Best Features of Summer

This list will include my personal favorite parts of summer. Feel free to disagree.

The Top Ten

1 No school

Halfway through, I start missing school, but it it's such a relief when I initially get off-because I'm thoroughly burnt out by then! - keycha1n

Even for all you school-lovers, don't you feel you deserve a break for working hard all year?

It's nice to know that during the summer we can enjoy real food, not the crap school gives us. - UltimateCraig

2 Hot weather

I would certainly appreciate some of this over here! - keycha1n

I know I know, sweating isn't fun. But neither is freezing to death.

3 Swimming/water activities

Who cares if your body isn't your definition of fit. If you want to go swimming, you rock that bathing suit.

4 Barbecues

Even if you're a vegetarian, isn't it nice to be with family and friends and enjoying a day outdoors?

5 Fireworks

Even if you're not a fan of loud noises, aren't the colors pretty?

6 4th of July

Also known as America's personal holiday, a celebration of our independence.

7 Sleeping in

Or rather, waking up when teens are biologically wired to wake up. But of course, every adult pretends they've never been a teen and slap a "lazy" sticker on our foreheads when we can't wake up at the crack of dawn to catch a school bus. - keycha1n

Ah no alarms, no rushing out the door with very little breakfast and being as tired as a zombie.

8 Staying up late at night

Oh come on, don't act like you don't love having to go to bed early.

9 Tropical beverages

Whether it's lemonade, iced tea, fruit punch or a fruit smoothie with a mini umbrella, it's nice to sip a refreshing beverage by the pool is it not?

10 Vacation

Whether it's the shore, a different state, country, or continent, isn't it nice to explore new scenery?

There isn't enough of these in my family :(

The Contenders

11 No Math
12 No Homework
13 Family Reunions
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