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81 Chicken Strips


82 Flapjacks V 2 Comments
83 Sweet Potato

I honestly like sweet potato fries more than just the sweet potato, but... I STILL LOVE THEM - mpgami

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84 Banana Split
85 Boiled Egg

Not that great by itself... you have to put it in your tuna

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86 Tarragon Chicken

I love jell-o

88 Potato

Chips, fries, tater tots, hash browns... Must I go on?


Best food ever
my clash of clans name is potato guy

89 Homemade Pizza

Homemade pizza is the best there is. I can't stand those cheesy abominations they serve in American restaurants.

I love homemade pizza!

I love home made donkeys

Any pizza!

90 Mashed Potatoes

I love potatoes and this my favorite kind! Yes, It's an odd choice but I really do! - leppaberry

One of my least favorite foods.

Probably the worst food ever

91 Kale

It's amazing. My sister has celiac disease, a rare disease in which she cannot eat gluten. (Or touch it, mind you. ) So this pretty much saves her life!

Kale is very underrated. Don't hate on it

92 Goulash V 1 Comment
93 Pumpkin Pie

Lower than spring rolls?! Really. I once got sick off them and threw up. All that's in pumpkin pie is pure sweetness and enjoyment, and no salmonella

What the, not even in top 100. Why does my vote never count either

This is automatically my favorite pie.

94 Garlic Naan Bread V 2 Comments
95 Caesar Salad

Best Kind of Salad

The only thing I eat

96 Salmon Fillet

Yummy for tummy super food

97 Tamales V 2 Comments
98 Chicken Tenders

If I could make a chicken house

This is the best


99 Cranberry Sauce
100 Nutella

Oh, yes this horrible thing made with lots of palm oil and for which Orangutans massacred, forests are razed and so much troubles including obesity.
Must be in the top of the worst food.

Disgusting made with more than 72% of fat and sugar.
And for the fat it's this horrible this Palm Oil.
Nothing chocolate and nothing good like we love in America.

Everyone I know LOVES Nutella. I absolutely hate it.

Why the hate? Nutella is amazing! - JamesBourne

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