Top Ten Least Favorite Colors for Females

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1 Orange

It is so bad for females

Orange is the best colour! I like it because it's the colour of oranges which are delicious. It also reminds me of the Boris album Heavy Rocks, because its cover is almost all orange. - SammySpore

My least favorite colors are Orange and Green. Also, why are people commenting what they like, It's about your least favorite color so when you vote for your favorite, you basically put it as your least favorite...

How can a color have a gender?

Also, orange is disgusting. It goes with nothing. - keycha1n

Because colors that look beautiful with other colors are much better than those reserved for viewing alone.

Orange looks absolutely repulsive with any cool tones. - keycha1n

2 Pink

It is for girly girls and they always say I love pink. Pink is to ick for me.

I use to pretend that I like it just to fit in. I hated it! - Arah2004

Sometimes I feel like girls hate pink so much just to be... unique.

Not all females are the same some can hate pink - spodermanfan1000

3 Brown

That is Maroon not Brown...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha To that comment below me - Nathalea

But.. brown is one of my favorite colours...

It's on №2 spot of "least male colours".
Illuminati confirm'd!

4 Green

These aren't even female colors... - Therandom

Aww I love emerald-forest Green it's a very nice colour.

5 Gray

Gray may seem like a boring dull color but it reminds me of storm clouds when it rains

I like gray.

6 Yellow

I like most of the colours on the list, and I have nothing against yellow, but it is a bit too bright for my taste.

Wow! This is SO bright; - Britgirl

I don't know why but I really dislike yellow

This yellow is OK, most aren't.

7 Blue

Again blue is one of the most beloving colors! - Arah2004

"Gosh. That picture is blinding my eyes. It's too bright." Me too now wait till you see something bright like that gross fuchsia

Gosh. That picture is blinding my eyes. It's too bright. - Nathalea


8 White

I don't hate White in fact it is one of the most beautiful color - Righteous

White is the best, I can't believe it is on no.5, it should be on 10

I love white

9 Black

Are you kidding me? Black is my FAVORITE color. Black is the bomb. - RockFashionista

This is my fourth-favorite color, ahem! - StickfeatherShip


10 Red

I'm a girl and it's my favorite color don't you agree!?

Red is one of the most beloved color for everyone it's fancy and cool! - Arah2004

I like red especially the " Blood red " - Righteous

Red and green kick butt

The Contenders

11 Purple

I really dislike this color

I like the color purple. It goes great with black. - RockFashionista

There's just something about it that I really just don't like. - Nathalea

"This is a female color" That is actually really sexist. - 445956

12 Fuchsia

I hate bright colors like fuchsia but everyone I know likes fuchsia and they call it "cute" and "pink" BUT FUCHSIA IS PURPLE NOT PINK

I like this! - Britgirl

13 Puce

I don't even know what that is.

I kinda like it. It's a purple-brown color. Or dark brown/red. -ish. ~Mistyrain

14 Indigo
15 Peach

Peach is the color for skin types. Who knows where the name comes from, it may even go on peaches?

16 Teal

I don't hate this color,but it gives me homesick. - SamuiNeko

I hate teal!

17 Aquamarine

Seriously, everyone I know is obsessed with aquamarine but they call it teal and or blue

What the heck? What's this color doing on here? Whoever was mentally ill enough to put aquamarine onthe list of least favorite female colors, aquamarine is beautiful. END OF STORY

18 Turquoise

I love turquoise, but like EVERYONE I know hates it.

19 Gold


20 Silver
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