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1 Riley

Riley is awesome, she's in all the seasons and is an amazing dancer! The thing is, in the series they never classified her as one of A-Troupe's best dancers, but she clearly was because she got through the challenge and all the A-Troupe auditions. Riley has such a great personality, she's funny, serious, happy and kind. I love how her sister is Emily, they're both such different people but get along so well with each other! And Jiley, they're so perfect! I love how they're not all about being lovey dovey but they really just care for each other and for some reason every time they hug it just seems so real! We love you Riley!

She is an all-rounder performer! The most dynamic dancer in all the dance styles and she dances with feeling! Cannot stop watching her amazing dances :)

I think that Riley is OK. I admit, I used to LOVE her, I especially love Jiley, I still do! But recently she's become stuck up and more and more in herself... I know A troupe still comes first but James, and all her friends don't and Alfie is so not her type. She's dropped down to someone who I respect as a dancer but as a person she could now improve. Like if you agree!

She is awesome she wants what is best for the team she is a really good dancer and I think she should deserve more like to be dance captain since she is a great team leader

2 Michelle

While I am writing this I am watching the Michelle dance in s5 (the episode were at the end piper suggested to merge tns east with tns west.

I think Michelle is fabulous also if you are interested in the next step I suggest this: go on YouTube and type in tns hunger games by tns edits

She’s the best! How dare Emily say she never works for anything she got! SHE WAS MISS NATIONALS SOLOIST FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! She’s cares about everyone. The E girls were just a bunch of jerks that worshipped Emily the worst character ever! Every single time I actually start to warm up to Emily she does something else that makes me hate her. She treated poor Amy like an immature brat, what did she do, what is it wrong to stand up for your friends AFTER THEY GOT REJECTED JUST BECAUSE THEIR DANCE STYLE PLEASE! So yeah Michelle for the win definitely!

She went through so much and stayed strong I love her hair and she was like the best dancer in the world like she was on
The winning team she was dance captain twice and two times in a row mrs national soloist like can’t get much better and she can’t be much prettier either she went through more than anyone and was still the best and she was new also you can see she is liked by a lot of people and she is caring and nice and of corse funny but I really love the other characters but my very favorite is Michelle obvious.

3 West

Yeah he is super funny and cool but I don't know about him or Michelle because she had a hard life and is the best female and west is the best male simple as that. West has a lot of funny parts which makes him enjoyable and hey me and my friend tried looking at people and pretending what they were saying! It was honestly fun

West west west
is the
Best best best
he brings that vibe to the studio
he is honestly the reason why I continued to watch the show after seeing the first few episodes of it and It became one of one of my favourite shows!

laugh me makes he episode an in is he time every mean I funny so is West

West is amazing. He is super funny and friendly and loyal.

4 James

Personally, James is the best character due to his loyalty to Riley when yes he kissed Beth, but it was accidental and he completed a whole list to ensure he would win Riley back. However, Riley started an affair with Alfie and James took her back easily without any challenges for her to complete. He is a fantastic dancer with his technical moves, and he's been accepted into all the auditions.

Well first of all James is a part of the original cast which is way better then the cast after season 3. He is really funny and kind at the same time. I just wish he never broke up with Riley. (Sorry for spoiling for anyone who hasn’t seen it)

His character is hilarious and makes me laugh all the time. His dancing is amazing and he has sooo much technique. Also him and Riley are so cute and I will ship them forever.

I love James so much because he's really cool, does whatever he has to do for Eldon. Even though he lost his lucky coin, in episode 92.

5 Giselle

Even off and on stage Giselle is so nice. Jordan, who plays Giselle, is also so kind to all her fans. And also she has the best dance moves like the spider

Giselle is incredible and an amazing dancer! She tried so hard and she got to be a dance captain for Internationals. She is a bubbly person and super outgoing! I loved her mostly in season 1 and 2. I love how in the end of season 1, she got to be back as an A-Troupe dancer! She is the best character ever!

