Top Ten Greatest Female Figure Skaters of All-Time

We've crunched the numbers. We've pored over the record books. We've reviewed history. And now we reveal our top 10 ladies skaters of all-time.

The Top Ten

1 Adelina Sotnikova

The best of the best

She is the best

She is amasing girl

Ice Queen

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2 Yu-Na Kim

She brought me into figure skating and changed my view as a sport fan. She showed me that there is no boarders when it comes to rooting for someone in the sport no matter where he comes from, because how can you not appreciate something so obviously talented and great when you watch her skating. She has a special place in my heart forever.

Long live the queen

LOVE HER! Even though I'm not Korean but she skates like an Angel!

It's insulting that Sotnikova is number 1. She so obviously had the gold handed to her at Sochi, her marks totally inflated. She did nothing of note after that, whereas Yuna Kim has won two world championships and 3 Grand Prix championships on top of her 2010 Olympic gold. - eventer51314

3 Michelle Kwan
4 Katarina Witt

Twice olympic champion

5 Mao Asada

Number 1 legend of figure skating

She is greatest female figure skater of all time ❤️⛸

6 Yulia Lipnitskaya

Yulia the best!

The best..

2014 in Sochi... That's all I have to say

7 Kristi Yamaguchi
8 Sonia Henie
9 Peggy Fleming
10 Carol Heiss

The Newcomers

? Oksana Baiul
? Tara Lipinski

The Contenders

11 Dorothy Hamill
12 Kaetlyn Osmond

She is amazing! She deserves to be in the top 10!

Silver medalist world champion. Vote her in the top ten!

13 Irina Slutskaya
14 Sasha Cohen
15 Carolina Kostner
16 Tenley Albright
17 Midori Ito
18 Janet Lynn
19 Elizabeth Manley
20 Maria Butyrskaya
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1. Michelle Kwan
2. Yu-Na Kim
3. Katarina Witt
1. Yu-Na Kim
2. Michelle Kwan
3. Katarina Witt



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