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Lisa (Black Pink)

Other people say that she isn't the best dancer in this generation because her dance is easy not like the other dancers but actually it looks easy because her style of dancing is the one that makes it look easy and it is a good thing but sadly... People can't see her style that much, people can't recognize her... Her dance is smooth, easy to watch but it's actually hard, and not dirty to watch. Lisa is the best dancer because her dance is like apart from the song. Her presence in front of the crowd just makes it better!. Many people have complimented Lisa saying she's good dancing. I myself can see her style of dancing already. She can pull off any kind of dance including strong ones because nothing is hard for her!
Just like the members says she is the dance machine. And personally she is because she could memorize the actions fast. I have seen many videos of her dancing, it is great!. I have heard rumours that she will be a dance coach (just rumours). Just as my dance teacher ...more

People say that she dances with one style but that's her own style the way she moves looks so smooth and fluid not to mention how her body flows with the music naturally followed by her facial expressions. She also can memorize choreographs and perfect it in a short period of time. Many skilled choreographers have complimented Lisa's dancing ability one even said that he didn't know if she was the one teaching him the dance or if he was teaching her the dance. She's barely shown her skills in dancing yet many people can tell how skilled of a dancer she is. The way she overflows with energy and charisma on stage when she dances is unbelievable that's why I think she's number one for female dancers of this generation in kpop.

All of us who think Lisa is the best dancer, we are blessed. We don't need bother to compare her to other dancer. We just talk Lisa and how amazed her dance. Take a Look at comments of another candidate. Silly to see them always compare their "best dancer" to our Lalisa. Please don't blink guys. If you guys tell that she win the first place because she is popular. Then ask to yourself again, why she become popular? Of course because of her own charisma and style of dance, genius. She throw herself to every dance. Her expression, she even don't try to look great. It casually flow just like that. Please don't underestimate her. Just don't. You gonna make yourself full of hate instead. There's not without reason she is choosen to become dancer mentor in another country, not even in her own country or her country who make her name big.

Arguments for ranks 2 and 3 may be valid at some point, but none of them have stage presence like Lisa. She has this aura of being a natural dancer around her. She is already a force to be reckoned with but I believe that she has yet to give it her best. Its like she's still enjoying her early career.

Kim Hyoyeon

She won a compettition against other kpop main dancers. She should be first

Hyoyeon may not be deemed as the most "beautiful"and popular member and of SNSD but she is quite a talented dancer. Lots might say that she is ugly but the majority of them can not deny that Hyoyeon is quite a hefty dancer. Even though many people might not consider her as the #1 best female kpop dancer, Hyoyeon is probably in their list of at least the top 50 best female kpop dancer. I even already knew that Hyoyeon is going to be in the top five when I saw this. Even other popular male and female idol dancer have recognized her dancing. She inspired many popular idols like Momo who is also a dance machine in Twice but never get credit. She is not a show off and likes to dance because she likes doing it and NOT showing it off. I'm so proud of Hyoyeon and may the best luck come to her and SNSD (who also recognized her dancing talent). SNSD fighting!

She's basically the next BoA - heck, she was even part of BoA's and Janet Jackson's background dancers pre SNSD debut.

Hyoyeon has the best technique and complexity among all female kpop dancers


BoA is the queen of K pop and an OG. She stepped up the industry. I love her she’s on another level.

An absolute queen who deserves to be on top.

BoA is a legend, no one can deny it.

