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1 Lisa (Black Pink)

She is REALLY GOOD and can pull off different styles (just at their recent concert she danced to 3 different songs (genres)), so she deserves to be on top. She is still rookie so I think she needs some more time to relax and really show what she's got, but trust me in a few years she will definitely be in top 3 dancers in the industry!

Best female dancer in the industry right now

I think Blackpink Lisa should be on top, her dance moves were so smooth and natural and based on my observation, dancing is really her passion. Well, it is too obvious since she was young she's really a great dancer.


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2 Kim Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon may not be deemed as the most "beautiful"and popular member and of SNSD but she is quite a talented dancer. Lots might say that she is ugly but the majority of them can not deny that Hyoyeon is quite a hefty dancer. Even though many people might not consider her as the #1 best female kpop dancer, Hyoyeon is probably in their list of at least the top 50 best female kpop dancer. I even already knew that Hyoyeon is going to be in the top five when I saw this. Even other popular male and female idol dancer have recognized her dancing. She inspired many popular idols like Momo who is also a dance machine in Twice but never get credit. She is not a show off and likes to dance because she likes doing it and NOT showing it off. I'm so proud of Hyoyeon and may the best luck come to her and SNSD (who also recognized her dancing talent). SNSD fighting!

In snsd I love hyoyeon but she is number 2 I love yoona than her.

Sorry sis hyoyeon very much I you and sis yoona is my idol

HYOYEON the boy bands dancing girl in their hearts

Honestly she’s the dancing queen and a dancing machine. You may not know her for her studio vocals but her dancing is just so powerful.

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3 Momo (Twice)

She's a dancing machine of TWICE I love her dancing skills

Momo is amazing. She can dance any concept. She's puppy when normal and beast when on the dance floor

Others are actually really good dancers. But for me, Momo is exceptional she can pull off any concept, from cute, sexy and angst.

She is so amazing!

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4 Gong Minji

She is a great dancer with great voice.She is a dancing machine..of 2ne1 no one can beat her because she is the B.E.S.T..Her sexy move is her secret why she is a great dancer in kpop group in south korea.

I always thought that girls could never catch up to the way guys dance but she definitely proved the opposite and minzy is beyond spectacular. She dances better than most males and she dances flawlessly than other females. Get a girl who can do both!

Owns every stage she steps onto. Her swag and confidence are unmatched. Fierce and sexy.


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5 Im Yoona Im Yoona Im Yoona is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation and has participated in various television dramas such as You Are My Destiny, Cinderella Man, Love Rain, Prime Minister and I, and God of War, Zhao Yun.

She is good dance performance and acting
Beautiful face
Is very2 the best

I love her very so much in snsd

6 Yoon Bora (Sistar)

I must prefer Yoon Bora because she has unique dancing skills and also she is the dancing machine of the most sexiest Girl Group in Korea SISTAR.Many people said that Hyorin is a better dancer than Bora, No Hyorin is lead dancer and Bora is the main dancer. You should watch Bora's performance at Hit the stage with Twice momo and Snsd' Hyoyeon.

Her figure is perfect. Love her dance.

7 Kim Hyuna

Kim Hyuna is the best. She can rock both sexy with the touch of fierceness. I just love the way she dances. She's too confident though.

I LOVE her voice and the way she dances I really want her to be the first

She can pull off any dance...especially in those ridiculous heels!

Most amazing girl in a small video dancing in black short skirt I was hypnotised she moves as a godess an beautifull snake voluptuosity...she made me disjoncted my brain and never get bored to watch her...again and again

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8 Choi Sooyoung Choi Sooyoung Choi Soo-young (born February 10, 1990), better known by the mononym Sooyoung, is a South Korean singer and actress. She was a part of the short-lived Korean-Japanese singing duo, Route θ, during 2002 in Japan. After returning to South Korea in 2004, Sooyoung eventually became a member of girl group more.
9 Luna (X)

A legend, she can dance and sing amazingly at the same time

10 Nana After School

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? Moonbyul (Mamamoo)

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11 Seulgi

She is simply elegant, and her moves is simple but sharp and full of charisma. She is balanced to every difference types of dance.

Very Powerful. Rare among the new generation of girl groups.

Her dancing is strong, yet looks effortless.

Nees to be in the top ten. Easy.

