Top Ten Favourite Nationalities

It's difficult not to vote for your own but try! As I'm British and as much as I'd like to, I can't place The Brits at the top :/

If I've missed your favourite nationality, I apologise. Feel free to add it. You never know, it may just reach the top! ;)

The Top Ten

1 Americans

I'm a Brit myself but this plonker here basically saying everything exists because of the white man. Is bloody horrendous. Brits and Americans are the cause of all wars and destruction of societies. Ill have a cuppa tea over that if ya have a better argument.

Americans and Brits. Brits and Americans. The ONLY reasons civilization still exists. We may scrap over a thing or three, but if ya wanna take us on, better bring yer lunch.

I'm a proud Britican / Ameritish girl :). - Britgirl

2 Canadians

I can't choose anything else! I'm Sorry Aboot that - Curti2594

3 Australians

Love them

4 Indians

They are very nice regards of what race. One of the best Asians you will ever meet.

The most racist, arrogant and extremist nationality.🚫

5 Germans
6 French
7 Chinese
8 Russians
9 Italians
10 Brits

Still my favourite, no matter who tries to make anyone think otherwise.

What the (cain't believe I'm gonna say) hecky-peck this be doing' way down de bottom?

On this Christmastime, was reflecting on all the good things America has gotten from Britain: The Magna Carta; The Beatles; The Stones; The Who; Pink Floyd; flush toilets; Holland & Holland rifles; Irish whiskey; hill music... and a thoroughly exquisite language to irreparably corrupt. But then, you've paid is back in spades with Canada, George III (though we might not be here today without that petulant old priss)... and Russell Brand. Cruel 'n' vindictive lot y'are;).

I'd prefer "Russell the mussel," but it really is insulting to a higher life form.
Nearly forgot two of my all-time favorite Brits ('sides, well, you know;), Benny Hill and Alastair Sim. Each a genius at his craft.

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The Contenders

11 Japanese

Because they are cool and they are very polite.

12 Israeli

Israel will never have a place in this world no matter how much power its trying to gain.

13 Irish

You added this? YOU added this? YOU added THIS?...
Oooh, ya traitor, ya! :)).

14 Icelandics
15 Swedish
16 Filipino
17 Scots
18 Pakistani
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