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Shreya Ghoshal is an Indian playback singer. She has received twelve National Film Awards, twenty Filmfare Awards and eight Filmfare Awards South to date.


Shreya ghoshal is the best singer numero uno no one can defeat her in a few years she might surpass lata mangeshkar

She is the queen of my heart I and whole India loves her so much that can't be told. How beautiful and versatile she is feels like staying with her forever. To write about her is endless and will continue for years and years and years. I do not know her but still can say her nature is like anything. Anything she does is as beautiful as herself. She is also the best singer ever. She looks gorgeous without any make up. I personally think that the new generation loves her as my friends, sisters even my mother loves her!

Shreya I just love your voice. You are the queen of melody, you are the pride of India I love your singing shreya and my wishes always with you, you are the first singer who make me mad in your singing.

She is really a versatile singer who has appeared in this decade. Her voice is genuine and she has the natural ability to cope with the situations and words of the songs. She has an impressive personality as well. I think she is the no. 1 female voice of recent Indian / subcontinent Music.

Undoubtedly Shreya is number one. Her dedication to music and ability to sing in all languages with the right emotions. More over she is a darling of all Music composers. Of course millions across the world are her followers either in twitter or face book, not only because of her musical sensibility but also her down to earth attitude. Her attitude to continue learning will make her still the greates

No other singer born on this earth is better than Shreya ghoshal. She is a unique outlook. She has a charming face and a melodious voice as that of a nightingale. I start my day after seeing her and listening her songs. She is just above all heights any one can touch. She was a good singer, she is a good singer & she will always remain a good singer. No one can defeat her ever. I love her. She is my idol.

She is so good! I love her songs and her energy and her energy give the song that she is singing a life. And plus she can sing any type of song. She is just amazing and she has beauty in her self that makes people attractive which is a really good thing. I have always noticed that whichever movie she sang in it has always been top hit. When she is singing she is always happy and she also feel the way the song goes. I JUST LOVE HER

Shreya is one of that singer who can sing any type of song... I love her voice so much... Hats off to her...!

She's the best. Versatile. Heavenly voice. Unmatched dedication, which can be easily understood from the way she prepares herself for a song in a language which is unfamiliar to her. Being a Keralite, and hearing the way she sings Malayalam which is usually said as the toughest language in India (in terms of pronunciations), I can't do anything else but stand up and applaud.
She's the best!

She is not a singer she is magician who can mold herself in all type of moods. She is God Gifted. He simplicity shows her innocence, purity, humbleness etc and this makes her a great singer. She is representative of divine singers. These days Rap Singing is famous but you can't compare this with versatile Shreya Ghoshal. The key factor towards her success is that she is always down towards earth.

She is a true person. Perfect in singing and her behavior is heart touching. Her every song directly touches the heart. She is most versatile singer in this world. Love her very much. She inspires me a lot. She can sing in every language which I think no other can do.
No one can be compared with her because she is incomparable. She is unique. WORDS r not enough in our dictionary to praise her

Shreya Ghoshal is the best singer because her voice is the most beautiful voice I have ever heard and I feel so happy that I can't even imagine when I hear her voice, also everyone gets attracted to her songs because of the beautiful voice she have. And she is the most beautiful female singer and I haven't seen such a beautiful singer like her.

I am Shreya's biggest fan. She is the best. I think she should be given best singer in the world award. When am sad I listen to " Mannipaya" and it makes me feel better because her voice is so soothing.

You are the most versatile singer of India. You have the golden voice and I know that one time you will become best singer all over the world

Next lata mangeshkar, she has tone like her's voice like barfi song appears as if lata singing in young age

What a voice! I feel myself and my love in her outstanding voice!
Her voice is the legendary sound of love which can take you to the heaven..
The narrow way of heaven is to listen her indomitable voice! The real Bengali! She is our pride! The pride of Bengali.
Nitesh Kr they@#$

I think she is the next "Lata Mangeshker"what a versatile voice quality, really marvelous, she can manage every type of singing style such as rocking, sad, romantic etc.

I love you shreya your voice is so great and your voice forces me to listen your songs

Shreya is truly my favourite Indian singer. She is capable of so many types of music, not just pop-style.

I think she ever best singer in the world. Her voice is so sweet. That is the main thing attracting.

She is the most versatile vocalist with commanding voice with no break down on falsetto
She is rocking currently, I give her all time best singer, melodious, sweet doesn't struggle in high pitch
Couldn't find any weakness in her voice

Very melodious voice... When ever I feel sad I use to hear a song of shreya... Such a great voice...

Shreya Ghoshal is the most versatile singer of Bollywood. Her mesmerising voice coupled with her awesomely sweet nature always leaves the audiences in awe and fascination! Just love her voice.

She is the best singer in the world. Her sweet voice can touch the hearts of millions of peoples

She was the only young Indian singer who proves his voice. I wishes shreya madam to get many awards. We love shreya