Top Ten Greatest Female Figure Skaters of All-Time

We've crunched the numbers. We've pored over the record books. We've reviewed history. And now we reveal our top 10 ladies skaters of all-time.

The Top Ten

1 Yu-Na Kim

She skates with emotion unlike so many others and she ACTUALLY had talent

She is the best figure skater ever.
There is no one doubts abt it.

She brought me into figure skating and changed my view as a sport fan. She showed me that there is no boarders when it comes to rooting for someone in the sport no matter where he comes from, because how can you not appreciate something so obviously talented and great when you watch her skating. She has a special place in my heart forever.

Nobody ever combined both the technical and athletic side of skating, the artistic part, and the overall skating quality and basics part, as well as she has, at such a high level in each.

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2 Adelina Sotnikova

Garbage. Spam and/or bot voting is the only reason she's number one. She doesn't even deserve to be in the top 50!

Awful skater. Boring choreography, improperly-edged jumps, yet favored by corrupt judges. Queen Yuna forever.

Her Olympic win was such a sham result, that I nearly quit watching skating. and I am not even a big fan of either her, or any of her competitors- Yu Na, Mao, Miki, Kostner, the other Russians so I had no ax to grind. Yes she did skate very well and the best she ever had, but clearly not the best, and there was blatant corruption involved. - roughstuff

She sucks. The 2nd worst skater to win the Olympcis after only Sarah Hughes, but Hughes at least deserved it that night which Sotnikova did not.

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3 Katarina Witt

People talk about her artistry but forget from 82-85 she was arguably the best jumper in the world, outside of young Ito. She did the first ever triple flip, she had triple loop, triple toe, triple salchow, a double lutz-triple toe combination and double flip-triple toe combination which were really hard for the time. Only at the end when younger generations who were being trained for post figures, and when her body changed, did she fall behind athletically. - feisty37

Nobody combined powerful jumping, beautiful elegant artistry, and drama on ice like her.

She is only up there if you judge results only, and not skating. Skating wise she isn't anywhere near the top all time, as much as I respect her as a competitor and star. Perhaps the best competitor ever though. - morrislawes

Not the best jumper but incredibly beautiful artist and great competitor.

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4 Mao Asada

Best personality.

She has it all except for consistency especially with her triple axel. She may not have won an OGM but she's undeniably one the best female skaters of all time. End of discussion!

I respect her so much since she tried to take risks she didn't have to take to win, and it even hurt her sometimes. She wanted to push the sport forward. She is one of the most beautiful artistic skaters out there, yet pushed things with triple axels and difficult triple-triple combos from when she was 14. Incredible champion and skater. in my opinion underappreciated in part since she was in the shadow of her rival, the great Yu Na Kim. In any other era she would be the standout. - roughstuff

Moo Asada is so overrated. Her so much.

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5 Kristi Yamaguchi

She is perfection. Ever the rare fall she can make look planned with precision. She is the original 6.0 girl than 10.0 Michelle Kwan is 2nd for continuous excellence. Tara Lapinski won gold from Michelle with the luck of of a triple loop double toe to which she skated off with a gold and was never to be heared from again untill she and Johnny Weir teamed up to be "Sports Reporters" but rather look like judges on some reality T.V. show discussing fashion; which based on Tara's recent hoochie mama off the shoulder hot pink dress looked like something out of a prom night horror show.

Should be higher. There is no way she should be below someone like Michelle Kwan, and don't even make me laugh at her being behind Lipnitskaya and Sotnikova, the ultimate 1 hit/1 season wonders if there ever were ones. - feisty37

6 Evgenia Medvedeva

Prima of Ice

Queen of ice skating


A absolutely amazing inspiration 💖

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7 Michelle Kwan

East of Eden is the BEST EVER performance given by any female skater.

The best skater not to win an Olympic gold. But arguably, she should have.. TWICE.

I can't believe all these negative remarks. Michelle is one of the greatest!

Queen of the Ice... no one moved like her, no one had grace like her, no one held edges like her, no one had the musicality that she did. Sasha Cohen was the only one who could compete in that regard but she was not consistent. Michelle held her top spot for a decade straight, even w/o Olympic wins, pushing the sport along the way. The best there ever was, the best to ever do it, there will never be another. Period.

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8 Herma Szabo

5 straight world titles and an Olympic Gold in ladies. 3 straight world titles in pairs. Truly the best overall womens skater ever. - feisty37

9 Yulia Lipnitskaya

Yulia the best!

The best..

