Top Ten Best Feelings in Basketball

This is inspired off of Randomator's list. Go check him out after this. Basically Basketball is a very fun sport and has a lot of rewarding moments. Which ones are the best though. In this list we will be looking at the best moments in basketball.

The Top Ten Best Feelings in Basketball

1 Winning the Game

Winning can cure all troubles. It is one of the greatest feelings. Especially as a Point Guard and being a huge part of my team, I just feel very proud and feel we can accomplish anything. - 2storm

2 "Breaking" Someone's Ankles

I've broken two people in my life, not counting all the kids that can't play basketball; I'm talking respectable players. The first time it was at the park. The second time it was during a home game and literally everyone in the gym went crazy. The bench was hyped. One of the best moments in my life. - 2storm

3 Hitting a Game Winner

I've hit one game winner in my life and literally everyone went crazy. It's just funny seeing everyone go insane. One of the greatest moments though as it just gives you a sense of pride. - 2storm

4 Dunking

Dunking is harder than you think. I've dunked once in game and I swear I remember just the adrenaline we were up 22 at home. I got a jump in the passing lane and one of my teammates said go up, so I went up. Somehow made it. - 2storm

5 Converting an and One

And Ones are very difficult and converting them can be hard. Most of the time you are being hard fouled at the rim. After you convert though the crowd will go crazy and your teammates will hype up. It feels so good. - 2storm

6 Getting a Steal

Steals are very underrated plays. It can absolutely change the momentum of the game. I love getting steals. - 2storm

7 Getting a Flashy Assist

While I don't throw a lot of flashy passes, just because coach may get on to me, whenever you do and you pull it off; it can be a wonderful moment. - 2storm

8 Setting a Charge

Getting a charge on your opponent is special. Every time I do it, it is in the heat of the game and it can really be a momentum swing. - 2storm

9 Hitting a Three

Depending on the point of the game hitting just one three can change everything. It can change momentum or solidify a lead. Every three is special to me. - 2storm

10 Getting a Block

I don't get a lot of blocks because I am a guard, but I bet it is a great feeling. - 2storm

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