BoA carried the whole industry

Momo (Twice)

As a dancer myself I can say Momo is the queen of Kpop dance she has so much versatility from cute to dark and she even dances ballet and contemporary and the energy she puts in is amazing it makes her really enjoyable to watch her stage presence is great and the way she executes her moves is most of the time flawless not to mention her freestyle is amazing too and you can see she really enjoys to dance. I see quite a few blinks say Lisa is better but from what I've seen of Lisa she is not that great she is stiff and can only dance one style not to mention she can't freestyle, freestyling really shows the true skill of dancers it shows their knowledge and execution why do you think for auditions for kpop companies it's almost always freestyle. I have seen quite a bit of Lisa's dancing but there is nothing special about it. Momo is just on another level

I think she is one of the best female dancer because her every presentation in her dancing shows are too powerful

Momo is really queen of dancers because she can dance anything

I think Momo is way better than Lisa. SOme blinks like to say that Lisa is the best but I don't see it. Th way she has been overhyped I got super disappointed when I saw Lisa dancing. Momo has the ability to freestyle so easily and she has learnt so many styles that she is just amazing to watch. What Lisa can do is something all female idols can I just don't think she is that good. I think Momo is the best dancer in Kpop


She is really legendary dancer she can moving her body basically and she's being it so so good she is my idol

She is definitely the best since she knows where to powerful and where to be fluid , She is the founder if versatility

Her body moves are just awesome, she isn't the main dancer for nothing y'all

Ugh, Seulgi is such a queen! She isn't SM Entertainment's secret weapon for nothing!


She is the best. She is adorable one

Chaeyeon (IZ*ONE)

she is such a great dancer and her sister there both very talented

She really moves like a feather. She executes steps very smoothly.

There's something about her dance which make feel you want to watch more of her dances and it's never boring and intriguing

Her dance move was like a feather.. smooth, energetic and charisma..she can combined K-pop dance and hip-hop at the same time and also well balanced

Choi Yoo-jung

This cutie is sooo adorable and Can dance very well, I want to see more of her energetic and fun dances, she kills it every time

I can't believe she so low here she can easily beat up your favourites

She's much more better than Lisa

She is good...and funny

Kang Mi-na
Yooa Oh My Girl

It's maddening how underappreciated yooa is. She is probably one of the best dancers out there. She could outdance 3/4 of the people in the top ten.

My favourite dancer in Korea

This girl is an awesome dancer, her moves are always so gracefully sharp and on point but she is severely underrated

Absolutely I wish she were more popular and recognized as a dancer. She’s awesome

The Contenders

Kim Hyuna

She's a queen! Her stage presence is just the best and her dancing blows me away every time! Can't wait for her to comeback! We love you Hyuna!

I LOVE her voice and the way she dances I really want her to be the first

Most amazing girl in a small video dancing in black short skirt I was hypnotised she moves as a godess an beautifull snake voluptuosity...she made me disjoncted my brain and never get bored to watch her...again and again

Kim Hyuna is the best. She can rock both sexy with the touch of fierceness. I just love the way she dances. She's too confident though.

Rose' (Blackpink)

Rose' has a unique voice than other female and cute as well. Here dancing skills is smoother than Lisa but Lisa's dancing skill is sharper.

I vote rose because I like her dance if she is not my idol but I still love her dances

Rose's dance moves are smooth and is the 2nd best dancer in BLACKPINK. Lisa's no.1.

Firstly I really love and admire her dance and vocals, also her visuals, she tries her hard and gives the best she can, she improved a lot!

Gong Minji

Minzy can do all dance...and she's actually the best dancer in kpop even gd said it she just choose hip hop because she likes to freestyle

She was signed over to a company when 11 years old
I belive that she I way better than any other female kpop dancer
She can free style better than scripted dances for most girl groups no shade but that is a FACT and should not be judged base on ones popularity
She participated in a lot of dancing compations and have won 1st place 92% of the time

She is a great dancer with great voice.She is a dancing machine..of 2ne1 no one can beat her because she is the B.E.S.T..Her sexy move is her secret why she is a great dancer in kpop group in south korea.

She is THE dancing machine of korea... Literally only Hyoyeon steps up to her game. For me she's almost as good as Lia Kim (best dancer in korea atm) and she just has this power and flow... She truly is the best.

