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21 Pomona Sprout

Head of Hufflepuff and Herbology Professor.

22 Sue Li

Where does she show up? Don't remember her in the movies

Who is she? I don't even know her?

She needs to be better known. - moonwolf


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23 Padma Patil

Harry went to the Yule ball with her twin sister Parvati. Padma was Rons date

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24 Winky

Aww, Winky. I loved her - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

She is funny

25 Rowena Ravenclaw

I'm a ravenclaw

Best person

26 Rose Weasley
27 Lily Luna Potter

No. Just no. We hardly even get to know any of the characters kids, sure we know this is one of Harry's kids, but do I care about characters we hardly see until the end? Nope. Can we stop putting the characters kids (except for Fred, George and Angelina had a wise choice choosing the name Fred).

You do get to see their personality in the cursed child.WRECKED!

28 Gabrielle Delacour
29 Petunia Dursley
30 Astoria Greengrass

Her small story was so sad in the CC - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

31 Sybill Trelawney

Perhaps more important to the plot in the books (the whole prophecy thing in book 5), this character is my favourite because of her over the top persona and her representation of a psychic that looks just like one in real life. I think this character looks exactly like I imagined her in the books.

32 Pansy Parkinson

She is very sexy with draco learn how to pole dance girl

33 Augusta Longbottom
34 Bathilda Bagshot
35 Lily Evans

Should be in Top Ten!

36 Helga Hufflepuff
37 Hannah Abbott
38 Natalie McDonald

I only just found out the backstory for this character. Judging by the letter she sent to J.K Rowling, she was very brave and curious. I love this personality for a character, so I think if she was a main character, I would like her.

I love Natalie for the backstory of this character.
It started when a young girl, Natalie McDonald, emailed JK Rowling what happens in all the future books, for she was in the hospital and feared she wouldn't have enough time to live to finish the series.
The author replied with a summary of what happens in the future installment of the series.
JK Rowling also went to her country for a book signing, after that she visited the McDonald family, later finding out Natalie died a few days after the email.
As tribute to the dead fan of Harry Potter, she was added as a first year in one of the books.

39 Penelope Clearwater
40 Katie Bell

Katie's cool.

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