Top Ten Features Many People Aren't Aware of On TheTopTens

TheTopTens is a great site, but many people aren't aware of these.

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1 How to get to a member's homepage

If you want to get to a member's homepage, click on a comment of theirs, or any point where their name is in green. It will lead them to their homepage.

Two different ways to get to a users profile page... either the symbol itself or click on the username, but it takes up some clicks.

No offense, but this was a disappointing list. Everybody knew all of these already.

I couldn't figure how to get to another user's homepage for months!

2 How to message a user

You can message most users. For some users, you have to be followed by them to send a message to them. If you don't follow anyone, you may not get any messages. - SubliminalMessages

3 How to follow a user

On your homepage, a button to the right of the user's name has a "follow" button. Press that. - SubliminalMessages

4 How to read blog posts

To find a blog post, check a user's homepage. To read a high quality post, they are shown on the list they were posted about or on "newest posts". - SubliminalMessages

5 How to make a post

Click any list of your choice than there's gonna be a blue color of ''Add Post'', and go there. - htoutlaws2012

I couldn't figure this out for a while. - Therandom

To make a post, a list has a botton by it, saying "post", or "Create Post". Press it. - SubliminalMessages

6 Saving a list

Next t the "add list" button, is a tab on saving a draft. - SubliminalMessages

7 Erasing comments

A tab is by every comment. On your comments, press it, and click "delete comment". - SubliminalMessages

8 Deleting posts

By your blog post is a button saying "delete" if you wish. - SubliminalMessages

9 Editing posts

Next to the delete button on your homepage is an edit button. - SubliminalMessages

10 Stats

I still never see them because of its inaccessibility. But honestly, I think its best I stay away from them regardless. - keycha1n

Definitely needs to be immediately visible on mobile. - PositronWildhawk

It's a tab if you don't use mobile. - SubliminalMessages

The Contenders

11 How to approve post comments

It took me forever to figure this out - Randomator

12 Frequently asked questions link

This will help you acces and use the site to it's fullest potential. To find it, you scroll to the very bottom of the screen. There you will see an area sectioned off in a diffrent color. Click on "FAQ", and learn more about this site! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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