Favourite Only Fools and Horses Moments

The Top Ten

1 Del falls through bar

How Trigger keeps a straight face I'll never know.

2 Dolls pop up in flat

Laugh out loud! Rodney and Delboy investigaue a strange hissing sound and then up pops a blow-up doll. Their reaction is priceless! Very, very funny!
Can't believe this list isn't more popular. Brilliant! - Britgirl

3 Chandelier falls and smashes
4 Trotters become millionaire's
5 Batman and Robin
6 Rodney gets married
7 Trigger's broom
8 Damien is born

I liked it when Damian was born and they played the theme music from The Omen films, so funny.. X Love only fools and horses. Long live Del Boy and Rodney..!

9 Del and Rodney escape from Mafia
10 Gary
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