Another dumb Sayaka Maizono rant

MLPFan More reasons why I so much hate her. I can't say If the quality of this post is the same as the previous one, but I hope you might like It.
So I was at fanpop and I saw a poll on Sayaka Maizono. Most fans picked neutral, second place goes to love. And that left me confused. What's with all the love for Maizono? She didn't do anything so productive during her time of living, the only time she did SOMETHING was on her plan to kill Leon and get Naegi(and pretty much everyone who were in the trial if Monokuma decided to kill everyone except Maizono) executed for her crime. She lacked everything. Originality, personality, and likability. It feels like she's only there JUST to BE there and then to die.
Despite of that, the creators of Danganronpa seem to ALWAYS have the need to add cameos and mentions of Sayaka to the later games and anime. She's even in Nagito's illusory world in that Super Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the destroyer of the world OVA. Whereas Kirigiri, whose SUPPOSEDLY the late headmaster's DAUGHTER Isn't. And how they treated her in the openings.

Sayaka and Leon in the first anime opening. She looks like a clown with that much make up. She appeared after Naegi in the opening. As if the opening said "This is your female lead for the rest of the story". While Kirigiri, whose the actual female lead was made either in the middle of the opening or near the end of the opening with Celeste. Wow. Just wow.
But then, Sayaka dies just by the beginning of episode 2. I think I don't need to show you how she died, since It's already In the first post. But that doesn't stop the openings AND endings from treating her like a female lead nonetheless.
Again, why does she always get shoehorned to every other later installment to the series both games and animes? If anything, the only necessarry ones are only the one where she and Kirigiri appeared In Naegi's despair induced vision in the future arc and (I guess) the time where Naegi set Sayaka's dying message as the password to the abandonned building in Jabberwock. Every other time? No, just NO. Especially the one where Nagito gave TeruTeru that photobook that has Sayaka dress up like some Gravure model. No!
She's also just TOO girly for my liking. In fact she's the most girly Danganronpa female character In the first anime/game. She's just like Serena. And like Serena I have a picture of her that I hate and one that I love. I hate the picture where Serena has that finger out, and I love the one where she's crying (don't ask why, It was just hillarious). And as for Maizono, I hate this pic

But she looks cute In that photo! She's so cute and pretty! Why do you hate her?!
I think you need to read the first post first, they have the primary reasons, whereas this post has the secondary ones. And there are TEN of them. TEN PRIMARY REASONS WITHOUT THE SECONDARY REASONS. Also, why would I care so much If a character Is good looking? And again, It's make up! Even the Danganronpa wikia said so! And apparently, I'm not a person who'd only like a character because they're pretty or because the story wants us too with stuff like "Look, she's so cute and pretty, despite how useless she is! Now WORSHIP HER!" So you're pouting to the wrong person.
And as for my FAVOURITE, It's the one where she was panicking/frightened in a game sprite. She looked hillarious in it.

