My Sayaka Maizono Rant

MLPFan I've always wanted to do this. So further a do, this is about why I hate the girl whose a disgrace to the name 'Sayaka'. For those who don't know who she Is, In Danganronpa, she's the idol girl. This is her:

That evil smile (shrugs)

So here are the reasons why:
  1. She's a hypocrite. She looked so innocent in the outside, but she's a manipulative bitch in the inside. Naegi promised to help her, but Instead she tried to flipping FRAME HIM for a flipping murder she did (but her plan got backfired)
  2. I hate what she did. A guy trusted her and she tried to make him executed for her own bidding. I mean, If her plan worked and everyone were to vote/accuse Naegi as the "culprit", he would be dead because of her, or If Monokuma knew Sayaka was the real culprit then everyone would be executed because of her and Sayaka gets graduated.
  3. She's a slut, to fulfill her dream as an idol, she had to pose herself in revealing outfits, you can say she indirectly offered her body to magazines so she can be an idol. The wiki said that was one of the bad things she did to be an idol. I wonder what else did she did..
  4. Other than her death, she was pretty useless to the story :v
  5. Her reason to be an idol is simply just to suck up all the love and adoration she needed as a child because her dad barely paid attention to her
  6. She has always been shown to be perfect. Everyone always says that either Kirigiri or Chiaki Is a mary sue, but I think Maizono is the mary sue.
  7. When I thought she was going to actually have the courage to kill someone, Instead she's the one who was killed. It would've been better If she did killed Leon
  8. She was also twice the boring and bland in the Nagito Komaeda OVA, But since we're talking about the DR:The Animation Maizono and not the Super DR 2.5 OVA Maizono, I'll just leave It there
  9. She only exists for additional character development to Naegi
  10. She's a bitch, but the show and everyone always show her as the 'innocent little girl'. She's the bitch In sheep's clothing IMO :v
  11. Her character design was bland. According to the wikia, the character designer also said that she was the character with the most usual design he/she has ever drawn
  12. She's not even that pretty IMO. Kirigiri, Celeste and Junko are prettier than her. The three weren't blatantly designed to look as cute/attractive as possible. Heck, Junko who is the SHSL model(?) wasn't blatantly made to look all cute for no reason.
At least she doesn't survive, and she's simply the first one to die in the killing school life. Yay!

Good work, Leon!

Her unused execution was cool, though..

Seriously, I despise Maizono and I won't like her. She isn't a good character in my opinion. While I have to admit she wasn't like the characters who are just there to be there, she Isn't that likable for me.

Oh well, see you guys later! 😊


I would make a rant of Kevin & Tyler from Supernoobs > - visitor

Also, Bendy The Yellow Guy from Foster's Home. - visitor

Never watched Daganropa, but dis rant is EDGY! - TwilightKitsune

Good post. I hate Maizono as well (but you already knew that). - Absolite

Nice rant, but I really want to know how you were able to post images in posts! I thought that was a nigh-impossible feat! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She looks like Amanda Levay from Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. - visitor

Maybe Amanda's design is inspired from Maizono's. I don't know - MLPFan

She even has an article about her in the VILLAINS WIKI: - MLPFan

Hey Sartika, since you've been talking a lot about Dnaganropa, I decided to watch it. Watched ep 1 and damn you were right. - TwilightKitsune

Also, I've heard the Monochrome answer song (her character song), and while the music and instrumental were awesome, I didn't liked her voice. It ruins the song for me. What is weird is, Isn't she the SHSL Idol/Pop sensation? Even that MAIZONO Is the SHSL Idol, I think the other characters had a better voice. Seriously, I can't stand her voice that sounds to be trying to sound all moe and cutesy. Heck even Celeste can sing better than her (listen to Gothic Masquerade, Celeste's character song) and she's the SHSL gambler - MLPFan