Giselle is my favourite. And she is always bubbly and excited to see everyone. And every time I am sad I always think about her and dance I love you Giselle!

Giselle is awesome and my favourite. She's a great dancer and her flexibility is insane.

6 Emily

I honestly love Emily she is my favourite she is funny and she does anything for her team, and her sister. I like how she is so straight up. I also love that she has such a strong relationship with her friends and her sister Riley. I also like her fashion stile it really shows her and the character she is acting out. But overall she is defiantly my favourite. No hate on the other actors

Emily is my favorite because she never gives p in whatever she does and not only does she inspire people at TNS but she also inspires me. she helped piper overcome her fear of failing her Arial which was scary for me too (I did and Arial in-front of hundreds of people scared too fail.

I love how fierce and diva-like, but also encouraging (when she dragged Stephanie to audition for A troupe again when she was not very confident). She is such an interesting character, I really like her!

Emily could be a diva but she is also great friend and always inspires people and pushes them to their best like piper when she was scared about her Ariel in the finals againts encore and Acronation.

7 Amanda

Honestly, Amanda is the greatest. Well in my opinion.

You can really see, that she have developed so much. Not only as a dancer but as a human being pretty much.

It's amazing to see where time have brought her and how she acts in Season 3-4 compared to Season 1-2.
- Especially her current love-interest in Noah.
You had never expected her to "fall in love" in the series.

But that's what makes her unique above the other A-Troupe members.

In the series she had always have to prove herself, and it's great to see that she is strong enough to stick up for her friends etc. after everything she's been through.

In season 2 she was a t next step and wanted to take down the next step eventhough she was acting nice to the next step.
in season 3, she's a really good person.

Amanda is awesome. Even though she was evil she has changed and a great dancer

Amanda is a great dancer and my favourite dance is the elevator trio

8 Noah

What I am going to do is put certain people in their line placements:

Lola Piper Stephanie

Emily Chloe Cierra

Michelle Amanda Richelle


Noah is front and centre in my own opinion

Noah is so cool and makes a great dance captain. We will miss you!

He is probably the best dance captain on the next step

He is the right person for problems in the next step.

9 Richelle

Richelle is not only the best dancer but she is intelligent and SO pretty I wish I was her she is totally the best and she is an amazing role model I think Richelle needs to have a solo because she is the strongest and best dancer on the team the perfect dance captain! Maybe one day she will be studio head! I think she should have a young sister and want her to be second best dancer after her of course it would be SO CUTE!

Richelle is an amazing role model and is the best female dancer along with Noah, the best male. Her flexibility is unreal and her tricks are crazy. She is one of my favourites

Richelle is definitely my favourite character. Even though she was a bit scary and fierce, she was a ery good and strong dancer in season 6

Richelle is not the best dancer you might think she is because she can do backflip but that does not make you the best dancer summer because of her emotion and technique Noah etter michelle is better thalia is better.

10 Eldon

eating at terrible is he but Emily and Michelle with relationships how love I . funny so is Eldon hd he but Emily and Michelle with relationships his of both loved I . funny so is Eldon

Eldon honestly is one of the most GENUINE characters on the next step. He's sweet, a bit kooky, the best dancer the next step has seen, and he's very funny and not to mention romantic. He is passionate and hardworking and DRIVEN to do what he wants, he never gives up, but he's still a total sucker for love.

Eldon was in love with Emily from over five years. Her started to date her and now he is dating Michelle, that's really stupid. But Hunter comes in to sort things out and now Eldon has to keep away from Michelle.

Eldon is the best dancer in the studio. I hate when people think that hunter is better. they had 3 dance battles. Hunter won the first time. Eldon won the other two. He is determined.

