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Paramore is an American rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, formed in 2004. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York.


Paramore isn't pure rock, but they're alternative rock and this is the only female fronted band list that they kind of fit in with. And before dismissing them as a couple of pop sell outs who put no work in their music, you need to realize that they do. Each album reflected very well on the band members life, thoughts and feelings. They're not whiny one bit but actually very emotional. They have some carefree, fun songs too. They can actually experiment with music and it turning out well. They're amazing live. They're just brilliant. But honestly I don't care if they're first or not because it isn't going to change my opinion or love for them. And there are too many great bands on here.
Side note- The Plasmatics, Garbage, Hole, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jack Off Jill, Tribe 8, Epica, The Distillers, Fit For Rivals and No Doubt all deserve a higher rank

Paramore just have such appeal to them with their uplifting pop-punk music, and not only is Hayley Williams super hot but she comes across as a good role model for young girls. She doesn't drink or smoke and she doesn't splash out on expensive houses and cars.

It took me a long time, several years, to really like Paramore. I used to tolerate them, then hate them, then accept them again, now I like them. I recently bought a hard copy of "Brand New Eyes", and that's what made me come to like them more. They're not the best, but even though Hayley Williams isn't the best lyric writer, at least she TRIES. They do have a few thoughtful songs, though.

Paramore is the best band that I've ever heard. I can relate to their music. Their song Brick By Boring Brick is literally my life in summary. They should have number one. They've worked so hard to get where they're at. They didn't give up whenever they departed with the Farro's, they kept strong and held it together. I don't think that they will ever give up. This band inspires me and I don't see anyone ever dissagreeing with me. Paramore is number one in my heart and always will be.

Paramore was the very first band that I took a HEAVY interest in. They are what started my love for rock. For me they were the gateway band laugh out loud. Seriously amazing band and Hayley it the most down to earth chick ever. Paramore will forever be my top favorite band.


I love this band so much! This is the best pop rock band ever! Misery business and all I wanted are really good songs by them

Greatest female fronted band and they have amazing signature beats

Fantastic band liked the musical style they had in the beginning of his career, in my opinion were more Rock, now walk more in a pop style... I hope your roots rock bearing and give up the pop style of the last issues... I am unconditional fan

Paramore 100%. No one can compete with the genius of Paramore.

They should be better than evanescence because their band is better. Evanescence band like the guitarist, drummers, bassist is bad but they're the best because of their vocalist. Paramore's band is good

PARAMORE IS THE BEST BAND OUT THERE! In my opinion there best albums were All we know is falling, Riot, and Brand new eyes. There is no other band like them. Hayley Williams expresses herself into her band.

Paramore is simply the greatest female fronted band of all time. Hayley's vocals are incomparable and they have written some of the greatest rock songs of all time.

Paramore rocks in every angle. Although they are comparable to evanscence (Well last month I saw paramore in no. 1 then after that day I saw evanscence on no. 1 then last week I saw paramore again on no. 1 then now again I saw evanescence on no. 1, they pretty much have the same power) Paramore is the most inspiring bands ever. Evanescence just want to make some dark and sad songs and make everyone too depressed. PAramore will inspire you as far as they could. Even though they two major members leave the band, they still stick together and compose more famous songs like still into you and the only paramore song that was on billboard 10 ain't it fun. Hayley Williams is a wpnderful inspirational person. Not only he belongs to the best female rock singer but she also have a soft heart. Hayley williams might vhange her voiice dress and hair HER SOUL AND SPUNKINESS AND HER SWEET HEART will never change.

Paramore is my third favourite band after Green Day and Simple Plan. Hayley is so unique, she has a special voice like I can't even describe it

Paramore is the best band by far. I can't even explain how AMAZING they are. I'm speechless.

Paramore is one of the best bands, in my opinion. Their songs are very relatable, and they're pretty underrated in my humble opinion.

I think they're epic and their music and the members really inspire me and I've loved them since forever and will always love them. On a higher note Heart, No Doubt, Fit For Rivals, OneEyed Doll and Joan Jett deserve a higher rank and not meaning to offend anyone but WATIC shouldn't be this high on the list.

Paramore is the is an awesome band! Their music are so relatable and their song Last Hope makes me wanna cry and Misery Business makes me want to headbang as hard as I can! Brand New Eyes is their best album. Their self-titled album is a big one but Brand New Eyes is still better!

Paramore is the best female fronted band ever. But what makes me love Paramore is Hayley's voice that shatters my fandom to flyleaf (yup, I'm a former fan of flyleaf but because of Hayley's hypnotic voice, argh! ) and not only that they make the best songs ever, one of my favorite is I caught myself and decode which can both can be heard on twilight's credits. And Ps: I have a crush of one of their band guitarist: Taylor York.

No! Last time I saw you, your in #11?!?!? By the way Hayley is a million slightly angst angels.

Paramour are the best sad that josh and zac left, zac was a beast drummer! But Hayley just rocks, love them

There are something in paramore that I can find in another band that's why I love paramore

Paramore should be first. They're just simply amazing and that's an understatement.

Its all about emotions and all songs of is very youthful and anonymous