Top 10 Female Double Bass Drummers


The Top Ten

1 Meytal Cohen
2 Justine Juice Éthier Justine Juice Éthier

She plays death metal - Metal_Treasure

3 Cindy Chaco

Brutal death metal (Embodied Torment) - Metal_Treasure

4 Samantha Maloney Samantha Maloney Samantha Maloney is an American musician best known for playing drums in the bands Hole, Mötley Crüe, Eagles of Death Metal and in Peaches' live band "The Herms".
5 Beata Polak Beata Polak

She plays technical thrash metal and is a drumming instructor/teacher - Metal_Treasure

6 Luana Dametto

She plays thrash metal (Nervosa) - a young hot Brazilian chick playing thrash metal. Yeah, check out this video on YT:
NERVOSA - Never Forget, Never Repeat (Drum Playthrough by Luana Dametto) | Napalm Records - Metal_Treasure

7 Pitchu Ferraz

Thrash metal drummer (ex-Nervosa) - Metal_Treasure

8 Jen Ledger Jen Ledger Jennifer "Jen" Carole Ledger is a English drummer mostly known for playing in the band and being the co-vocalist for Skillet since 2008 when Lori Peters decided to retire from the band. more.
9 Nicki Wicked Nicki Wicked

(Crucified Barbara) - Metal_Treasure

10 Linda McDonald Linda McDonald
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