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401 Krupniok Slaski
402 Boczek Słonina
403 Kremówka
404 Sałatka Jarzynowa
405 Zurek
406 Zupa Rybna
407 Kartacze Z Okrasą
408 dippi'n dots

They taste great they are ice cold when you first put them in your mouth and then they melt in your mouth.
They really are Ice cream of the future!

409 Oysters

Feels so good inside my girly belly.

So true... Oysters must be noticed!

There is obviously many amazing foods. Oysters don't get a mention, but they should...m

410 Gnocchi with Napoli sauce
411 Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is disgusting. no one takes cantaloupe. Either skip the cantaloupe, get some watermelon, OR DON'T GET ANYTHING AT ALL - ListerBlister

412 Kiwi
413 Olive Oil
414 Chocolate Mousse
415 Pelmeni
416 Tortillos
417 String Beans
418 Cocoa Puffs
419 Takis

Love them so much

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420 Thai Yellow Curry
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