Top Ten Favourite Ways to Die In Minecraft

These are my favourite ways to die in Minecraft. What are yours

The Top Ten

1 Lava-hot tub mistake

Who wood do that!?

Noob:Yay a hot tub
Walks into lava - randomminecrafter

"I love hot tubs! " -jumps in-
EVERY! TIME! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

-me be 5
-got pirated minecraft from friends
-goofed around in world settings
-make lava lakes everywhere
-thinking they do stuff,i jumped in one

2 Diamond retrieval

Steve:Oh no my diamonds fell into lava!
Walks into lava to find diamonds - randomminecrafter

3 Tag with an enderman

Enderman chases you
You fall off of the end - randomminecrafter

4 Trying to bungee jump

Put lead on post jump off a cliff - randomminecrafter

5 Ummm how do I swim

Forget how to swim and drown - randomminecrafter

6 Accidental wither

Accidentally spawn a wither with no weapon or armour - randomminecrafter

7 I can make it

Jump off a tree and miss the water - randomminecrafter

8 There's a creeper

Alex:There's a creeper behind you
Steve:No there isn't
Creeper explodes Alex and Steve die - randomminecrafter

Alex:Steve there's a creeper in the porch
Steve:no there's not I'm sure
Steve gos to the porch creeper explodes and the house is

9 Digging up

Dig up and suffocate in sand - randomminecrafter

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10 PvP fail

Throw a potion of poison at yourself - randomminecrafter

Why are u talking in every one of the comment sections?

The Contenders

11 Hugging a Creeper

-Me playing Minecraft-
-creeper approaches-
Me: It's... SO... ADORABLE!
-hugs creeper-
"Sss! " - Emberflight_of_StormClan

12 Flipping a lever that fires an arrow......and then a creeper blows you up

Flipping a lever that fires an arrow that triggers a tripwire that pushes a slime block that launches the arrow into a button that activates a piston that pushes a villager that lures a zombie into luring an iron golem over a pressure plate that launches a cat that scares a creeper into a fire that kills the creeper who drops some gunpowder into a stream that pushes it into a portal that slides the gunpowder over some ice and over a pressure plate that activates a piston that updates a block which updates a floating line of gravel that falls and updates a LONG line of gravel that drops a skeleton that lures a wolf into a portal that sends the wolf in front of a sheep that lures the wolf over a tripwire that removes a water block that suffocates a squid that drops an ink sac into a hopper that feeds a chest that activates a comparator which activates a piston that pushes a witch off a pressure plate that pulls into a piston that pulls a line of slime blocks that pulls a stone block ...more

13 Falling of a cliff
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1. Lava-hot tub mistake
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