Top Ten Best Feelings that Music Gives You

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1 The feeling where your chest feels filled with happiness because the music is awesome
2 The evil feeling of showing music you like to someone who doesn't expect it

I was in class and my friend was on youtube. I asked her if I could show her a music video, I'm not okay by my chemical romance. At recess, I was listening to music and she asked if she could listen. First I put on teenagers by My Chemical Romance - AnonymousChick

3 The awesome feeling of singing with your friends

Whether you're in class signing a song that only you know to the rap to, or you're crammed in a sweaty dusty van singing a song you despise, singing with friends is awesome. - AnonymousChick

4 The feeling when the song lyrics hit you hard

Sometimes I might have listened to a song a million times, but there's one time where the lyrics are just so relatable and hit you and you just sit there questioning your life and or the mental health of the singer. - AnonymousChick

5 The feels

Ah, yes, the internet famous feels, where you are depressed by simpe sayings or songs. I enjoy myself suffering, so I love songs that hit me with the feels. Crying is healthy and songs make crying so much easier. - AnonymousChick

6 The feeling of having friends with music

I din't know about you all, but I really love it when you think songs could easily be about you, the person is singing for you, they're using their music to help YOU. - AnonymousChick

7 The badass feeling

The feeling usually given with a metal/rock song that makes you feel powerful and like you could get away with murder - AnonymousChick

8 The confused and angry feeling when someone likes the music you like

Why would this make anyone angry? - ProPanda

My personal examples being:
I was in cheer and I heard music I like and I actually freaked out
In theater and I heared someone singing this is gospel by P! ATD - AnonymousChick

9 The horrible feeling of being deprived of music

Once I forgot my headphones and I was in school dying because there was no music. - AnonymousChick

10 The feeling of someone you know is in the same music fandom

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11 The feeling of happiness
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