Luna Lovegood

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One of the nicest and kindest characters in the Harry Potter collection

I think Hermione and Luna are the best characters in the Harry Potter series. Luna is very smart in her own way and unique. She is kind to everyone and doesn't care what other people think of her.

Although she is fictional *sniff*, Luna has shown me that being different is okay, and that I shouldn't put endless time and effort into being the straight girl I was bred to be. Instead I can be a pansexual gender fluid teen and be proud. I can also fangirl over the most minor things, and love the things people hate, and cry over things people would call stupid. THANKS LUNA!

I absolutely love Luna Lovegood! She is probably the most lovable character in the whole Harry Potter series. She's my favorite character too! With out Luna the whole series wouldn't be the same. - ThatGlaceoninSlytherclaw

Luna shows us girls that its okay to be yourself. She a awesome character. Also shows its okay to be a little weird or "Loony". Who knows maybe that well help save the world one day

Cute weirdo, she is really good with people's feelings. Harry always view her as his best friend.

Luna is one of the best female characters in the whole Harry Potter series. She is smart and unique in many ways. She does not care about the things other people think of her, while caring a lot about their wellbeing. Her vision of the world is unorthodox and fabulous.

Luna is the BEST even better than Hermione (and that's something) she is like me as well she's crazy (I'm crazy) she likes animals (I like animals) and Yeh she is the best!

I love Luna! She's quirky, brave and doesn't care what people think of her. - Starsparks

When I first saw her I was like lay off the crack but then I realised she had depth as a character. Her craziness gives the series that bit of fun

I love Luna! Can you actually say something negative about her? I don't know anyone who dislike Loony Lovegood (don't prove me wrong) - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

Go Luna! She shows us that no matter what be your self! Very kind and brave. Go Luna!

You're just as sane as I am... (ahem, take a look at my profile picture... ) - keycha1n

Lunas so cute I mean people look at her

Polite honest brave and doesn't care what other people think about her my favourite

If I had to pick 3 female harry potter characters to be my BFF's she would be one!

I took a test and I was most like Luna. LIKE A BOSS!

Luna is my favourite Harry potter character and is amazing

Luna Lovegood is pure perfection. Need I say much more?

I love how she's quirky but not afraid to be herself. - JaneMoffat

Harry named his daughter Lily Luna potter

I love Luna in a crazy way! She's just so nice!

Luna is the oddball of the group, but she is proud of it. She does not let the haters get to her. In my school, I am the weird one because I am bi and gender fluid. Very recently, I found out that one of my friends are homophobic, and it promptly broke my heart. But, being a HUGE fangirl, my thoughts instantly retreated to "What would Luna do? " and so me and my friend talked and came to the conclusion that we didn't have to hate each other for this. He may disapprove of how I spent my life, but we didn't need to break apart because of this. I stayed calm like Luna, she has made a huge impact on my life!
I know you're technically not real to others, Luna, but you are my savior! Thank you!

Probably the most nicest character

She has really good abilities mates!