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1 Hermione Granger Hermione Granger

I love Hermione! She has been a huge help to Harry and the whole series, hands down the best female character.


She is my idol! She is smart, pretty and... WELL EVERYTHING! Without her Harry and Ron wouldn't have been able to succeed in what they did! In the Philosopher Stone, Chamber of Secrets and such like. Of Course she's number 1 she's BRILLIANT! I've always wanted to be just like her!

Go Hermione. Ginny SUCKS. TOTALLY.

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2 Luna Lovegood Luna Lovegood

Luna has had a lot of influence on me as a person. Ever since I was young, I've been considered sort of the weird one, especially because I'm autistic (There were actually Harry Potter awards for my senior year of high school and Luna was one of them. I didn't win the spot, which I guess makes me more like Luna since she's often overlooked by a lot of people and just sort of brushed off as weird. The girl who won apparently always looked like she was on drugs and talked strangely, which I think proves that not a lot of people take the time to discover that Luna is so much more than that.). Luna's so open-minded, smart, and kind, but can get angry when she needs to. Also her "madness" often tends to solve problems more quickly and easily than the conventional way. She's also kind of made me more comfortable with being on the spectrum because I relate to her so much. I'm actually kinda known as Luna Lovegood to some of the people on my campus.

Luna is definitely number 1. She's just so cute and lovable, and whilst she may be in her own world she's a lot smarter than she seems.

I've always liked Luna. When I first read about her in OotP, I actually had a pretty good picture of her in my head. More so, I had finally found a character I could like for so many things. Don't get me wrong, I love Hermione, (she taught me that sometimes, it's okay to be a bookworm) and I also really like Percy Jackson characters, (slightly unnecessary, but true) Luna actually held me down for the fact that she was just so much like me. There were some personality differences, but I really, honestly never thought about what other people think of me. The main reasons I got shy was because I was judging MYSELF. My friends do say I'm a tiny bit crazy with a wild imagination, but still. It's nothing, I suppose. Go Ravenclaw!

I love her. When I went through some times where I was rejected, lost, bullied and confused, I always read Harry Potter and went to the parts where Luna would say "Somehow all my shoes have gone missing. I suspect it was the (I forget what it's called.) And just sit there and smile. She really helped me, and I love her and thank her for that. (I also thank JK Rowling for creating such an amazing character! )

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3 Ginevra Weasley


How is opening the chamber of secrets a good thing? People almost died because of her stupidity. And to be honest she never really played an important role. I mean she's just known as Harry's wife which isn't really an achievement. AND loads of people killed death eaters. She really isn't anything special. If anything she's below average.

I enjoyed Ginny simply because of the role she played as Harry's love interest. However, I never truly received a genuine glimpse of her personality, any distinctiveness or outstanding qualities, which bummed me out. It felt as if Rowling minimized this character's potential as a strong female lead. I don't really know Ginny as an intimate person, because she was more minor compared to Hermione. She only took the spotlight in "The Half-Blood Prince"-- and because of her bigger role in the sixth installment, it's my favorite book of the series.

Ginny is amazing and just because she isn't the main character doesn't mean she's not brave awesome and kind Ginny is my idle because she steps up to another level when she is need to but she always has fun

Ginny all the way... Hermione too, though

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4 Nymphadora Tonks

She was loyal and brave in the book she took on Bellatrix lestrange in the battle in the department of mysteries! She was a Hufflepuff and a Gryffindor! Rest In Peace Tonks

Tonks is so underrated but really she's amazing. She's kind, independent, a good person with a lion's heart.

She's my fave character and I nearly cried (I don't cry when I'm reading books) when she died. - LindenheartInsanity

She is awesome

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5 Minerva McGonagall Minerva McGonagall

She's always been there for Harry in a really subtle way. You can tell that she really cares about him - and all of her students, for that matter. She is a total badass (I mean, seriously, she can turn into a cat! ) and a sassmaster (the Umbridge vs McGonagall bits were honestly my favourite parts of the books).

She's nice and always helps Harry

McGonagall, despite her age is a badass teacher that kicks ass. She made Snape run away as if he'd seen his worst nightmare and don't forget how she absolutely demolished Umbridge. - MagmaFox

Love her! She's really great! Although she is a little bit serious and strict, but she always fight for Hogwarts and always trust Albus Dumbledore, she's really faithful.