Even though Julia doesn't skate anymore I still admire her. The way she skates to the music shoes so much raw emotion. In 2014 when she won her gold medal I was blown away as at the time she was only 15. I hope she's doing great and she's taking care of herself.


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10 Sonia Henie

This one seriously screwed up top 10 list. Someone please explain how Ms. Henie isn't ranked number one.

3 Olympic gold medals

3 consecutive Olympic gold medals during a streak of 10 consecutive World Championships. Both feats that have never been matched. And I don’t care what year it was. Kim, Witt, Kwan & Yamaguchi...none of them have more than 2 Olympic medals and only 2 golds between the four of them. How does Sonia Henie not rank as #1 every single time. And I don’t care about what year it was or the level of competition. Every Olympian in history has faced equal level opponents in that year’s Olympics.

The Newcomers

? Alysa Liu


She’s the reigning 13 year old US National Senior champion who landed three triple axels at Nationals. At least one of them was in combination with the double toe loop. She combines her gutsy jumps with great speed, lovely spins, advanced musicality, and wonderful artistry. I feel we may be looking at the next Olympic champion. She’s also planning quads.

The Contenders

11 Alina Zagitova

She is beautiful!

Alina Zagitova is a awesome skater and by doing all those jumps she should be quite good

12 Irina Slutskaya

She had a lot of success but was in a pretty weak era where she had no real competition except Michelle Kwan most of the way, and still didn't achieve as much as she could, choking away golds at the 97, 2000, and 2001 worlds, and 2002 and 2006 Olympics. Inflated on this list to even be top 10ish. Despite that she has more medals I would put her even behind someone like Carolina Kostner in Europe. - morrislawes

13 Yuka Sato

Just lovely

14 Chen Lu
15 Carol Heiss

I know her

16 Peggy Fleming
17 Dorothy Hamill
18 Carolina Kostner

Beautiful skater to watch. Not the most consistent when it comes to the technical ability, but always a beauty to watch. And when she puts it together, gorgeous!

19 Tonya Harding

It seems impossible how she did the triple axel!

She was my hero back then and still is I love her and she needs to skate again

Without a doubt the best Female Skater in the history of Figure Skating


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20 Kaetlyn Osmond

Wonderful skater!

She is amazing! She deserves to be in the top 10!

Silver medalist world champion. Vote her in the top ten!

21 Sasha Cohen

The only thing that surpassed her beauty on the ice is her actual beauty. If we're talking Artistic wise probably the greatest ever, the jumping craze not included as it wasn't her strong suit

The most artistic figure skater of all time. - Sa26

The most artistic skater ever. As Piggy Felming said she never hit a bad position.

Sasha was the best artist,& musical.Spirals & spins excellent.Very limber.Balletic.Perhaps a bit hard to coach, stubborn
Nerves got to.her.Yet always a favourite of mine.

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22 Oksana Baiul

She isn't that good. It should be clear by now she was a flash in the pan success, boosted by a bit of overhype of her abilities at the time due to the excitement of her youth and X factor appeal. - morrislawes

23 Midori Ito

Her triple axels recorded on videos still seem the best of all the ones tried by female skaters. Amazing athleticism.

The best female skater ever.

24 Tara Lipinski

I am doing a project on her


Gold at 15 years old.
enough said.

25 Surya Bonaly

Should have a closet full of Olympic gold medals and other awards.

She is the best the world has ever seen even if no one approves it!

26 Gracie Gold
27 Elizaveta Tuktamysheva
28 Janet Lynn

Ethereal and beautiful, athletic and graceful, intensely musical.

29 Nancy Kerrigan

She was so graceful. She gets my vote.

30 Tenley Albright
31 Bradie Tennell
32 Sarah Hughes
33 Sandy Lenz

Exquisite skater. Best skater of the 1980 Olympics.

34 Angela Nikodinov
35 Rika Kihira
36 Mirai Nagasu

She is the first American lady skater to land a triple axel at an Olympics.

37 Karen Magnussen
38 Anna Pogorilaya
39 Ashley Wagner

Best female American skater since Michelle

40 Elizabeth Manley
41 Maria Butyrskaya
42 Miki Ando
43 Anett Pötzsch
44 Madge Syers
45 Trixi Schuba
46 Rosalynn Sumners
47 Alena Kostornaia

Complete package. Gorgeous skating skills, true emotion even at such a young age. Love her technique, although the prerotation... Hope she survives Eteri.

48 Hanna Harrell

Such consistent jumps and flow in her skating! She may not be the most artistic skater but definitely has a HUGE benefit with her extremely huge jumps and fast rotation! My opinion she should be a lot higher!

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