Top Ten Feedback App Collection Website

Here we are gonna listing for top ten collective feedback app. Now everyone needs an app in today's era, Account to Education for every field have an app available in the market. If you want to collect your employee, colleague or client's feedback so these listing will guide you. We are covering special for UK Country.

The Top Ten


Soft Intelligence Data Centre is a company dedicated to promoting, gathering, processing and facilitating feedback. The reason we are called Soft Intelligence Data Centre, is because Soft Intelligence is the most important type of feedback information available within an organisation and want to promote it as far as we can.Our engagement apps allow companies to link with customers/staff via mobile apps, and vica versa. - llarrywatson25


Qualaroo (formerly known as KISSinsights and part of KISSmetrics) is a tool you can use to create short easy accessible surveys that usually appear at the bottom of your screen in a widget. Feature to set rules on where and which questions should be triggered. The feedback form will in that case be displayed subtly, popping up from the bottom of your screen. - llarrywatson25


In terms of Survicate, looks a lot like Qualaroo. You can call upon the feedback widgets at different locations on your website and have them appear. This tool allows you to quite specifically target the visitor who will get to see the form. - llarrywatson25


Define your own feedback categories. Add fields for each category using our drag-drop form builder. We have option for Online feedback collection as well we will direct chat which our Customers. - llarrywatson25


Hotjar is mainly famous for its app services. Hotjar having a more then 10,000 apps are available for different different categories. There is a aside widget for customers feedback & other feedback. - llarrywatson25


Opinionlab is a popular Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform. Once started with a focus on website feedback but now positioned a lot broader.We can use as feedback chat app. - llarrywatson25


GetSatisfaction can be used if you want to give your visitors a somewhat more social experience on your website. You can use the platform to collect feedback from every page of the site, such as compliments, problems, questions and suggestions. - llarrywatson25


UserVoice offers more or less the same solution as GetSatisfaction. Marketers use this tool more often for the generation of and voting on ideas for new features of the website or app. Visitors can provide feedback without them being obliged to register. - llarrywatson25


UseResponse is a slightly more inexpensive variant of UserVoice and GetSatisfaction. In addition, this provider offers a version you can host yourself with open sourced code. - llarrywatson25


With IdeaScale you can also create a community and provide customers the possibility to leave feedback, to have a discussion and to vote for ideas. IdeaScale also offers a Facebook integration so you can show it to the community on your Facebook Company Page. - llarrywatson25

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