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6 Fleur Delacour Fleur Delacour

Fleur Delacour... a slightly controversial character. Two of the three heroines shared a profound dislike for her, (Mrs. Granger in the fourth, Mrs. Potter (Weasley) in the sixth,) but yet, beyond all that teasing, slight narcissism, and snobbishness, Ms. Weasley (Delacour) managed to prove her worth in the end. Indeed, the two heroines have now learned to at least share a grudging respect for her, if not quite love- they are all now part of the same family, after all.

She is strong she fought against a dragon she is brave entered in th tri wizard tournament and kind and sensitive

Nope. Being weird is what you make special. Means you are not some people who doesn't dare to be different and end up being boring. So Fluer is amazing and so are all the girls in top 10.

Shes a veela and she was in the twizard tolermnt

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7 Molly Weasley

Well if it wasn't Molly, Harry wouldn't find his way to Platform nine and three quarters. Ever.

Molly is so good! Without her the amazing series wouldn't be there! She told harry where platform nine three quatres was

Molly is awesome! I love how she killed Bellatrix!

Brave women

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8 Bellatrix Lestrange Bellatrix Lestrange A psychotic death eater who escaped from Azkaban, and is fiercely loyal to Voldemort. Murderer of many people such as Sirius Black, and also a sadist who drove the Longbottoms mad.

She's a cool character, by I resent her for killing some of my favorite characters.

If you reckon she shouldn't be on here,
1. Helena Bonham Carter is an absolutely amazing actress.
2. Bellatrix is a person to show to you how to stand up for yourself, and for friends or accompaniments.
3. She represents a strong brave woman, and I would honestly look up to her a tiny bit, only for these reasons.

Her name literally means female warrior that has to count for something... Right?

Bella trip is the best and maddest character yet!

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9 Cho Chang

Please stop being mean about Cho. She can't help crying. I bet YOU would cry if your boyfriend died. Cho is actually really kind

Well she got her boyfriend MURDERED at age of 15or 16 and after that her second boyfriend was the boy who was present at the murder of her first boyfriend and then her best friend betrayed her and because she forgave that friend you should not hate her. And after fifth year in sixth year harry started liking Ginny and going out with Luna and after that year cho graduated so she did not get the chance to make up. And like it or not,harry said hurtful things to her.And she was already having her doubts about him because of Cedric s death so she choose Michael corner. In truth she isn't blamable.

Right! Just because she's sensitive doesn't mean she's terrible - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

Cho is cool. I wish she and Harry went to the Yule Ball together. In my opinion, she is nice. I would have cried if my boyfriend died too. Though she does cry way too much and it must be too much for Harry having to kiss a crying girl

I vote cho chang

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10 Lily (Evans) Potter

Insane sacrifice for some child

I love Lily she should be first

Best female character on Harry Potter, she should be indeed first! She is such a great witch, and brave and kind...amazing!

She is a proper mother

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11 Ginny Weasley Ginny Weasley

When I first watched harry potter I was like OK. But when Ginny was brought in I was like I love you! Come on why do you think I watch harry potter! She is strong and AWESOMELY AWESOME! I can see why people don't like Ginny because she is kinda a Mary sew. But give her a Chance. I want my 16 birthday present to be for Ginny to get to the top of this list. To be honest that is all I am asking for for my Sweet 16. So help my dream come true! Thank you!

Ginny is such a strong and powerful you girl. She is amazing in every way, and is defiantly my favorite female character. Plus, she got Harry Potter!

By the way Ginny isn't so low if you go to No. 3 she's there not here!

Why is she on twice? Ginny Weasley and Ginevra Weasley are the SAME PERSON! HELLO?

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12 Dolores Umbridge Dolores Umbridge

Umbridge can go jump off a cliff

Dolores can jump off a plane. If she hated children so much why did she want to take Dumbledore's place as headmaster! That women got some serious issues. Shouldn't even be ranked for all our sake. She shoulda been sacked... LITERALLY SACKED!

I hate her as a person but she made the book so interesting! She's made so many funny moments, and it's why Order of the Phoenix is my favorite book. She makes a funny and interesting character

Why should she even be on this list?! She is the most annoying person I ever met! Just jump in a vocable and die!

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13 Lavender Brown

Actually, it wasn't lavender that gave harry a love potion it was Remelda Vain, and that got put down a few minutes later by slughorn. Lavender had a crush on ron, and when it was his first quidditch game, and they won because of him ( and harry ) they had a big celebration in the dormitories. And when he got put down by his brothers, lavender came over and kissed him. Remember now?

She makes me vomit!

Lav-lav and won-won
How cute
Can't BELIEVE I used to have a crush on ron... - Bookworm03

No. Just no.