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12 Victoria F (X)

Victoria is the most flexible idol her moves are so smooth and powerful. SHE'S THE QUEEN. hands down y'all 🙏✨

13 SinB (Gfriend)

Best! Her sharp moves are knife-like and her smooth ones flow like water! #1 to me---

Super beautiful and talented!

SinB is a great dancer even if shes in the top 14 but in my heart shes my number 1 idol

Sinb more deserve it😍

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14 Boa

BoA Is fantastic:)
She most be in TOP10

15 Kwon Yuri Kwon Yuri Kwon Yu-ri, better known by the mononym Yuri, is a South Korean singer and actress. She debuted as a member of girl group Girls' Generation in August 2007.
16 Kim Chung Ha

Her freestyle dances are wonderful with excellent stage presence. She should be in top three.

A beautiful dancer and a choreographer. She's absolutely original and brilliant.

Chungha may not be the best dancer in industry but she is ONE of the best dancer in this industry. She may not shown her real talent while she's in i.o.i but now the she's going to debut as solo artist she will show how good she is.

She’s the best dancer of the rookie generation. Yes, Lisa’s dance is more natural but she can’t waack and pop and freestyle like Chungha.

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17 Rose' (Blackpink)

She is an amazing singer. Her voice is so beautiful, and the second best dancer in all of blackpink. She is pretty and perfect. An inspiring idol

Blackpink forever

She is fully package

She puts a lot of energy into her moves! If you watch her in their dance practices you can say she’s almost as good as Lisa!

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18 Nicole Jung
19 Eunjin (Dia)

Watch her yotube videos

20 Junghwa (EXID)

She is good

21 SuA (Dreamcatcher)

She seriously is so amazing! Her dance skills are underrated

22 Jisoo (Blackpink)

Jisoo is a great dancer Blackpink members know how to dance well

23 Jun Hyoseong

She dances in a perfectwat

My beutiful dancing star!
I really love her!

24 Mijoo (Lovelyz)

Mijoo can do various type of dances. She's a powerful and sexy dancer but not getting much opportunities since Lovelyz is girl group with cute concept.

She's a best dancer that can do hip hop and modern dance!

25 Park Jiyeon (T-ara)

She is the best

26 Hirai Momo

I think momo is the best female dancer because she can rock cute,sexy and charisma wich is something we don't see in a lot of groups if they can rock sexy cut charisma than they are a good dancer.

27 Yoon Bomi

Bomi is the best

She is the vest in k-pop and more knife, so beautiful dance...

Bomi is one of the greatest dancers
Together with hyoyeon,Momo and other female idols..

She can dance hip-hop,sexy and specially cute

She always slay when they are dancing specially when it's sexy dance although their concept is cute

Their group won in a girls sexy dance battle against secret,aoa and girl's day

The fact is they are the only one who has innocent and cute concept and luckily they win

Their group said that bomi slay on that dance you can watch it in YouTube they dance JUST RIGHT song

Yeahhh..she is
She always slay
Do you watch the just right song that they dance
Bomi slay though
Talent without revealing clothes
She has the best dance

28 Jennie Kim

Jennie Blackpink is a great dance you should see her dancing

29 Choi Yoo-jung

She is good...and funny

Shorty swag

30 Yuju

He can strecth her body

31 Minzy (2ne1)

Started very young and still great

32 Irene (Red Velvet)
33 Jeon So Mi

She is young and very talented

34 Nayeon

She is good in dancing and singing

Nayeon is the best


She is a lead dancer in twice

36 Kahi

She is the best. She is adorable one

37 Yooa Oh My Girl

This girl is an awesome dancer, her moves are always so gracefully sharp and on point but she is severely underrated

She slays with her sharp moves

My favourite dancer in Korea

38 Kwon Nara

Lovely main dancer of hello venus needs you support

39 Zinni (Glam)

She is b-girl. Really amazing. Great abs.

40 Jiyeon (Glam)

Damn, that girl can dance.

41 Chanmi (AOA)
42 ZN (Laboum)

He is pretty

43 Jia (Miss A)
44 Joy (Red Velvet) Joy (Red Velvet)

She dance so smooth and sexy at the same time. Also she has a unique charisma.

45 Yuqi

Yuqi has really that stage Charisma. She changed her personality on stage while dancing

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