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41 Stitched Up Heart

Saw them live, opening for One-Eyed Doll - very impressed! They rocked hard! Met them after the show & they were very cool people as well. Definitely check them out.

Can't believe it took me that long too find this on the list. This band rocks by far better that In This Moment

Hey this band is every bit as good if not better than In This Moment

GREAT band! give them a listen!

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42 Skillet Skillet Skillet is an American Christian rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996 and based in the United States.

They aren't female fronted. But their drummer is a backup singer, so... whatever, I guess.

Their lead singer is male but one of the singers is female so I guess this technically counts.

43 Eurythmics Eurythmics Eurythmics were a British music duo consisting of members Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart. Stewart and Lennox were both previously in the band The Tourists, who split up in 1980; Eurythmics were formed that year in London.

Sweet dreams are made of this...

44 Tokyo Jihen
45 New Years Day

Ashley is so beautiful in both singing and personalities that she makes Jennifer Lawrence look like a member of Hollywood Undead.

49 are you kidding me, Ash constellation is so amazing and beautiful and nikki shreds awesome guitar solos

Why the crap isn't this higher on the list? They're super popular so I'm so confused. And they are so good.

Why aren't they higher on this list? They are so amazing, they are one of my top five favourite bands

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46 Veruca Salt

Why is this band so low?! Go and listen to Seether

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47 Guano Apes

This should be on top 10
They ruled in the 90's and her voice is pretty damn powerful

48 Girlschool Girlschool Girlschool are a British heavy metal band that formed in the new wave of British heavy metal scene in 1978 and frequently associated with contemporaries Motörhead.

This band should definitely be number one, better than all of the acts above and below it on this list

These girls have been everywhere playing their traditional NWBHM. They have even performed on several occasions with Motörhead.

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49 Dead Sara

This is the best newer female fronted band I have heard in a while. Should be and probably will be soon top 5 on this list in a year or two.

Surprised they're this low on the list. I like the way they sound, and I enjoy the second album, not counting airport sessions, just because it feels a bit different, as well as sounds good.

They are my new favourite band EVER. They should be much higher up the list!

I picked up on Dead Sara from the T.V. show Banshee, their track Weatherman was played over the end credits and that's all it took to have me hooked. Armstrong's belting lyrics coupled with the bands note perfect performances even when live should have this band in the top ten all time.

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50 Bikini Kill

Kathleen Hanna is seriously bad ass!

Kathleen Hanna is the coolest women on the face of the earth.

I have more than one favorite but they have such a low rank! Badass band basically any Riot grl band is though.

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51 Ali Project
52 Luscious Jackson
53 September Mourning

I saw them in concert, at a small, local venue. Fantastic!

September Mourning makes great music that matches up with her comic book persona.
The cross-media work is great, and great fun, especially in concert. - Strikh

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54 The Sugarcubes The Sugarcubes The Sugarcubes were an Icelandic alternative rock band formed in 1986 and disbanded in 1992. They received critical and popular acclaim internationally.

With Bjork, everything will be awesome.

55 X
56 Sister Sin Sister Sin Sister Sin was an "old-school metal" band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band released four full-length albums, with the most recent Black Lotus released October 27, 2014. Sister Sin toured in Europe and North America with bands such as Slayer, King Diamond, Lordi and In This Moment before splitting in more.

They're not as hard rocking as Little Mix but they can rock just enough to pass as a rock band so there's at least that.

57 L7

Guitar riffs to die for and depth in their work that's not given the credit it deserves. Surely top 5?.

Without a doubt, a top 5 band of all-time. They have come back in 2015 and still kick everyone's asses.

58 Hey Monday Hey Monday Hey Monday is an American pop punk band from West Palm Beach, Florida, formed in 2008. The band is on a hiatus as of December 2011. They released their debut album Hold On Tight in 2008, which produced the singles "Homecoming" and "How You Love Me Now." The album was followed up with their 2010 EP Beneath more.

Even though these guys have broken up now, they are still one of the best pop punk bands out there. Cassadee Pope is highly underrated and has actually sung back-up vocals on more than one All Time Low song.

Brilliant band, talented lead singer, highly underrated

59 Hands Held Hi

This is my best friend/brothers ( for life ) band I'm really ecstatic on where they are going to be in the next couple years they're all very talented young individuals I've heard every song so far and all is excellent from vocals to the instrumental and audio control. Best of luck to all in this band and the most important thing Have fun!

Awesome voice. Allison's voice comes from down legs into her body and trebles its way out of her vocal cords- you may never know how much power she invokes into her music until you sit back and watch them all perform. Great stage presence and a really good group of young artists.

This band is awesome they really know how to rock out their singer Allison Reno can sing her heart out the whole band knows how to bring a crowd in not only can she sing her heart out but she also screams like a beast

Love the way this girl sings

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60 Scandal

Scandal so underrated, this band should be on top 10! 4 of them got superb talent on rock music!

The best rock girl band in the universe!

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