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11 Piper

Its kind of sad she can't do an aerial.She such a pea heart and she wouldn't be alive if it wasnt for finn.So they win internationals and then get a dancer that can't do an aerial?Oh how the mighty next step has fallen.Apart from that shes good.(not)

Piper should be more confident in herself but I believe in her

Piper is lovely and awesome like James

Good actor and dancer

12 Chloe

Chloe is an amazing character, she has a beautiful dance style and has been through so much; Emily being nasty to her, her financial issues, everyone believing she stole the nationals money and the hard decision she had to make in season 3. And still after all the complications in her life she is just a wonderful and caring person. I love Chloe!

Chloe is a great dancer. In the second series she has a lot of make up on. And Margie is creeping her out a lot.

Chloe is such an amazing dancer but hasn't got enough money to pay for reginals and nationals so she needs a lot of help.

Chloe is an amazing ballet dancer and a lovely person. She deserves to be in the top ten.

13 Ella

Ella pranks are so funny

SHE IS NOT SEXY EVEN WATCH IT. SHE IS A Person who likes to prank people. not cool ella

14 Jacquie

Jacquie is perfect and she is the most beautiful person eye right she also can dance extremely well

Jacquie has great with Noah and she is an amazing dancer and she is also really pretty.

She is super pretty and her chemistry with Noah is unstoppable

She is the best dancer and she is so pretty!

15 Jiley

Jiley is just the best ever! I love this show because of them

I know this is not a character but it is awesome!

Great love them always

The cutest couple!

16 Talia

She seems really nice and actually surprisingly a good dancer. Talia has a lot to bring for a troupe and she's in the natinals team for a reason

Yeah she is so good

Thalia’s super funny and a great studio head of AcroNation

I love thalia and I loved her and eldon together. so cute. <3

17 Hunter

He's amazingly devious, and I totally respect that. He's fighting for Michelle and a good quality is if you have your mind set on something, don't let anyone get in your way

Hunter is really Charming, sweet and kind although at first he seemed a bit awkward

Hunter's a cutie

18 Lola

She is always wanting a second chance but that is a good quality to have

She is dance captain of England but if we are only talking about Lola herself then she is 🙂

No1 so pretty

She is far the prettiest she is amazing and also the best looking xx 👍🏻

19 Summer

I really love Summer, amazing dancer and really pretty

Summer is so sweet and an incredible dancer

Nice personality and loyal

She is really nice

20 Amy

Amy is the best at Acro and she’s so good at all the styles however it was annoying when she left TNS at least she wasn’t in the back row

She is a poder house wow

I love Amy

amy is great

21 Stephanie

happiest the feels she when that's because most the 3 season in her love I threat. triple a become to wants she how love I and beautiful very is Stephanie

Stephanie is a loyal friend to Emily, but maybe a bit too loyal. And when it comes to the final cut she's not in the natinals team. She Houghton that if she stuck up for Emily then Emily will stick up for her. But Stephanie didn't know the choreography cause she was at acting class. Stephanie wants to be a triple threat so acting and dancing can't mix together.

Stephanie and Emily are such good friends

Stephanie is better than chris

22 Tiffany

Tiffany is an e-girl and she one Reginals with a troupe. But then they have to go to natinals. Amanda comes in and tells them that the challenge is basically where people from other dance studios come in and try to get on the natinals team. Tiffany and Stephanie don't agree with that. But
Emily and Michelle decided that they should do the challenge because they will have the strongest team for nationals. Tiffany didn't make it and now she's in b troupe.

She is beautiful and nice. She is a good addition to the next step

Such a great hiphop dancer with strengths in other types of dances as well

Tiffany is a girl who funny and determined

23 Cierra

Cierra cares about dance, family and having fun. I like how she always helps anyone

A nice person and good dancer

She has the right character and if any one else played Cierra I wouldn’t watch the show

24 Margie

The most mature little girl ever!

She is the best ever and so cute!

She is very kind and cute

cute kid

25 Henry

Henry is really funny but confusing.

The new west

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