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61 Chicken Tikka Masala

Favorite food, so good if creamy and spicy!

62 Tomato

If the doctor ever told me I couldn't eat tomatoes anymore they would have to kill me right there

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63 Thai Food

It has every taste bud covered (hot, sweet, sour, bitter and salt, and the ingredients are fresh.

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64 Pho

480! Are you kidding me?! Pho is one of the best foods ever, it deserves to be way higher up on the list!

The most underrated food on this list.. get it higher! - NotYoursTruly



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65 Pad Thai

Thai food is like no other.

66 Spaghetti Bolognase

lol i cant believe i forgot this one. - clownana

This is my 9th best

My favourite: sweet, salty healthy and counts toward all food in the foid pyramid it may not be traditional but who cares

67 Orange Chicken

One of my favorite foods this and sweet and sour chicken

How the hell is this 28th just because every Indian aka a quarter of the population of the world voted for this doesn't make it good.

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68 Bagel

Bagels with cream cheese are my favorite foods.

Bagels are like a healthy doughnut. What more could you want?

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69 Wraps
70 Popcorn

I go crazy for popcorn! It's so delicious! The warm, buttery sensation of movie theater popcorn makes my mouth water like a waterfall! And don't get me STARTED on marshmallow popcorn! That's easily one of the best types of popcorn! I couldn't live without popcorn. It's just too good! Popcorn for the ultimate win! The perfect setting for me is watching the Exorcist, listening to Queen, ABBA, and Led Zeppelin, and eating a mixture of caramel, marshmallow, buttery movie theater popcorn! - MontyPython

Yum! I love Popcorn! Popcorn should be number one! - Stephen2

The list should be: 1st Pizza 2nd Meat 3rd Popcorn

Popcorn is delicious and can be sweet or savoury. Perfection.

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71 Chicken Soup
72 Skittles

Just taste the rainbow!

Touch the rainbow taste the rainbow

The best sweet ever, has a burst of taste

They are delicious. I think they should be in the top 10.

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73 Gummy Bears

Gummy bear's are the kind of thing that makes you smile!

I love gummy bears. I like sour ones too

I have a 5 pond gummi bear - Imyourstalker


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74 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

That's actually the best chocolate I ever had, it needs to be number 1

Peanut butter and chocolate yummm

It is mm beter


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75 French Toast

French toast toast with what you wanna spread on it.

Yes I love French toast

French Toast is great.

I love French toast

76 Apple

Favorite FRUIT

...just an apple?

77 Caramel

Though it is bad for you, its stickiness makes you and your mouth stuck in heaven.

Best ever!

78 Buffalo Wings

Nothing beats a dinner consisting of Buffalo Wings.

"No buffalo here--just your standard chicken wings with superspicy sauce." - Pikachufan0922

79 Chicken Strips


80 Flapjacks V 2 Comments
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