Favorite Female Final Fantasy Characters

Who is your favorite female character of the Final Fantasy franchise?

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1 Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart

How many people popular in 1997 are still on top in 2016?...

Only legends can stay popular after nearly 20 years of existence...

Lightning might have the hype on the younger generation that never played something else that the 2 (horrible) Final Fantasy 13 games.

Fact is, Lightning is high on nowadays poll because, well... a huge majority of people wandering those gamer websites now WEREN'T EVEN BORN when Final Fantasy 9 came out.

Just think about, Final Fantasy 13 : released in 2009.

If you consider you can play those game starting at 6 years old, every Final Fantasy gamer born in 2003 or before was there to see the release of this game.

With Final Fantasy X : 2001. Already 15 years before now.

You already got rid of any people younger than 22...

Final Fantasy 7 : 1997 (the game is 19 years old).

So, if you ask any teens or actually any gamer under 25, Lightning obviously will come more than Tifa (or even more previous ...more

The mixture between beauty and her caring personality really appeals to me as an individual. She is not has childish, naive and/or helpless as other characters in Final Fantasy. Also she is able to take care of herself, without seeming too emotionally reserved (or cold). In addition to that, is she capable of criticizing her friends and teammates, without being aggressive.

Beautiful! - Kefka

The greatest heroine of Final Fantasy, no contest. Beautiful, gentle, can take care of herself, confident in her ability, agile, loyal, devoted, talented, charming, and compassionate.

2 Lightning Lightning

She's kickass and has some awesome development! - jserket

Well, firstly lightning's very different from normal final fantasy female chraceters. She's an athlete and warrior not to mention kind of like cloud. She starts off her journey as cold and merciless (kind of emo) person and under the influence of her companions, starts to open up more. She's also the opposite of a girly girl, very serious and values personal space. In that sense, the creators have portrayed her exactly as they had planned.

Once read that Claire "Lightning" Farron is the essential transcendent waifu, fools may disagree yet I question, has your waifu ever modeled for Louis Vuitton or had a three part FF series? I think not Lightning number one now fall behind the Goddess peasants.

She is tough, strong and very attractive.

3 Yuna Yuna Yuna is a fictional character from Square Enix's Final Fantasy series. She was first introduced as the female protagonist and one of the main playable characters of the 2001 role-playing video game Final Fantasy X, appearing as a summoner embarking on a journey to defeat the world-threatening monster ...read more.

A character from a great game. She's got talent and personality as well as a caring heart.

She's the most beautiful character in final fantasy that I've ever seen. After aerith of course lol

She has incredible inner strength and fully devoted to bring happiness to her people even at the cost of her life and happiness. She is elegant and reserved yet very strong and loyal. She is like a Goddess figure to the people.

She's pretty beautiful and nice kind heart and she will summon bahamut if you don't like her

4 Aerith Gainsborough Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith will always be the most well written video game female ever

Beautiful inside and out specially on the "remake"

Aerith is the opposite of Tifa in every way: She's important to the story, plays a role in battles that no other character really has the skills or abilities to play, is worth getting emotionally invested in, doesn't get excessive unnecessary attention from fans just because her boobs are bigger than her brain, and oh yeah, Cloud actually has feelings for her. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go listen to the story of how she totally actually likes Zack and isn't just shipped with him by Tifa fanboys who try to act like they care about girls who have the gall to not have massive tits.

Who doesn't love Aerith? She's a beautiful young woman who I would love to ask out if she didn't have Zack as a boyfriend. She has a wonderful theme and even though her death scene wasn't that sad, it did give off a mournful feeling to the scene nonetheless. Aerith is a wonderful character who deserves a bit more credit than being an airhead. - Sephirotha

5 Rinoa

Named my daughter after her.

Well is a little bit hard to choose some of the characters, all of them are so cool, but I chose Rinoa because she come from my favorite FF, beside she is so cute, of course Lulu is the one that drive me crazy.

Personally, she is the prettiest heroine in the FF series. The drawback is only the outdated technology used. But just imagine if FFVIII get a remake with graphic technology like FFXV. Boom! Nothing can match her beauty.

Not only her looks, her bright personality is also her strong point. She's cheerful, warm, and annoyingly cute. Love the positive energies she's radiating throughout the game.

