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1 The Idea of Growing Old

Did you Remember when I said ''Lions'' was an inspirational song?
Then this one is the superior one who inspires me life! Best song by this band. - BLODAYBEYONTWO

A great song

2 Lions

This song is inspirational - BLODAYBEYONTWO

3 From Now On

one of the besr modern rock songs ever
this should be number 2 overpassing lions

who damn cares about that crap? this song just should be number 1. amazing song!

One of the only decent things about Twilight right? - BLODAYBEYONTWO

4 Wooden Heart
5 How It Starts

I discovered this song it's on the Saints Row IV (2003) Soundtrack.

6 Blow It Out
7 Me & the Skirts
8 Whatever Gets You By
9 All I Ask
10 The Disorder

The Contenders

11 Another One
12 Off Track
13 The Drawing Board
14 Golden Comb
15 Exorcising Demons
16 Still Lost
17 Baby's Hammer
18 My Tears Run Backwards
19 Foundation's Cracked
20 Leave It All Behind
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