Top Ten Female Christian Solo Singers


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1 Britt Nicole Britt Nicole Brittany Nicole Waddell, better known by her stage name Britt Nicole, is an American vocalist, songwriter and recording artist.

I love her songs! They are so inspirational - JaneMoffat

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2 Mandisa
3 Rebecca St. James

My all time favorite

4 V. Rose

She's so young, and is very talented. - moonwolf

5 Beckah Shae

Its funny, she looks and sounds almost exactly like my cousin Kovanet. - moonwolf

6 Natalie Grant

She loves Jesus and yaks about Him so much fights human trafficking. Brittany crossed to pop. She shouldn't be 1

7 Francesca Battistelli
8 Jamie Grace

She is awesome.. Great artist. - paasadani

9 Blanca
10 Kari Jobe

The Contenders

11 Moriah Peters

THIS GIRL IS ON FI-IRE! She's so pretty, has a great voice, and great songs, and every else! SHE'S SO PRETTY! I love her. Plus, I love For King and Country, and she's married to Joel Smallbone, the older brother in For King and Country.

12 Meredith Andrews
13 Hillary Scott Hillary Scott

She's amazing! Her song Thy Will Be Done is so amazing for so many women (and girls). It must have been so hard to have a miscarriage, but, let's say to God, "Thy will be done." The Lord moves in ways we wouldn't expect. She's also beautiful. You should watch her Thy Will Be Done video. It's awesome!

14 Christy Nockels
15 Amy Grant Amy Grant
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