Top Ten Favourite Scrubs Characters

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Perry Cox

Perry Cox is one of the most hilarious T.V. characters of all time. Not only are his quick-witted quips and long-winded rants incredibly funny, his dynamic character also allows for a heartwarming, gentlemanly side which quite frankly makes me melt! This aside, Perry is one sexy man and if he were real, I'd marry him

Perry Cox is the best character in Scrubs... He gives the show life, and his incredibly long rants are so entertaining. He may seem like person who hates everyone, but deep inside he cares the most.

Easily the best actor on the show. John Dorian is funny and all, but when it comes to making it a great show, The Coxer is usually the reason.

He's the most awesomest person on the show. If he were a real person, I'd have been just like J. D laugh out loud, trying to impress him.


I love how Janitor and Dr Cox always pick on J.D, two of the greatest villians (well bad guys) in T.V. history!

The janitor's the greatest character of all time, hands down.

He's so crazy and inventive it's just awesome!

Janitor is by far the best character

John J.D Dorian

JD is a dork, for me thats whats makes him so likeable for me

His day dream is hilarious

Carla Espinosa Turk
Jordan Sullivan

Jordan should really have more attention. she makes the best couple with Dr Cox. she's really hot too

jordan is such an uderrated character, she's actually really funny

Jordan is hilarious, one of the best characters in the show.

She's just really hot

Elliot Reid

Elliot and Jordan are awesome! :-)

Frick frick frick!
She's awesome!

Bob Kelso

How is Dr Kelso this low?



Christopher Turk

Turk and J.D's relationship made the show. He's easily a top four character after Doctor Cox, Janitor and J.D.

He made the default dance

Turk is the combination of everything this show is about. Cool, yet as dorky as JD. He is the shows constant. Stable in his relationship with Carla and in being a dad, while still finding time to joke around with JD and improve as a surgeon.

My goal in life is to make a friendship as awesome as JD and Turk

Ted Buckland

Simultaneously a massive fail and a massive legend! I wish people were nicer to him in the show. Love his little band (the blanks) as well

Sweaty all the time!

The Todd

I think the Todd isn't necessarily number 1, but I voted him higher because I thought he should be in the top 3.

The Contenders

Denise Jo Mahoney
Drew Suffin
Cole Aaronson

I love Dave Franco's role on Season 9 of Scrubs! He goes by many names including C-Dog, King Cole, and just plain old Cole. He's hilarious and annoying and attractive.

Keith Dudemeister
Doug Murphy
Ben Sullivan
Dan Dorian
Jack Cox
Laverne Roberts

Gotta love her sass, and besides: who didn't cry when she was dying. Such aa good character

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