Best Female Anime Leads

Another anime list coming your way! This one is for who is the best female lead in anime! Now remember that this is labeled female LEAD. Try and make sure that the female anime character you vote for is a lead character and not a side character. There may be some spoilers below. You have been warned. I'll leave ten suggestions and the rest is up to you.

The Top Ten Best Female Anime Leads

1 Ryuko - Kill la Kill Ryuko Matoi is the main protagonist of Japanese anime series 'Kill La Kill' produced by Studio Trigger. Ryuko Matoi is a highschool student who attends Honnouji Academy to find her father's murderer.

A tomboy delinquent who saw her own father murdered and is willing to go to any length to find out who murdered him. She's strong, stubborn and proud. Yet she does show her soft side like when she wears Senekestu for the first time or spending time with Mako's family. - RoseRedFlower

I watch to watch Kill La Kill so bad, and now I have more reasons to

2 Clare - Claymore

A woman who initially was cold and said you find no kindness in her at all. However, over the course of the series she becomes less cold and showed sides of her humanity. Her determination is very prevalent throughout the series. Which is why, if you haven't seen Claymore, you should. - RoseRedFlower

3 Motoko Kusanagi - Ghost in the Shell Major Motoko Kusanagi is the main protagonist in Masamune Shirow's Ghost in the Shell anime and manga series. She is a "full-body prosthesis" augmented-cybernetic human employed as the field commander of Public Security Section 9, a fictional law-enforcement division of the Japanese National Public more.

In the Ghost in the Shell movie, she is a very commanding leader with the help of her cybernetic body. While she does brood at points, she believes that there may or may not be any humanity left in her at all. - RoseRedFlower

4 Maka Albarn - Soul Eater Maka Albarn (マカ・アルバーン, Maka Arubān) is a Scythe-Meister and the daughter of Spirit Albarn and his ex-wife. After witnessing her father cheating, she was inspired by her mother and she became determined to follow in her footsteps and became a Meister. Maka partnered up with the "Demon more.

A girl who wants to create a Death Scythe stronger than her father. So she teams up with Soul and must learn to work with him and her team to collect 99 monster souls and 1 witch soul. She's strong-willed despite her young age and believes that hard work will accomplish her goals. - RoseRedFlower

5 Misaki Ayuzawa - Maid Sama!

Best maid in anime history!

A girl who's father left her and her family in debt. So she works at a Maid Café to help make extra money while also being student council president at a former all boys school. She slowly grows and improves her stubborn nature. - RoseRedFlower

6 Haruhi Fujioka - Ouran High School Host Club

An honor student who manages to make it into Ouran High School. While she is a commoner and a host, she helps the Host Club in ways they could never imagine. But they end up changing her as well. - RoseRedFlower

7 Mei Tachibana - Say I Love You

A girl who didn't believe in letting other people in because they'll end betraying you in the end. Yet with Yamato's help, she slowly learns to open up to other people and not be so hostile towards the world. - RoseRedFlower

8 Yona - Yona of the Dawn Yona (ヨナ, Yona) is the titular protagonist of the manga and anime series, Akatsuki no Yona. She is the princess of the Kouka Kingdom, the only heir of Emperor Il, and the reincarnation of the Red Dragon King Hiryuu. On her 16th birthday, she was forced to flee Hiryuu Castle after her father was more.

Yona was forced to leave her castle after her father was murdered. She is the reincarnation of the Red Dragon King Hiryuu. She is willing to learn on her journey and is very sweet to her partners. Her attitude and her adventure is what helped her grow as a character. - RoseRedFlower

9 Ai Enma - Hell Girl Ai Enma is the main protagonist of the series, and is the one known as the "Jigoku Shoujo"--地獄少女--literally translated into English version as "Hell Girl." As such, she makes a regular appearance in the series, although her appearance is smaller and less frequent in "Hell Girl Three Vessels". more.

I really wish more people would check out her show, she's mysterious as she is tragic. And represents the show's philosophy and views on humanity. She's a great character I wish more people would appreciate.

10 Nanami Momozono - Kamisama Kiss Nanami Momozono (桃園 奈奈生) is the main protagonist of the manga series Kamisama Hajimemashita, the human land god of Mikage Shrine. She is one of descendant of Yukiji and Hiiragi.

Nanami's father left her in debt and her mother was in debt. She was luckily chosen to be Land God of the Mikage Shrine and works hard to maintain that position. She learns what it means to have such a responsibility and helps others around her. - RoseRedFlower

The Contenders

11 Lucy - Elfen Lied Lucy (born as kaede), is a tragic, fictional Japanese Anti-Heroine, and Anti-Villianess, who is the main protagonist of her debut source, a manga officially known as Elfen Lied [alfen leed], written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto, which was best known for it's T.V. adaptation of the same name, Directed more.
12 Sakura Kinomoto - Cardcaptor Sakura
13 Hitagi Senjougahara - Bakemonogatari Hitagi Senjougahara (戦場ヶ原 ひたぎ, Senjōgahara Hitagi) is a third-year student of Naoetsu Private High School. She is considered to be a frail-looking girl with an "incurable disease" and is distant from others.

Best girl in the series!

14 Konata Izumi - Lucky Star Konata Izumi is one of the main characters of the Lucky Star series, and is the leader of the Lucky Star crew. She is the daughter of Sojiro Izumi and Kanata Izumi, and lives in her house in Saitama prefecture near Tokyo. Nicknamed "Kona-chan" by Tsukasa, she is an eccentric but friendly person.

My favorite Lucky Star character. She's sarcastic and mischievous but that's what I love about her. She's far from perfect however. She slacks off in class and would rather tease her friends than do any actual work. Despite this, I still found her charming. - RoseRedFlower

15 Shiro - No Game No Life
16 Shiro - Deadman Wonderland
17 Madoka Kaname - Puella Magi Madoka Magica Madoka Kaname is the titular protagonist of the 2011 anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica and its related media.

Technically, the lead was Homura.. - TwilightKitsune

18 Saya Otonashi - Blood+

She's awesome! She should be number 1.
Strong, badass, never gives up, powerful, and just an overall awesome female lead.

19 Shinoa Hiragi - Seraph Of The End

A born leader - TwilightKitsune

20 Tsubomi Hanasaki / Cure Blossom - HeartCatch Precure
21 Stella Vermillion - A Chivalry of the Failed Knight
22 Makise Kurisu - Steins;Gate Kurisu Makise (牧瀬 紅莉栖 Makise Kurisu) is a genius girl who graduated from university at the age of seventeen. Her research on the brain's memory retention system has earned critical acclaim in the scientific community. She later joins the Future Gadget Lab as Member 004 after a series of encounters more.
23 Alita - Alita: Battle Angel
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