Top 10 Favourite Planets In the Solar System

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WELL, DUH I WOULD LIKE IT. If it weren't for Earth we wouldn't exist, we'd just be dead.

I like earth because if it didn't exist, we wouldn't exist. And it's the only known planet to support LIFE.

If you love Earth so much, why don't we all just go there? Oh wait...

LOVE 4 EARTH, we live there people why don't we like Earth?


Saturn is beautiful in all ways! History. color and Well the rings of course!

Saturn is the best planet because it is just amazing to look at I think it should be 1

I really like this Planet! It’s so cool when you think about it, it has so many Rings around it! And every year it looks like one ring just disappears!

Saturn is so cool if you think about it. It's got billions of little pieces of rock and ice circling around it. I wish I lived there


My favorite color used to be Red so I really liked this planet

Mars should be the home planet, it is a red planet, it is a sand planet, it is a cold planet, it is a awesome planet. If I was you, I would pack my stuff and to Mars right now!

Take a look at the lawman, beating up the wrong guy. Oh man, wonder if he'll ever know, he's in the best selling show. Is there life on Maa-a-ars?



People don't know how much of an asset Jupiter is to Earth. It's powerful atmosphere can suck up objects heading towards our planet.


I like the color, and its named after Poseidon. It is one of my favorites though.

Neptune is so lonely. I felt an urge to comment on it so that it could feel loved. Don't worry, Neptune, I care.

This is actually my favorite planet. It can be so neglected.

Agreed with BKAllmighty, Neptune is my favorite.


Uranus gets too much ridicule because of its name. It's actually a very interesting planet.

I'm not laughing at the pronunciation. This is stupid.

Uranus is by far the best looking planet but just because of its name not loved

I don't know why, but Uranus is my favorite. It's just so interesting to me!


Mercury has some awesome stuff

You can build a Dotson sphere there.


Interesting fact: a comet struck venus and reversed it's rotation. Which is why the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

The atmosphere on venus will crush you, if you don't die from the heat or lack of oxygen first. Venus is the hottest lane, hotter then mars and its atmosphere crushes the strongest things in a few hours. It's earth where global warming went crazy. Plus NOTHING CAN LIVE THERE.

This planet is extremely dangerous to be honest


It is still a planet in my heart.It I just a little hard to see it trough a telescope,I don't CARE! it is cool and have a heart on it means it still has life right?...

My dream would be to sit down on Pluto's surface watch Charon orbit around, star gaze into the heavens! Away from everyone else

Saturn is my favorite but I gotta show some love here

Pluto will always be a planet in my heart


Ceres the ONLY inner dwarf planet, ONLY spherical asteroid, the FIRST dwarf planet, and the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt.

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Egg planet for the win!

it is the best and I put it there

Why is it oval


This is such a cool planet. I wish people would talk about it more

is cool

Planet X

The SECRET Planet in our solar system

2002 MS4
225088 Gonggong
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