SinB (Gfriend)

She Really is a Good Dancer She even teach her members just to be in sync

She can make a dance looks so easy although in reality the dance is hard, just watch the cover of her with mina myoung, sweet but psycho

She does best in tricking you that the dance is easy. Amazing in dance breaks

Best! Her sharp moves are knife-like and her smooth ones flow like water! #1 to me---

Kim Chung Ha

The way she puts her dance performances is an eye candy to watch. Effortless moves and that aura she creates while performing is necessary for an artist. The way other artists are popular they get to top but when it's actually about dancing it's Chungha for me. We all have seen her rising from the bottom because of her amazing dancing style unlike other artists under a huge label. Wacking is her forte but every other style she does she masters it elegantly. I hope in the coming time she gets on the top.

Personally, she is the best dancer in Kpop females. Her moves are very fluid and she has amazing stage presence

Well, why is everyone sleeping on ms Kim Chungha's dancing skills? How can u not talk about it? She is an amazing dancer, she can come with a choregraphy for a song in just a second (proof in one of the episodes of 101)

She is really talented and gorgeous, and her stages are fire. She is such a humble and kind artist with great passion and talent. I really like her

Yoon Bora (Sistar)

I must prefer Yoon Bora because she has unique dancing skills and also she is the dancing machine of the most sexiest Girl Group in Korea SISTAR.Many people said that Hyorin is a better dancer than Bora, No Hyorin is lead dancer and Bora is the main dancer. You should watch Bora's performance at Hit the stage with Twice momo and Snsd' Hyoyeon.

Her figure is perfect. Love her dance.

Jennie Kim

She really has special moves, it makes her a hot and great dancer, stop saying she's lazy, she really can dance well

She's really good at danceing and those who
Hate hate hate...Stop they're humans not animals

She so cute or sexy when dancing!
Even she has hater...They jealous to Jennie's natural Beauty...

I love her lazy dancing style!

Jisoo (Blackpink)

Jisoo has an amazing voice and she has a fun loving arua and protective side to her

Blackpink members are all super good at dancing and singing!

Jisoo is a great dancer Blackpink members know how to dance well

Really amazing dancer

Im Yoona Im Yoona is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation and has participated in various television dramas such as You Are My Destiny, Cinderella Man, Love Rain, Prime Minister and I, and God of War, Zhao Yun.

Her steps are very clear and mesmerising.
I love her the most in snsd.
She is so beautiful and amazing

She is good dance performance and acting
Beautiful face
Is very2 the best

I love her very so much in snsd

Queen period

Mina Myoui (TWICE)

If BTS jimin is considered as main dancer then mina definitely deserves the main dancer title

We can say she has different dance style that's what makes her moves special, I really like, no, I love

With her background as a ballerina, Mina's body has one of the best dancing line among idols right now. With great flexibility and body strength, she can easily makes any dancing movement looks high-class. Her cute dancing looks like high-class cute. Her sexy dancing looks like high-class sexy. Even the simplest dance movement like flapping hands looks elegant when she does it

Mina has what a real good dancer is! She has great balance, power, elegance, soft moves, flexible body, and a great flow in doing choreography. I ALSO FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT SHE IS THE BEST FREE STYLE DANCER IN TWICE❤

Hirai Momo

I think I already sayed my opinion for momo😂

I think momo is the best female dancer because she can rock cute,sexy and charisma wich is something we don't see in a lot of groups if they can rock sexy cut charisma than they are a good dancer.

Moonbyul (Mamamoo)

She has a real talent

she is a good dancer


Despite being girlcrush, This MOONSTAR is a great dancer

Kwon Yuri Kwon Yu-ri, better known by the mononym Yuri, is a South Korean singer and actress. She debuted as a member of girl group Girls' Generation in August 2007.
Luna (X)

A legend, she can dance and sing amazingly at the same time

Victoria F (X)

She has grace and style

Victoria is the most flexible idol her moves are so smooth and powerful. SHE'S THE QUEEN. hands down y'all 🙏✨



Tzuyu is literally an angel! She is so pretty and she is really good at dancing. In my opinion, I think that tzuyu has worked the hardest in Twice. In Sixteen, JYP himself said that Tzuyu was the person who had improved the most throughout the program. I believe that Tzuyu will be able to achieve a lot more than she already has. Tzuyu is usually quiet when Twice goes on a program, however, you can see her real personality, which is very cute and funny when you get to know her more. 子瑜加油!妳可以的!


