Top Ten Best Female Drummers of All Time

A list for the talented women in a supposed man's world.

The Top Ten

1 Jen Ledger Jen Ledger

First, a little bit of history on Skillet and where they were when Jen joined them:

In 2006, Skillet released their sixth album, Comatose, which is regarded by many to be their best/highest-quality album before or since. And a year later, their drummer of seven years, Lori Peters, left the band. Their new drummer would have to learn all the music, techniques, and feel for the style in only a few months, and on top of that all be dropped into a relentless touring and performing schedule that garnered a reputation for Skillet as one of the hardest working rock bands in history.

Jen did all of that and more.

She's amazing. Her charisma and attitude give her a very compelling stage presence, she is a skilled artist that illustrated their latest single and album covers, and she has generated a gigantic new fanbase for Skillet that has played a part in what they are today.

And she is a complete BEAST on the drums. She usually does a solo in concert between songs ...more

She's so beautiful and she sounds so great but don't let this beauty fool you because when she sits behind those drums she's a complete BEAST, I'm pretty sure she's THE BEST DRUMMER OF ALL TIME just the best female drummer

She has so much energy in her playing and is one of the main reasons for skillets power and energetic music

U r SO right

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2 Beata Polak (Wolf Spider)
3 Senri Kawaguchi

Best female drummer in the world, and just turned 17.

Simply the best drummer... Not just female drummer.

Just simply the best

Senri is the best and other Japanese girls hot on her tracks. Watch out for Kanade Sato, and Junna, also from Japan.

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4 Samantha Maloney Samantha Maloney Samantha Maloney is an American musician best known for playing drums in the bands Hole, Mötley Crüe, Eagles of Death Metal and in Peaches' live band "The Herms".
5 Linda McDonald (The Iron Maidens)
6 Nicki Wicked (Crucified Barbara)
7 Clementine (Zepparella, AC/DShe)
8 Karen Carpenter Karen Carpenter Karen Anne Carpenter was an American singer and drummer. She and her brother, Richard Carpenter, formed the 1970s duo Carpenters.

She's not only the greatest female singer of all time but also the best female drummer. She beat out John Bonham of Led Zepplin in the Rolling Stone 1976 reader poll. She did both simultaneously well in perfect rhythm. Hal Blaine, who rarely praised anyone on their drumming skills, always spoke highly of her drumming. In her passing, we lost a legend!

Not only an exceptional drummer but a singing drummer. With the finest female voice I ever heard.

The greatest female drummer of all time!

9 Mercedes Lander
10 Pitchu Ferraz (Nervosa)

The Contenders

11 Caroline Corr

Simply the best

12 Sheila E.
13 Cindy Chaco (Embodied Torment)
14 Angie Scarpa (Black Sabbitch)
15 Sandy West
16 Meytal Cohen

How can you forget her she is the best female drummer of all time watch her covers on YouTube... Love her and more than that her drumming... Hell yeah meytal for playing good metal for us my/m/

she's hot!

Meytal rips

17 Megan Martha White

In every single white stripes song she drums perfectly for the song I think her drumming is amazing and she is a very pretty women - Ryanbread28

She is not that energetic and fast like some above, but an excellent drummer none the less.

I personally think meg is an astounding drummer, she hits the skins hard and effectively.

Oh come on, she can't drum my dog can drum better - Jetticus12

18 Rina Suzuki

She is best of all! She deserves the first place. She is really cute, kind, feminine, adorable and talented in such a young age! She had so many ups and downs in her life but today she stands proud! She is my ideal girl. I wanna be like her

She is the most talented female drummer. She began playing the drums at 15 years and she plays it perfectly. She showed everyone that a woman can play drums.

I suggest everyone to watch her drum solo live at Budokan... she got the skills too...

19 Moe Tucker


20 Janet Weiss

Not just the greatest female drummer, but one of the best rock drummers period. Has a sense and feel for the backbeat that few others possess.

Janet Weiss' drumming is bad ass, check her out in the song Oxygen or Surface Envy (Sleater Kinney)

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