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14 Narcissa Malfoy

Unlike her villainous counterparts, narcissa malfoy showed that she actually cared for people she loved, doing brave things against her will and Voldemort himself. She wasn't afraid to stand out from the crowd and separate herself from the scared followers around her. Overall, narcissa malfoy was a hidden hero in the Harry Potter books saving the chosen one himself and being strong for her family.

Yeah, she helped Harry. She's the one that said he was dead! She definitely did not kill him!

Narcissus Malfoy loved her family more than begin a Death Eater. Bellatrix should had thought of family before Death Eaters!

Another 'villain' I admire. Only because in the Deathly Hallows when she saved Harry's life - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

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15 Sybill Trelawney

Sybill Trelawney is so dumb, I was so happy when Umbridge almost sacked her.

She is so cool. I love psychic characters in movies and books so much!

She has no mind!

Wow I would love too have her as my teaher.

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16 Ariana Dumbledore

So sad! You died! You are a dumbledore! So strong!

We didn't really hear her backstory that much! She looks like an awesome character. She coulda at least be involved more!

Why her why nature why are you on the bad side

Amazing character

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17 Olympe Maxime

So true, I reckon French is the most fashionable language.

I wish she and Hagrid got married. They were an adorable couple.

She and Hagrid are meant to be together

18 Rita Skeeter

Yes, Skeeter, as in "mosquito". Skeeter can go jump off a cliff and crash in to a rock spike. A liar and a fraud

I can not believe it #14! Go drown yourself Skeeter.

Flush your mosquito self down the loo, Skeeter

That women got serious issues!

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19 Angelina Johnson

Great at Quidditch!

I definitely think Angelina should've been above some of them. She was so good at Quidditch.

I don't know what to say

Awesome at quidditch!

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20 Trolley Witch

Trolley Witch scares me now after The Cursed Child - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

Anything of the trolley dears

Gives food to the hungry and is polite

I like chocolate frogs. Yay.

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21 Pomona Sprout

Head of Hufflepuff and Herbology Professor.

22 Sue Li

Where does she show up? Don't remember her in the movies

Who is she? I don't even know her?

She needs to be better known. - moonwolf


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23 Padma Patil

Harry went to the Yule ball with her twin sister Parvati. Padma was Rons date

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24 Winky

Aww, Winky. I loved her - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

She is funny

25 Rowena Ravenclaw

I'm a ravenclaw

Best person

26 Lily Evans

Should be in Top Ten!

27 Rose Weasley
28 Lily Luna Potter

No. Just no. We hardly even get to know any of the characters kids, sure we know this is one of Harry's kids, but do I care about characters we hardly see until the end? Nope. Can we stop putting the characters kids (except for Fred, George and Angelina had a wise choice choosing the name Fred).

You do get to see their personality in the cursed child.WRECKED!

29 Gabrielle Delacour
30 Petunia Dursley
31 Astoria Greengrass

Her small story was so sad in the CC - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

32 Pansy Parkinson

She is very sexy with draco learn how to pole dance girl

33 Sybill Trelawney

Perhaps more important to the plot in the books (the whole prophecy thing in book 5), this character is my favourite because of her over the top persona and her representation of a psychic that looks just like one in real life. I think this character looks exactly like I imagined her in the books.

34 Augusta Longbottom
35 Bathilda Bagshot
36 Alice Longbottom

This is the reason why I hate bellatix

37 Helga Hufflepuff
38 Hannah Abbott
39 Natalie McDonald

I only just found out the backstory for this character. Judging by the letter she sent to J.K Rowling, she was very brave and curious. I love this personality for a character, so I think if she was a main character, I would like her.

I love Natalie for the backstory of this character.
It started when a young girl, Natalie McDonald, emailed JK Rowling what happens in all the future books, for she was in the hospital and feared she wouldn't have enough time to live to finish the series.
The author replied with a summary of what happens in the future installment of the series.
JK Rowling also went to her country for a book signing, after that she visited the McDonald family, later finding out Natalie died a few days after the email.
As tribute to the dead fan of Harry Potter, she was added as a first year in one of the books.

40 Penelope Clearwater
41 Katie Bell

Katie's cool.

42 Parvati Patil

She and her sister were a couple of the better Asian characters. Parvati certainly wasn't stereotypical, and she had some signs of bravery, slight open- mindedness, and a love for the mystical. We need a couple of not-as-heroic-yet-still-cool girls as well, you know!

Oh come on she's like a second Hermione

She's a lot more relevant than Padma in the books..


43 Alecto Carrow

Not a girl muggles

44 Marge Dursley

I greatly dislike her!

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