Sana is a lead dancer I think she can be third best in twice she should be higher up like 20

She is a lead dancer in twice

For me she is a great dancer and singer and she deserve to be a main dancer to😘😘😊


Choi Sooyoung Choi Soo-young (born February 10, 1990), better known by the mononym Sooyoung, is a South Korean singer and actress. She was a part of the short-lived Korean-Japanese singing duo, Route θ, during 2002 in Japan. After returning to South Korea in 2004, Sooyoung eventually became a member of girl group more.
Irene (Red Velvet)

Her dance is unique compared to the others, she is so flexible, she really attracts with her dance like in Russian roulette, rbb, dumb dumb be natural. I loveee her.



She is good in dancing and singing

Nayeon is the best

The best


SuA (Dreamcatcher)

best choreographer ever all dreamcatcher members can dance

Aaaah best dancer ...u should watch her ...she could even choreograph dances which is the best of all the points in her

She seriously is so amazing! Her dance skills are underrated

Minzy (2ne1)

Started very young and still great

Nana After School

Gorgeous and talented. Love her


YuQi is a dancer with her own style and full of swag . P.S. ,Soo Jin should at least be on this list . any neverlands out there ?

Yuqi has really that stage Charisma. She changed her personality on stage while dancing

YUQI AND LUCAS💕 there the best dancers ever. PERIOD

Junghwa (EXID)

Known as the "hot body" of EXID, Junghwa's greatest strength lies in her lack of natural genius. She's the kind of dancer who builds her skill from zero with great tenacity. She's a hardworking dancer who improves her stage presence more and more in each comeback. Initially the most overlooked member from EXID, now her dancing skill and stage presence has already surpassed other EXID's more famous members in their latest song "I Love You". Personally, I love to see how charismatic she will be in the future.

She is good


He can strecth her body

Mijoo (Lovelyz)

Mijoo can do various type of dances. She's a powerful and sexy dancer but not getting much opportunities since Lovelyz is girl group with cute concept.

She's a best dancer that can do hip hop and modern dance!

Eunjin (Dia)

Watch her yotube videos

Nicole Jung
Yoon Bomi

Honestly she is top 5 I don't know why she’s all the way here

She is the vest in k-pop and more knife, so beautiful dance...

Bomi is the best

Bomi is one of the greatest dancers
Together with hyoyeon,Momo and other female idols..

She can dance hip-hop,sexy and specially cute

She always slay when they are dancing specially when it's sexy dance although their concept is cute

Their group won in a girls sexy dance battle against secret,aoa and girl's day

The fact is they are the only one who has innocent and cute concept and luckily they win

Their group said that bomi slay on that dance you can watch it in YouTube they dance JUST RIGHT song

Jeon So Mi

She is young and very talented

she is very young and has so much talent and need more fans

Park Jiyeon (T-ara)

She is the best

Joy (Red Velvet)

She dance so smooth and sexy at the same time. Also she has a unique charisma.




she is a great singer and dancer and jungkooks future wife😳

Jun Hyoseong

She dances in a perfectwat

My beutiful dancing star!
I really love her!

Amber f(x)

OMG I don't know where to start she is the best dancer and I live her style

Watch Amber's dance oriented MV for "Lost at Sea"...Enough said

Jeon So-yeon

Jeon So-yeon is amaizing, not just in rap industry but also in dancing.

she and yuqi are such good dancer and need more attention

Jia (Miss A)

Terrific rapper and should be in the rapper list, but she's a good dancer. The best dancer in this group, MissA, is clearly Min, so Jia will substitute for me. In fact, Min is a top 10 female kpop dancer. I don't know why she's not on the list.

Chanmi (AOA)
Kwon Nara

Lovely main dancer of hello venus needs you support

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