It's not funny at all! Can't you just, FOR ONCE like her?!
No. I'll never like her and I'll never ship Naezono. Naegiri for life.
Yeah, not only I hate Maizono herself, I also dislike that Naezono ship. In my own personal believe, Naezono has always been one sided until Maizono died. And don't even DARE to use the Naezono scene in the OVA, because the OVA Is not even canon. It doesn't have any connections to the anime's story line. Other than Naegi's crush on her, I don't see any love In It. Again, Maizono even tried to shamelessly frame Naegi. Is that what you call love? THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL LOVE?! If anything, Maizono's better off with Leon.
Like what Absolite once said, Maizono is only a bland, generic mary sue whose only purpose is to serve as the protagonist's love interest. I fully agree with her. Maizono was not only useless, but she's also a mary sue. But I won't bore you guys with explaining why I think Maizono is a sue since my next post would be why I think Michaela from a vocaloid song series inspired manga, Story of Evil is a mary sue. Or maybe, If It's not Michaela, I'll just make a why I think ____ is a mary sue post for Imari from This Art Club Has A Problem/ Konobi.
But what attracts my attention is how she's in Nagito's illusory world. Maizono is from Classroom 78th, Nagito and his friends are from Classroom 77th. She has no reason to be there. Naegi had an actual appearance in the SDR 2 game, so I guess It would make sense why he's in the SDR 2.5 OVA. But Maizono didn't.
And there are way more better characters who are the protagonist's love interest (Kirigiri, for Instance) and even as the first love kind of love interest. Why did Naegi even liked her? She was just an annoying hypocrite whose only purpose was to talk and then die. And a mary sue, too.
People would say Chiaki or Kirigiri are mary sues, but I have to disagree with you all who said so. Chiaki and Kirigiri were actually developed well. And they had their own personal charm as a character, which made them ACTUALLY worthy as the female leads of their stories and as the protagonists' main love interest (Kirigiri to Naegi and Chiaki to Hinata) the charm they have ALSO made them popular and loved characters from the Danganronpa franchise. Now tell me, what is Sayaka's personal charm that's actually interesting enough to make her a memorable character? What did she do during her time of living that made her a memorable character also, except the time she tried to frame Naegi? Simple answer for both questions. None. Yes, None. Again, all she did was talk, threw a large fit, and then die.
She threw a fit because she saw her band members die in that stupid video Monokuma gave to everyone (Btw, In the game Monokuma didn't handed the tapes to the students, the students got them at a box in the AV room) she cares about her bandmates! How can you hate her?!
Yes, It must be sad and depressing to see a loved one die, believe me I have saw my grandma die in front of me. But she's the SHSL Idol! With that much talent, she can go solo on her career, too! And also, according to Naegi she was very popular at school, and I'm sure she would've had so many friends, too with that much popularity. And I don't hate her because I'm "heartless", but because what she tried to do to Leon and Naegi! She planned to betray Naegi! Yes, Kirigiri kind of betrayed Naegi at some point of the later episodes too, but It wasn't a frame. She had to do It because she's the only one who can find the mastermind. Because she actually WANTED to free the living students. Unlike Maizono. And don't even say that Kirigiri doesn't care about Naegi because she does. She actually went to save him after his failed execution.
And If you thought that Maizono was bad enough, wait until you see how she is in the games. Naegi would imagine about her sweet, unfamiliar scent or how gorgeous she looks. I played the game and I only hung out with Maizono when she was alive because I can't hang out with Kirigiri yet and I never gave Maizono a present after that. So after Maizono died, I always hang out with Kirigiri and would give her presents.
Oh well. I'm going back to the Future Foundation Headquarters now. Peace!

My favourite Danganronpa 3 related art. Not only It looks awesome, Maizono isn't here to ruin it either! Yay!
I wish I can play the new V3 game.. ;-;


I'm gonna check out Danganropa - TwilightKitsune

You can start from Danganronpa: The Animation. And since Danganronpa 2 didn't got an anime, the just skip to Danganronpa 3 - Future arc and then Danganronpa 3 - Despair arc. And as for the conclusion of the animes, It's Danganronpa 3 - Hope arc. The Nagito Komaeda OVA Isn't canon, so if you want to watch it or not, It's up to you. And as for the games, The Animation's game counterpart is Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, and then Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (me and my brother had a copy of this game on our PSPs. My brother is now In Chapter 5 and the last time I saw him play, he already discovered Nagito Komaeda's death, but hasn't reach the Trials) and then the latest game, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. So far, the only game that has an anime adaption is only the Trigger Happy Havoc one - MLPFan

Started it. Loving it. - TwilightKitsune

Please rant Sam Manson :). I love your rant so much. - visitor

Sure. I might want to research some stuff on her first. It's been very long since I haven't saw Danny Phantom. But I still have the intro which I thought as a child was "creepy" in my head - MLPFan

