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1 Riley

Riley is awesome, she's in all the seasons and is an amazing dancer! The thing is, in the series they never classified her as one of A-Troupe's best dancers, but she clearly was because she got through the challenge and all the A-Troupe auditions. Riley has such a great personality, she's funny, serious, happy and kind. I love how her sister is Emily, they're both such different people but get along so well with each other! And Jiley, they're so perfect! I love how they're not all about being lovey dovey but they really just care for each other and for some reason every time they hug it just seems so real! We love you Riley!

She is awesome she wants what is best for the team she is a really good dancer and I think she should deserve more like to be dance captain since she is a great team leader

She is such a good dancer and a good actor I love the next step so much and they dance so good

Riley is a great dancer she is my faviourite you should never trust ella

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2 Michelle

Michelle is the "nice" one. But I don't think she has to have everything.

Michelle is so nice and the best dancer but has been through a lot, nobody's perfect.

She is the best at dancing and she's so kind

Shes just michelle

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3 West

West is one of those characters that people have to laugh at cause he's funny, exciting and crazy every time you see him on this show

Love him so much

He is amazing!

Weeessttt he should definitely be higher than Michelle- Michelle is a spoilt brat who always plays the innocent act when she isn't innocent

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4 James

James is funny I guess. But he just kissed beth infront of Riley his girlfriend. So he doesn't have any idea what he's gonna do.

I love you james

You are a good dancer

Series 4 is ruined.i feel sorry for him

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5 Emily

Emily is nice. I love her devious personality. Always causing trouble and being her is awesome. But drama in a troupe is really stating to bubble up.

Emily is much feistier than he rest of the characters and more interesting too. Everyone says I'm most like Emily which I take as a total compliment. I wasn't a fan when I first saw TNS but when I got older and understood the world better I saw how amazing she was as a character. We love you Em!

Actually amazing, has probably the most character development as the show goes on.

Emily was rude and bossy but soon turns super nice

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6 Giselle

Giselle is incredible and an amazing dancer! She tried so hard and she got to be a dance captain for Internationals. She is a bubbly person and super outgoing! I loved her mostly in season 1 and 2. I love how in the end of season 1, she got to be back as an A-Troupe dancer! She is the best character ever!

Giselle is my favourite. And she is always bubbly and excited to see everyone. And every time I am sad I always think about her and dance I love you Giselle!

Giselle is awesome and my favourite. She's a great dancer and her flexibility is insane.

Giselle is very kind and awesome!

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7 Amanda

Amanda is awesome. Even though she was evil she has changed and a great dancer

Wow she is really good at being a dance captain!

Amanda is so pretty and is the best

Amanda as changed a lot but dose sh still like Lucian.

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8 Eldon

Eldon was in love with Emily from over five years. Her started to date her and now he is dating Michelle, that's really stupid. But Hunter comes in to sort things out and now Eldon has to keep away from Michelle.

Is the best I love him!

Eldon is the best dancer in the studio. I hate when people think that hunter is better. they had 3 dance battles. Hunter won the first time. Eldon won the other two. He is determined.

9 Noah

I love him in season 4

Noah is a phenomenal dancer and doesn't deserve to be in j troupe

He is cute and deservs NUMBER 1

10 Chloe

She is a really good dancer and she thinks about other people not just herself and she should come back in season 4 hopefully she does come back in season 4

She is a really good dancer and she is kind and helpful and is a outstanding dancer won of the best dancers

Chloe is an amazing ballet dancer and a lovely person. She deserves to be in the top ten.

Shei is just like me because she is very quiet but has amazing talent

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? Jiley

I know this is not a character but it is awesome!

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11 Richelle

She is so good and deserves to be on a troupe

She is my favorite

Nice nice nice

Ever since Briar Nolet (richelle) has been small she's always been a talented dancer, go on cbbc and watch a episode in series 1. RICHELLE LOOKS SO CUTE AND HER DANCE WAS AMAZING! 💯💯💕

12 Piper

I love Piper. Shes so sweet just like james

Piper is lovely and awesome like James

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14 Chloe

Chloe is a great dancer. In the second series she has a lot of make up on. And Margie is creeping her out a lot.

Chloe is so nice and misunderstood

Go chloe raze the the roof

Chloe is a fab dancer to be with and a lovely character to her friends. WE LOVE YOU CHLOE! Have fun performing. Well Done! 👯💃

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15 Tiffany

She is beautiful and nice. She is a good addition to the next step

Tiffany is an e-girl and she one Reginals with a troupe. But then they have to go to natinals. Amanda comes in and tells them that the challenge is basically where people from other dance studios come in and try to get on the natinals team. Tiffany and Stephanie don't agree with that. But
Emily and Michelle decided that they should do the challenge because they will have the strongest team for nationals. Tiffany didn't make it and now she's in b troupe.

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16 Talia

She seems really nice and actually surprisingly a good dancer. Talia has a lot to bring for a troupe and she's in the natinals team for a reason

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17 Hunter

He's amazingly devious, and I totally respect that. He's fighting for Michelle and a good quality is if you have your mind set on something, don't let anyone get in your way

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18 Tess

She okay I guess. But what has she really got to bring to the show.

I don't like this one

19 Luke
20 Sloane
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