Top Ten Best Female Divergent Trilogy Characters

DIVERGENT... That one story about that one girl living in hunger games like circumstances and getting sorted into the five houses... I mean factions.


The Top Ten

1 Cristina

She is my fave female character in that movie. She is strong, funny, and, I don't think I should even continue cause this comment would most likely go on forever...

I love her character. End of story - AnonymousChick


Yes the bitch is awesome

2 Tris Prior Tris Prior

Tris/Six is the best! No words can express how amazing her character is!

She's just an awesome bae...

-_- don't need to explain - AnonymousChick

How is christina first? Tris is the main character,divergent, brave,selfless,smart,cool,honest(most of the time), and did I mention COOL yet?

3 Evelyn Eaton

She has a fierce character and a strong will. - AnonymousChick

4 Jenine Matthews

Despite being evil, Jenine is pretty cool. - AnonymousChick

What is wrong with uthis should be Caleb or will not jenine ahhh not 4th place

5 Natalie Prior

Sad... I over how she sacrifice de herself for tris. - AnonymousChick

6 Lynn

The true hero

She's a lesbian and she trod on Tris' toes and she's just an all-round badass.

7 Molly

Yeah. That one girl who kicked tris's @$$ who also tried to kill a fellow dauntless - AnonymousChick

8 Johanna

The leader of amity. She is nice. - AnonymousChick

9 Cara

I like Cara because even though Tris "killed" her brother Will, she still has a forgiving heart, unlike most Erudite people in the book.

She is smart, and even after Tris killed her brother, she still fought with her. Why is she tenth? She should be higher

Yasss but poor will was not on the list so I made him a profile

Her nose comments are the best. :P

10 Marlene

She's just so sweet and kind and funny and her and Uriah are just #goals.


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