Top Ten Features the Galaxy S8 Should Have

This is a list of features the Galaxy S8 should have. This phone is not released yet, and few of these (if any) have been confirmed.

The Top Ten

1 A flexible, folding screen

It will not break, and you could have both the portability of a phone and the real estate of a tablet on one device. - Kaboom

2 Water resistance

That is so desperately needed. - Kaboom

3 The Qualcomm Snapdragon 830

That chip will be more powerful than my desktop PC. - Kaboom

4 An unlocked version

I will not buy a phone that isn't factory unlocked. - Kaboom

5 The phone should float in water

So you do not need to fish it out of the water if it falls in. - Kaboom

6 8 gigabytes of RAM

This will go with the Snapdragon 830. - Kaboom

7 256 GB or more storage

Phones are computers now. Why not treat them as such? - Kaboom

8 5G

Faster internet - Kaboom

9 Magnesium Ion battery

These have a theoretical 1325 Wh/kg energy density, just over five times that of the current lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide polymer batteries. Meaning battery life comparable to the flip phones. - Kaboom

10 Not costing $850

Almost all modern smartphones cost under $200 to manufacture. So I would buy the Galaxy s8 if it was $399.99 or less. - Kaboom

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