Top Ten Female Gospel Singers


The Top Ten

1 Dorinda Clark-Cole

The Rose of gospel has an amazing range and she is the best riftter and runner. Not to mention she was apart of the Clark Sisters. - godschild

2 Pastor Leandria Johnson Pastor Leandria Johnson

Yes there have been things Said, Mrs. Johnson but those words are true it's just the way she said it because how can anyone that God chosen for his flock to walk by someone and ignore them what man of God does that, she just put pastors an Bishops on blast that's all she said something that no one else would have said it had to happen. because they want everybody else to think. they are so clean when they are not no one might know what you have done to get in that pulpit but God sees, that's the key God knows what you're doing and sometimes God will put people around to call you out... That's his way of showing people. be careful of who you are allowing to speak to you from my book..

Leandria Johnson is the best thing that has hit gospel music since the Clark Sisters. - godschild

Leandria Johnson is simply impeccable! What a gospel singer!

3 Yolanda Adams Yolanda Adams

Yolanda Adams is the diva of gospel music - godschild

4 Karen Clark-Sheard

She has a extraordinary range. And was apart of the greatest gospel group ever the Clark Sisters. - godschild

5 Shirley Caesar Shirley Caesar

Not to mention that she was apart of the late and great caravans. Pastor Sherly Ceaser is also a living legend. - godschild

6 Cece Winans Cece Winans

I've been blessed so many times when I listen to Cece Winans sing. She is such a blessing and I know God smiles whenever she sings praises to His name.

First African American woman who won the female vocalist of the year in America! She made history! 12 time Grammy awarded, 21 stellars and if I'm right 7 or 8 dove awards! If she isn't the best, please, tell me what she is?!

The best, purest, & humble gospel artist. She's more than a voice or gift; she's a light in a dark world!

7 Mahalia Jackson Mahalia Jackson

She mainstreamed gospel into American culture. She ONLY sung gospel her whole career. Mahalia also sang through her illness and made the pathway for modern gospel today. She isn't called the Queen of Gospel for no reason!

8 Kierra Clark-Sheard Kierra Clark-Sheard

A third generation gospel singer.
Dr.Mattie Moss-Clark
Karen Clark-Sheard
Kierra Clark- Sheard don't forget she has a very talented voice. - godschild

9 Lisa Knowles

Lisa, "The Queen of Quartet Music" she has an amazing range and the ability to pull of any rift or run not to mention her tough growl. - godschild

Lisa Knowles is a bad girl!

10 Kim Burrell Kim Burrell

Even though Kim has an anointed voice she is number10 because sometimes I think she does to many rifts and runs, but her raspy voice puts her on the list. - godschild

The Contenders

11 Erica Campbell

Erica has a wide range. She also has been anointed with the gift of reaching the youth. Not to mention she comes from the fantastic duo Mary Mary. - godschild

12 Tamela Mann Tamela Mann
13 Tina Campbell

With the help of being in Mary Mary Tina is a fan favorite. With the amazing ability to growl she will always be able to win over a crowd. - godschild

14 Vickie Winans Vickie Winans

She has a voice that is simply annoited by GOD.

15 Vanessa Bell Armstrong Vanessa Bell Armstrong
16 Sinach Joseph

Anointed lady of the most high God

17 Tramaine Hawkins Tramaine Hawkins
18 Tasha Cobbs Tasha Cobbs
19 Cissy Houston
20 LaShun Pace LaShun Pace
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