Best Feint Songs

Feint just has to be one of my favorite DnB artists.

The Top Ten

1 Atlas

Seriously, this is the best thing this man has ever done. The guitar intro just sets off a good vibe, and the buildup is really good. Also, this reminds me of late Pendulum songs, and that's a good thing. - wrests

2 Lonesong

It's just so emotional and makes me cry every time I hear it. - wrests

3 Fury

I love a lot of things about this song, the piano intro just sounds so good, and the buildup to the drop is amazing. - wrests

4 Snake Eyes

Addicted to this song, and the distorted guitar goes along quite well with the song, just wish it was a little bit louder. - wrests

Put this to number 1.-DarkBoi-X

5 We Move

This song makes me feel like I'm in space, and that's a good thing. My favorite part about this would have to be the intro, it just sounds so calm and relaxing. - wrests

6 Reprise

Beautiful intro, and emotional drop. - wrests

7 Lift

I can't describe how much I love this song. Gives off a space vibe. Heard it around 3-4 years and still nostalgic to this day. - wrests

8 One Last Time

Epic intro and buildup to an awesome + emotional drop. - wrests

9 Creed

Beautiful message and gives off an epic vibe. - wrests

10 We Won't Be Alone

Absolutely amazing! Great feature of Laura Brehm also.

Thanks for adding this, visitor. I completely forgot this song existed. - wrests

The Contenders

11 Clockwork Hearts

Chill vibe, and that sax makes it so addictive. - wrests

12 My Sunset

Chill song, amazing vibes. What more do you need?

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