For those who don't know what is a gravure model, this is my personal idea of what a gravure model is (But this definition is quite trustable) a gravure model is a model whose usually in their late teens, taking pictures for specific magazines that are targeted for a male audience. A gravure model would usually wear revealing outfits also. And apparently, Maizono was wearing really revealing outfits, too.
Yes, you now may go and drink bleach. Also rub it in your eyes, It can make you forget what is a gravure model. (Gets a bottle of bleach also) I'm going to help myself too (drinks almost all of the bleach) and for my eyes (rubs the remaining bleach to my eyes) YIKES! MY EYES! - MLPFan

Isn't gravure model are porn model. - visitor

@ChatNoirFan18 Yes, a gravure model is an euphemism for a porn star. While Maizono doesn't star in those kind of movies (we don't know. Maybe she did, but under a fake name or somethin') but she indirectly does work like that. She indirectly sold her body to men via magazines - MLPFan

I actually almost sang happily when I saw Maizono die In the game - MLPFan

Lol, aka the moment when your least favorite characters died. - visitor

Also, what irritates me is how she tried to kill Leon and frame Naegi, but everyone was like "! MAIZONO IS INOSENT AND DUDNT DESERVE 2 DI! LEON CAN DIE IN A HOLE! WE HATE U, LEON! ". Seriously? Leon killed her because SHE tried to kill him! He did It to save his life! And Maizono gets treated like some hero for no apparent reason also, whereas Leon was forgotten. Listen, Maizono is not a hero. She treated Naegi and Leon as her tools to escape as she played with their emotions
Maizono is not innocent. SHE attacked Leon first, but others somehow thought that it was the other way around (Leon attacking Maizono first)
Maizono is not some pure girl. She sold her body to men magazines and did some other sexual stuff
Maizono is not kind either. She manipulated Naegi's feelings for her and used him as some puppet.
In short,
Maizono is NOT a good person.

And also, here is another Maizono rant I found online. I loved It and you guys will

If anything, I think the actual reason the Maizono fanboys (IRL) love her is because she's pretty and she was Naegi's "first love". MAIZONO WAS ONLY THERE AS SOME SHIPPING BAIT, GEEZ!

And I don't know why people said that she's pretty. I personally think others like Kirigiri or Celeste are WAY prettier than her. Sure, she does look cute, but that's the point of her design. To make her as moe and as cute as possible. But they failed at It because her design was the blandest of every DR characters'. Lol. Again, she's not THAT pretty. The creators just said so - MLPFan

That reminds me when I'm trying to said that Agent Xero from The Modifyers (a rejected Nickelodeon pilot) is boring and unattractive to the fans. She has cute face, but I despises her personalities. When I said to the Agent Xero fans that Xero kinda unattractive, what the fans do? They EXAGGERATED her with many positive words like "cute, cuddly, fashionable, beautiful, pretty, tough, badass, nice, caring, etc" and called other girls characters (like Laney Penn from Grojband) are ugly.
Sure I like the characters because looks, but I prefer the characters' personalities as a reasons to like a fictional characters. - visitor

The DANGANRONPA Opening theme was did better in the games in my opinion. In the animation's version, they treated Maizono as If she really is the female lead and made her appear too much. In the game, while she still does appear after Naegi with Leon, they still fixed it for the Kirigiri (especially the Naegiri shippers, like me ^w^ ) fans with a scene in the opening, where there was a scene of Naegi and Kirigiri. While in the anime, Kirigiri was forgotten. Poor Kiri ;-; - MLPFan

Danganronpa:The Animation's "true" opening. Also, the ball thing in the end and the monomono picture that looked like a poster isn't a representation of hope and despair or has any meaning by the way.
It's just a prize ball(? ) From the monomono machine. Inside It is a prize that you can give to the other students when you hang out with them. For those who played the games, you probably know what I mean - MLPFan

According from her wikia page, she originally would be "protagonist's childhood best friend" (like Laney Penn from Grojband and Serena from Pokemon).
I also found her stereotypical. I hate girly girls (except Trina Riffin from Grojband [yeah, I like her, even though she's so mean and cruel, but I like her because she's the funniest female villain I've seen] because her creator is very good to hiding her demonic side with girly looks). - visitor