious try some if you haven't heard if it.
Where are you Malasians?

351 Turkish Şiş Kebab
352 Frog Legs V 1 Comment
353 Falafel

I can't believe falafel is the last it is so underrated

Who the heck put falafel at 563?! Most likely, it's gonna keep going down also

354 Frijoles

They give you gas that's tight

355 Sate Madura

sate madura is very nice food, I like that, it's from Indonesia... and love all indonesia foods

Hm.. Satay madura great taste especially for me. Good job Indonesia and I love Melbourne...

356 Peeled Potatoes With Carrots V 1 Comment
357 Deer Sausage
358 Shipwrecked Casserole
359 Boiled Eggs and Soldiers
360 Baked Beans
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