Top 10 Feelings We Hate to Have

Do you hate it when you have a feeling hate? I know I do.

The Top Ten

1 Romantic Feelings

Yeah it sucks - bobbythebrony

Its just like,"do they like me back? " Or "what if I ask them out and they say no? " We all have them. Don't deny it. We've all experienced it. - The_Violist

2 Monday Morning Feelings

Do I have to get up? Do I have to go to school? It IS still the weekend right? - The_Violist

3 Sad Feelings

Its like, you are depressed, but most of the time its not depression. How do you get over it? Why do we have this happen? Does it have to? Its like sadness, here, sadness there. Its just...annoying. - The_Violist

4 Embarrassed Feelings

So annoying! It always happens to me. Embarrassing moments are the worst. - The_Violist

5 Over Dramatic Feelings

We all have that one moment when we act all dramatic because one tiny thing happened. Annoying! - The_Violist

6 Bored Feelings

There are so much things to do, yet I can't have fun doing them when I'm bored. - The_Violist

7 Desperate Feelings

...Why?! Why must I feel this way?! - The_Violist

8 Untrue Feelings

Your brain can trick you into thinking things that aren't really...True. - The_Violist

9 Realization

When you realize something has happened. For the first time. Horrible. But realizing stuff is...Weird. - The_Violist

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