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21 Pasta

The greatest. Amazing as penne a la vodka

As good as pizza. It is the best Italian food in my opinion. Why is it so low? mac and cheese is ahead of it! So is spaghetti, but why couldn't the people who voted for spaghetti vote for pasta instead. They're the same thing.

I always eat pasta

The greatest my mom made pasta and was great😊

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22 Cookies

Cookies are food that makes me happy. You can't live without chocolate chip cookies!

You can't say no to a cookie!

Cookies are so delicious! X

Again, tasty! - Fullwalking2

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23 Garlic Bread

When I go to restaurants I usually just get stuffed on the garlic bread before the meal!

The smell of garlic sells a subconscious message to my brain telling me to eat rapidly. Garlic bread makes me the next host of Man V. Food!

I love garlic bread

I love garlic bread it's my life.

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24 Noodles


Noodles are my 2nd-favorite food behind pizza. I love macaroni and cheese, buttery noodles sprinkled with parmesan cheese, and alfredo noodles! I like meatballs but I don't like sauce. Noodles are awesome! CiCi's pizza makes really yummy noodles (THEY ALSO MAKE MACARONI PIZZA).

NOODLES ARE THE BEST! Spicy, sweet, sour, salty. MMHMM Spicy is my favorite. If you like spicy food you should really try spicy noodles! MY favorite.


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25 Pancakes

My favorite thing to eat for breakfast.
pancakes are best with chocolate chips - Ajkloth

Chocolate chip is my favorite!

Can't stop eating them

Nutella pancakes are great - JamesBourne

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26 Brownies

Brownies! Brownies! I love! Brownies!

Should be in the top 10! What's this at #32? - lizard302

Little Debbie Cosmo brownies are so good


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27 Cheesecake


I love stuff like pizza, chocolate and fries, but DAMN that is some good cheesecake! Nothing can replace the creaminess of a slice of cheesecake. Mmm!

Only 1 %? What the? But cheesecake is so good

This is pretty delicious!

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28 Hot Buffalo Wings

You can't beat some Hot Wings - Raptork

mmmmmmmmm, so hot and spicy, i wonder what it would be like with A-1 sauce - pauler94

With Honey BBQ Sauce and Ranch Sauce. Yumm. The best! I love me some buffalo wings

Good anytime - Randomator

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29 Fruit

Fruit won't hurt you, fruit is sweet as candy but healthy as vegetable. Fruit has a long range of taste! And all of them are delicious!

Contains next to no saturated fat and is highly nutritious in terms of the range of vitamins on offer in almost every fruit, it's no wonder that we are encouraged to take on 5 a day to stay healthy.

Fruits are tasty as well as healthy...

Noo - Jimmy444

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30 Hamburgers

#BurgerBeatBacon (by a small margin, though -- BACON STILL IS LIT)


OH GOD NO - LemonComputer

Yummy YUMMY! ham burgers r the best bocon in it is so yummy I'd steal yours

31 Cheese

I'd eat dirt if it had cheese on it. Or is it cheese with dirt on it. Either way. Mmm cheese!

Love cheese some much variety used in the very best food!

The most incredible thing in the world, just amazing how cheese is just so... Awesome!
I just can't think of a food GREATER than this!

Having it cold is noce, but melting it makes it another league. - Dominicmgm

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32 Chicken Parmesan

I love Italian food and my favorite Italian food is chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan is life and biscuits and lots of others delicious foods

Chicken parm can be good but a lot of times the chicken is to over-cooked

33 Waffles

I am obsessed with waffles. I was going to write the same thing when I saw yours! Waffles are awesome! Should be #1!

Waffles rock. When I have a full English breakfast I always have to get waffles ratehr than hash browns I mean they're like chips but bigger and in a square shape.

How is this so far down!

# Taan Titans Go! Confirmed

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34 Shrimp

It has the perfect texture, it tastes so so good, and it's healthy.

I love shrimp especially with alfredo sauce

It's delicious and my favorite seafood.

Best foooddd everr!
(in my opinion any seafood is great food though)

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35 Burger Burger
36 Apple Pie

Apple Pie is DELICOUS better than pumpkin, better than lemon, better than pecan, and definitely better than cherry, even better than oreo pie. That's right, that's how good it is

I used to love them

Because pie

37 Curry

I have curry almost every Saturday

Love Indian food, love curry

So many kinds, so many flavors, so yummy

48?! Obviously this is one of the best foods ever! Indian curry is phenomenal! My favourite curries are tikka masala, rogan josh or bhuna. Add the rice and naan bread= one of the best foods ever

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38 Chicken Alfredo

Love it so much

Chicken AND broccoli alfredo is so creamy and best served with garlic bread. - Drippycheesycanoli

Chicken Alfredo is great it is creamy taste good and it could include many meats such as shrimp or chicken

Only things that may have competed with this are pizza and soft serve plain vanilla ice cream on a sugar cone (nostalgic reasons).

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39 Peanut Butter

Nothing (except Pizza and Chocolate) can beat Peanut Butter. It's really delicious! - TopTenJackson

Peanut butter with oatmeal is one of the best creations of the world

I hate peanut butter it's disgusting - RockStarr

Yuck - ToadF1

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40 Oreo's

Mmm to even think of Oreos makes mah mouth water I could eat em 4 breakfast lunch n dinner

You can never go wrong with some delisious Oreo'S!

I had them for lunch. For lunch I had: Sandwiches, Crisps, Chocolate, Drink and Oreos! - lizard302

yes oreos.

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