Features That Should Be On Wii U Games

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NintendoLand - More Attractions

Yeah this game was boring after a day because there are so few things to do - YOSHIA2121

The 12 attractions are The Legend of Zelda, Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Mario, Luigi's Mansion, Game & Watch, F-Zero, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Metroid (with a very badly done symbol), Balloon Fight, and Mystery of Murasame Castle. Seriously? What the heck is Mystery of Murasame Castle? Apparently, it's a game never released in America or given a sequel. How many people are actually going to care that it's in NintendoLand not counting the people in America. They need a mini-game for Kirby, Ice Climber, Super Smash Bros., Earthbound, WarioWare, and Pokemon (I hate Pokemon and I'd still like to see that). Those should at least be in NintendoLand II.

Mario Kart - Create-A-Track

Why is this not higher on the list

Mario Party 10 - Create-A-Board
Super Smash Bros. 4 - Photo Palette Swap

In the 3DS Metal Gear game, you can take a picture and it becomes Snake's cameo. They really really really need to incorporate that into Smash Bros. Just picture it, giving Mario overalls with a screenshot of Super Mario Bros. On them, giving someone you don't like clothes showing a drawing of their enemy killing them, or maybe even giving Sonic skin showcasing F-Zero (get it, they're both fast? )?

Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros. U, or Super Smash Bros. 4 - Gamepad holder controls enemies

There are no real enemies in Mario Kart 8

Animal Crossing - More Real Life Things

Wouldn't it be cool if in the game you could get drunk (on chocolate milk or some other sweet thing) then wake up someplace weird, get married and have kids, go to college, get pregnant by accident with some stranger, or even get a job. Seriously Nintendo, there's much more to life than paying off debt.

Also, the bus rides are free, nothing happens if you don't eat, and your character only changes hair and clothes.

The bus rides should cost you, you should lose your walking ability and become a crawler if you don't eat, and you should ae and get taller.

Or just take away animal crossing all together would be a better idea - YOSHIA2121

Scribblenauts Unlimited - Times When Custom Items are Required

In this new Scribblenauts title, you can create your own objects. But WB Games needs to make levels where not a single normal object will help otherwise that new feature is useless.

Kirby - Different Gameplay

I don't get why everyone was so happy when they announced Kirby's Return to Dreamland would return to the classic Kirby gameplay. That gameplay is way to easy and boring at first. The gamplays of Kirby Mass Attack and Kirby's Epic Yarn, fun and different. HAL Laboratories needs to think of another fun creative thing for us to do with Kirby in Kirby Wii U.

New Super Mario Bros. U - Create-A-Level

This is alredy in Mario maker

Step 1-Go to the store
step 2-Buy super mario maker
step 3-Go to new super mario bros u version
step 4-make a level
step 5-there you go - YOSHIA2121

Mario Kart - Item Grab Bag

We should get to pick the item we get by quickly looking away from the race for a few seconds to tap the one we want on the GamePad. Why can't we get a Bullet Bill when in 1st on 1P mode? The computer players don't have feelings, they won't get mad at us. The same thing applies to getting a useless item when we're in the middle or just off the edge of last yet that's somehow considered a good position. Unfortunately, there'd be no way to do this new feature if you're not using the GamePad and have to do the normal "random" item system. However, Nintendo said the person who is using the GamePad gets to play differently so maybe they'd do this anyway.

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Sing! - Singing Bee Mode
Lego City Undercover - Go Into Buildings
Zelda: Create a Dungeon

This is what I thought should have been made when I found out about Mario Maker. - Skullkid755

And you get to use tools such as Timeshift Stones to create a great dungeon. After Mario Maker, they should make Zelda Maker.

New Super Mario Bros. U - Better Story

If you're at all a big Mario fan I'm sure you know why I want this.

What about other games then - YOSHIA2121

Sing! - Create-A-Song
Sing! - Vs Mode
Super Smash Bros. 4 - Create-a-character

You can make a mii fighter. - Skullkid755

I'm sure literally everyone who's heard of smash bros wants this feature. Unfortunately, there's no way it will come to the Wii U, due to character balances being a major requirement this time around, as this would destroy character balance with combinations of OP attacks. We probably won't be seeing this anytime soon … unless, Nintendo can find a way to create a balanced character creator.

Wii Sports Club - Put More Sports Like Wii Sports Resort
Super Smash Bros. 4 - Story Mode...

It would just make the game even better. - Kamrande

Ssbb has one why not ssb4 - YOSHIA2121

Mario Kart - No Split Screen
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