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41 Curry

I have curry almost every Saturday

Love Indian food, love curry

So many kinds, so many flavors, so yummy

48?! Obviously this is one of the best foods ever! Indian curry is phenomenal! My favourite curries are tikka masala, rogan josh or bhuna. Add the rice and naan bread= one of the best foods ever

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42 Strawberries

Strawberries are fruit so they are number 19

This fruit should be way higher on this list!


I'm only picking this one cause it's my favorite fruit
Go Strawberries!

43 Crab Legs

Crab cakes are amazing there so Delicious I wish I could eat one every day there the best ever!

So good I always get so full with all that crab in my belly.

The best pizza sucks.

Best ever

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44 Mozzarella Sticks

Come on this is a great food! It is so good, my favorites are the ones at Ninos pizza! It should be 4, not 50!

I llike getting mozzarella sticks and Chilis, but I think they stopped making them... :( - mpgami

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45 Hot Wings V 2 Comments
46 Fettuccine Alfredo V 1 Comment
47 Calamari

you have never lived until you tried calamari mmmmmmmmmmmm had it like 5 times ohhh its melting in my mouth just thinking about it :) with seafood sauce nothing is better

Nothing better if cooked right. Cooked wrong and its rubber crap.

I totally love this food. I'm a girly girl and I have no tomboyish side to me to. I just love it when the squid drops into my belly. I can feel it moving around in my slim tummy.

I want some squid in my belly!

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48 Rice

Rice doesent really have a taste to it so you can pretty much eat it with anything!

As a Malagasy person, I gotta go for my usual plate of rice!

I like it because you can do a lot with it like putting butter on it and making rice cakes

Best thing ever

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49 Watermelon

I love watermelon please vote!

Watermelon is fruit so they are number 19.

It's so.. So.. Yummy - Kikkykak123

Watermelon is the best

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50 Chicken Wings

I love chicken wings I like heat on it

This should beat most of these dumb weird foods

This should be way up

Best when spicy.

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51 Lobster

I gotta' help out lobster. The ultimate surf 'n' turf would be portioned lobster and rib eye.

Lobster and crab... I can't resist temptation for either one.

Only the tail please
That is the best part of a lobster and I enjoy eating it at my dad's restaurant whenever he invites us - each

The second I eat lobster I can hear my stomach brewing up a cloud, an hour later I fart up the room! - Imyourstalker

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52 Chicken Nuggets

You can't deny chicken nuggets are by far the best

I could die for chicken nuggets!

great food

McNuggets are always top even though that meat was never chicken :( - redhawk766

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53 Spaghetti With Meat Sauce


Spaghetti and meat sauce... I must be DREAMING

I love Spaghetti with meat sauce I fell it so yamy hmm

54 Chocolate Chip Cookies

How is this all the way down here? These are amazing, especially right out of the oven.

Better than normal cookies and almost the best

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55 Pies

Kidney, Bacon, Liver, Plain, Pepper, Egg and Bacon, Beef Corn I love every pie! - squire

Beef pie, apple pie, chicken pie, cottage pie, shepherds pie, PIE! - Lozzyboz

Pie pie pie sweet savory I love every pie even clam pie!

Does chocolate pie count? - LemonComputer

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56 Philly Cheese Steak V 1 Comment
57 Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Gravy is good, but mashed potatoes actually make me want to vomit. The texture is awful and makes me gag.

Mashed potatoes hold the gravy... My favorite all time, eat it whenever, food!

I feel your pain


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58 Cereal

Cereal is great. Not only is it simple, there is SO many varieties. All that sweetness, and it's surprisingly healthy for a breakfast food. If I HAD to pick one... Cap'n Crunch, anyone?

Could life off this stuff



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59 Oreo's

Mmm to even think of Oreos makes mah mouth water I could eat em 4 breakfast lunch n dinner

You can never go wrong with some delisious Oreo'S!

I had them for lunch. For lunch I had: Sandwiches, Crisps, Chocolate, Drink and Oreos! - lizard302

yes oreos.

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60 Fried Rice

One of the greatest and most famous Chinese food ever made! The goodness is great resturaunt-cooked and home-made.

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