Top Ten Female Rock Guitarists

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21 Neko Case

Queen of the tenor guitar.

Her music is awesome

22 Korey Cooper

Korey rocks! She can rock out with all the other guys (and even girls! ) and she also plays awesome keyboards! Korey is a great guitarist overall, and no other female guitarist can beat her.

Korey is amazing. She rocks the guitar, keyboards and vocals and looking gorgeous when doing it!

Korey is amazing! How the hell is she number 28?!

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23 Mami Sasazaki

She's newer and plays in a band not many people know about in the west, but I still think she's at least in the top 10

She's talented and still young! Just listen to Scandal's song!

24 Ruyter Suys

Ruyter rocks and her stage presence/ antics are 2nd to none. She is rock n roll.

25 Donita Sparks

Donita sparks should have been 2 on the list not orianthi
So many albums by donita sparks and jeniffer gardner
Never heard of any by orianthi!

26 Gretchen Menn

Just saw the video of her new song "Scrap Metal". Blew me away.

Just discovered her, playing Oloe Strut on you tube is as a good as it gets for me.

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27 Carrie Brownstein

I like her style how she rocks the stage! She is perfect!

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28 Siouxsie Medley

From Dead Sara, she rocks on weatherman!

Just give Mona Lisa a listen...

29 Jen Majura
30 Joan Armatrading
31 June Millington

June Millington along with her band members from Fanny are some of the most underrated musicans and songwriters in rock history. Fanny pre-dated The Runaways. June Millington has done a lot for women in rock music, she also is an activist for LGBTQ+ rights. She is one of the best guitarists in rock history but unfortunately she is also one of the most underrated.

32 Kathy Valentine

She played bass for The Go-Go's, but she's a guitarist first and foremost and a danged good one.

33 Kelley Deal

She didn't play the guitar until the was 30, but she can make kick ass solos

34 Melissa Auf der Maur
35 Kimberly Freeman

Duh shes the greatest

36 Liz Buckingham
37 Joanna Connor

Just look her up and you'll know why she's the best

She should be way higher up this list! Otherwise, this list is pure BS!

38 Gabriela Quintero

It's just outstanding what she can do with a guitar!

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40 Carol Kaye
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