Best Female Characters from The Office (US Version)


The Top Ten

1 Pam Beesly
2 Angela Martin
3 Phyllis Lapin-Vance
4 Kelly Kapoor
5 Meredith Palmer
6 Erin Hannon
7 Nellie Bertram
8 Aunt Shirley

Truly one of the best characters on T.V.! She had amazing personality that is constantly looked over and how she raised Dwight shows true commitment. Everyone says that Pam's the best but never have I ever seen HER own a farm and go through hard labor like Shir-Shir. Angela on the other hand hasn't had to deal with an animal other than cats and a fish could probably trample her. Being an aunt is a hard responsibility for even the most back-boned survivors let alone this bad-ass chick. If she has a husband then he doesn't deserve her and if she doesn't then what the hell guys? This lady has everything! She doesn't take a putting down even if it's from her own mother! I bet she gave her mother a bedtime! But the reason I feel that she really should get the amazing honer of being #1 then you have to look past the cold hard shell she puts up and into the warm squishy insides where she shines as a kind, honest, and humble person. Michael gets the top spot every time I look at lists like ...more

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