Last but not least. Don't be fooled by her cute appearances. She's one of the strongest mage in the series. Just watch her spread her wings, and she will spam all the superior magics with ease

Actually my favourite final fantasy character

6 Terra Brandford Terra Brandford

Her story's so well developed, as well as her portrayal of a compassionate, gentle and at the same time deadly adversary - Enmanu16

Terra is by far the most in depth female character in the franchise, I have experienced; I have only played and finished up to 8 and have not played II or III, not to be confused with US II and III which I played multiple times of each. Terra begins out an emotionally distraught and confused young woman trying to grasp the finer points of reality, like love and by the second half of the game she's become a mother figure/role model and leader for a town of orphans; taking care of multiple children is no easy feat. By the end of the game she comes to understand herself, her place in the world and what motivates her. Some have called her a wimp and others ask 'why her? '. She is anything but a wimp to endure what she's went through and why her? Look at what happens to her and the fact in the end she grows right into her own. So why not her?

Let's start the discussion: Final Fantasy analogy to Pokemon... (no offense to lovers for it is only my opinion)

Tifa Lockhart is like overrated Milotic; Lightning is like a little bit of Cobalion; Yuna is like Ninetales or Lunala but Terra Branford? Oh my! She might be as shy as Ralts but it's beauty is like mix of Cresselia, Articuno and Reshiram! Her true power might be as powerful as Lugia, Mewtwo, or even Arceus plus she can be the Gardevoir you can cuddle of! Tifa actually became the top of the list for might be her different beauty and undetailed manner. She might be as tough as Mewtwo but not as kind as Terra. Terra, her exact analogy when it comes to pokemon is Gardevoir. Terra, like Gardevoir, she tries to protect her allies no matter how much gonna hurt. Some people say that she's weak like thrashed Garbodor but it is NOT HER TRUE POWER and WILL. But if she did release her true form, it can trample any female on this list like Xerneas battling Yveltal. Lightning on ...more

Terra is one of those people who may look like a pushover, but she in many ways tramples Cloud in quality. Cloud got Mako poisoning and had a mental breakdown well Terra was enslaved for 16 years by a mad clown. Who could fail to memorize her since she was the first main female protagonist in any final fantasy.

7 Ashe Ashe
8 Celes Chere

All right, y'all, time to respect your roots: This little magic sword-master here was the surprise protagonist courtesy of the biggest twist in the history of Final Fantasy. We met her as a villain, watched her grow, change allegiances, sing opera, engage in an understated and beautifully subtle love story, unite her forces in an apocalyptic wasteland, lose her father-figure and still manage to save the world. History professor out. - maxlamb1

Opposite of Terra

9 Yuffie

I've loved her ever since I first played FFVII

Sure yuffie is a nutty, sneaky "parasite" in most peoples opinion, but in my opinion she is my favorite ff girl character. She is cute, has a cute personality, a cool weapon, and she's a female ninja! (It's a given that all video game female ninjas are hot...) say what you like, I think she's adorable.

Materia stealer

10 Serah Farron

I prefer Serah Farron because She’s Lightning Sister and I don’t like the One From Terra Wars Serah and Sarah Sound the Same But Spelt Differently - Gaming_With_Kay

I have honestly always loved serah even more than I do lightning. Lightning is my second favorite. I especially love the relationship she has with that brown haired guy (sorry I forgot his name) - lucyheartfilia615

She is very kind, gentle, and sweet, and she fights for what she believes in. I also find her relationship with her sister Lightning to be sweet and relatable.

Sexiest and kinders female character in all of the Final Fantasy saga, followed closely by Yuna. These two are the best by far.

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11 Marlene Wallace
12 Lulu Lulu

She isn't just a black mage; she is a modern-day gothic witch. BADASS!

Gorgeous! Lulu is so underrated.

The Best Black Mage Ever

13 Rikku

Her sweet and upbeat personality kept me form dropping the controller for final fantasy 10... Throughout the game she didn't change much, but she was one of the anchors on the party that kept the game interesting. She can kick some butt, has a great voice, and is not to bad to look at either! Especially in final fantasy x-2!

Okay 1st of all Rikku is THE BEST, if it wasn for her I would probably have broken my controller from anger

She is sexy, cool, has a great personality and can kick butt. I also love her attire

In FFX Rikku is cute and sweet, She's pretty and so kind and in FFX-2 She's way more Hot Sexy, She is beautiful. both Rikku are wonderful, enchanting and so magical, I love her so much with all my heart

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14 Garnet/Dagger

While in trance, summon an eidolon. Look at her butt, it looks like she is wearing a thong.

She is beautiful, just like what Alexandria knows her for.

15 Beatrix

Easily one of my favorite FF characters, its really too bad she never joins you.

16 Aranea Highwind Aranea Highwind
17 Refia Refia

She is protective and motherly, as well a rebellious and free thinker

18 Rydia

Too pure for this world. - VeryPissedOffCinnabon

I adore her. Very strong young girl and later young woman. She loses something valuable and still never forgets to care for and help others!

