Top Ten Favourite Trees

Yes, that's right. I'm a tree hugger, and I'm sure there are a lot more out there, too. Let's hear what your favourite type of tree is!

The Top Ten

1 Maple

Look how Canadian I am! - Moonstone

2 Pine

My personal favourite type of pine is the white pine. That might just be because they grow around where I live. - Moonstone

3 Birch

Paper birches are so called this because the bark can resemble thin sheets of paper. - Moonstone

Weeping birch. Don't see them too much, anymore.

4 Oak

Think live oak are among the most magnificent trees on the planet.

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5 Spruce

An evergreen with short needles. Be careful not to confuse with firs. - Moonstone

6 Fir

An evergreen with short needles. Be careful not to confuse with spruces. - Moonstone

7 Willow

It has that pretty name, and even though it looks rather gnarled and not very neat as a tree: pussy willows! Those fluffy things that come from this tree! So soft... - Moonstone

8 Larch

Sometimes known as Tamaracks. I like how soft the needles are. Completely at odds with how sharp actual needles are. - Moonstone

9 Alder

The catkin trees. They have catkins that have that powdery pollen that drifts off them when you hits them. - Moonstone

10 Apple

Apples are so nice. They make so many varieties of fruit for us to enjoy, and are just overall great. In my opinion. - Moonstone

The Contenders

11 Sycamore
12 Yew
13 Cedar
14 Douglas Fir

Apparently these belong to a different family from just firs. These can grow to be extremely tall. - Moonstone

15 Hemlock
16 Monkey Puzzle
17 Cypress
18 Juniper
19 Redwood
20 Plum
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