Top Ten Best Female Divergent Trilogy Characters

DIVERGENT... That one story about that one girl living in hunger games like circumstances and getting sorted into the five houses... I mean factions.


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1 Tris Prior Tris Prior

Tris/Six is the best! No words can express how amazing her character is!

She's just an awesome bae...

-_- don't need to explain - AnonymousChick

How is christina first? Tris is the main character,divergent, brave,selfless,smart,cool,honest(most of the time), and did I mention COOL yet?

2 Cristina

She is my fave female character in that movie. She is strong, funny, and, I don't think I should even continue cause this comment would most likely go on forever...

I love her character. End of story - AnonymousChick


Yes the bitch is awesome

3 Evelyn Eaton

She has a fierce character and a strong will. - AnonymousChick

4 Jenine Matthews

What is wrong with uthis should be Caleb or will not jenine ahhh not 4th place

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5 Natalie Prior

Sad... I over how she sacrifice de herself for tris. - AnonymousChick

6 Molly

Yeah. That one girl who kicked tris's @$$ who also tried to kill a fellow dauntless - AnonymousChick

7 Johanna

The leader of amity. She is nice. - AnonymousChick

8 Lynn

She's a lesbian and she trod on Tris' toes and she's just an all-round badass.

9 Cara

I like Cara because even though Tris "killed" her brother Will, she still has a forgiving heart, unlike most Erudite people in the book.

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10 Marlene

She's just so sweet and kind and funny and her and Uriah are just #goals.

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