19 Iris Amicitia Iris Amicitia

The best girl of XV, she is friendly, independent, flights along Noctis group, is funny and later turned a demon hunter - uoi

20 Fran

She is the best in my opinion

21 Oerba Yun Fang

She's VERY underrated... Just because she's not your usual "elegant ff girl" doesn't make her a bad character... People just hate to mention her.. I mean... She's beautiful, strong and a REAL badass, unlike Lightning who's trying hard to look badass. Sigh.

Badass, hot, underrated woman with stunning eyes.

Fang doesn't get enough credit sure she's not the protagonist in ff13 but she's pretty badass has an awesome weapon and personality.

A unique character. I know FF13 wasn't incredible, but at least Fang was good and Lightning was OK, but her fan base is awful. And Hope is a crybaby.

22 Paine
23 Cindy Aurum

Hands Down best Female In Final Fantasy XV!. I have a Character that's a Genderswap Version. I wish Square can Give us the Ability To change Genders. I'm sick and Tired Of Boobs Can we Have a Dudes Chest For Once! - Gaming_With_Kay

Very helpfull and fun

Very hot and helpfull

Best mechanic ever...a very outgoing and energetic character.She should be one of the top contenders in this list.

24 Lunafreya Nox Fleuret Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

She is gorgeous and goodhearted and strong

1 word : Beautiful

25 Oerba Dia Vannille

She is so beautiful and has great quotes, she is sweet and loves Hope. And saying her name is satisfying, because the sound of it

She's just so nice and happy... How can you not like her?

26 Quistis Trepe

She was always so much more interesting to me than Rinoa. She lost her job and her faith, but found it once again in her friends.

As a big fan of FF8, I know Rinoa is the main female interest, but I always had a thing for the teacher. Plus, she's a solid battle member from early on. Go Quistis!

27 Ultimecia Ultimecia

Ultimecia dons a skin-tight red satin ball gown with a plunging neckline that ends just over the crotch, exposing her neck, chest, stomach and abdomen; only partially obscuring the breasts. A black-fur ruffle travels the edge of the bodice to travel along the collar, the ruffle is largest behind the neck, resting over her shoulders and covering the junction of her black feathered wings (it is unknown whether the ruffle is attached to her wings or just rests upon them). The hemline extends to drag along the floor behind her. Long red-blouse sleeves join with her taloned hands, which are colored purple.

Ultimecia is an immensely powerful and highly developed Sorceress with her personal power focusing on time and space manipulation. This power is shown in the final battle, where she will often cast spells that involve bending space, such as Bio, Quake, and Meteor or absorb fallen party members into time in the battle against her. Furthermore, she has a devastating magical attack ...more - sapphirewhirlwind

28 Penelo
29 Rosa

Always been my favorite.

30 Lumina

Best character ff needed someone new I just love her, why do people not like her!

Love her, my Idol Lightning, tifa, and serah are all sluts, love lumina, she should be number.1

31 Paddra Nsu-Yeul
32 Freya Crescent Freya Crescent

Pretty underrated in my opinion.

She's easily left unmentioned when discussing women in the Final Fantasy series. I bet it's because of her taking a backseat in the game when her arc's over. You gotta admit she packs a punch.

33 Aphmau

She cool

Amazing and really cute appearance wise

34 Aki Ross

A scientific protege, she was one of the first ever photorealistic computer-generated human characters to be created and used in film and was intended to be the world's first computer generated "virtual actress".

35 Kefka Palazzo Kefka Palazzo Kefka Palazzo is a character in the Final Fantasy series of video games. Originally designed by Yoshitaka Amano, he appears in the 6th installment of the series - Final Fantasy VI.
36 Stella Nox Fleuret

In my opinion, I think Stella of Tenebrae can be number 2 if not ome which will be Aerith Gainsborough.Even though sge had been totally erased from the Final Fantasy series or to be more specific the Versus 13, with also the fact she might come up as an antagonist, I think she will be a super inspiring character not in a way to backstab or fight against Noctis Lucis Caelum but because she is family first and rules her own dignity and being.

Id thought Stella And Luna Were Sisters Because they have the same Last Name. I wish they were Related But at least Luna Has her Elder Brother Ravus in the Game and In the Movie - Gaming_With_Kay

37 Lenna Charlotte Tycoon
38 Quistis Quistis
39 Sephiroth Sephiroth Sephiroth is a fictional character and main antagonist in the role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII developed by Square.

That's a guy you goon :p - Gehenna

She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen

40 Yunalesca

Absolutely one of the hottest final fantasy girls! She's hot, um her face could look better but that doesn't matter when she has a really sexy bodyj(ust look at that ass)

41 Caius Ballad
42 Cindy MacKenzie
43 Rom
44 Eiko Carol

Cutest ff girl ever

45 Selphie Tilmitt
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