Top 10 Most Feared Armies

Here is the top 10 most feared armies,
Meaning a countries military(aka, feared armies)
I have researched, and talked to several sources,
but if you disagree you can talk down there. :)

The Top Ten

1 Russian Army

Who ever changed it is stupid - clonecommander445

Might not be the strongest per se, but surely no one wants to face em

With a High Nuclear power, and the Highest trained military, they are the most feared.
In WW2 the Nazis that stayed in Germany, were scared of the Russians coming! - clonecommander445

2 United States Military

Believe it or not the United States military are actually feared across the world! - clonecommander445

Many soldiers and high tech technology+ nukes

3 People's Liberation Army Ground Forces (China)

With The Largest army, they sure are feared! - clonecommander445

4 Cuban Army

With one of the most highly trained military.
and very small personal,
they sure pack a punch - clonecommander445

5 Australian Army

One of the most feared Armies.
you may know not it. but my countries soldiers never die... - clonecommander445

6 Canadian Army

Clone commander canadians aren't actually like that...

During the second world war, German battalions who knew Canadian platoons were coming would x# a number of soldiers in that area.

With their maple syrup and there amazing Maple bacon,
they sure pack some heat EH! - clonecommander445

7 Israeli Army

Most experienced and technological army in the world. Deserve higher place.

You can make it second by editing your remix - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

Suppost to be 2nd but I messed up sorry. lol - clonecommander445

8 Czech Land Forces

You never hear about this country,
but there military are just...(no words) - clonecommander445

9 Indian Army

It is the third largest army in terms of numbers and won 1971 war with Pakistan which was one of the few clear victories in modern combat. It also has expertise in mountain and high altitude warfare and maintains forces at "Siachin which is the highest battlefield in the world. Many militaries in the world are trained by India for high altitude warfare.

It should not be on the list, India is a peaceful country, It has not invaded any nation in the past 100 centuries, it has only defended itself against armies like pakistan and china ( no offense )

This is why British white people are far more racist than others.

The British Army made fun of the Indians Turbans. The British were scared to fight the Germans and Sajan Singh did all the work

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10 British Army

These people are hardcore and the best trained

The Contenders

11 Swedish Army

You don't believe me... - clonecommander445

12 North Korean Army

With kims awesome hair. they pack some*packa* - clonecommander445

13 French Army
14 Indonesian Army
15 Hellenic Army
16 Vatican City Vatican City Vatican City, officially Vatican City State or the State of Vatican City, is a walled enclave within the city of Rome.
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