Best Features of Forza Horizon 3

The Top Ten Best Features of Forza Horizon 3

1 Gorgeous, huge Australian map 

Has to be my favourite. Amazing features in this game, but the Map and what's in the game map is stunning - CheesyNachos

2 Absolutely Stunning graphics (especially on One S in 4k) 
3 350+ brilliant cars 

Further on, most of the cars are also fun to drive and I can easily spend hours driving them around the also diverse map. - Kwaysar

4 Ability to create your own radio station and upload your own songs 
5 Create your own events 
6 Auction House 

If you know how the auction house works and the right cars to sell, you can easily earn millions within a few days, or even a few hours. I've probably earned about 75 million credits just by using the auction house to my advantage. - Kwaysar

7 Storefront 
8 Offroading 
9 Collectibles 
10 Number of radio stations 
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