Best Female Minecraft YouTubers

Tell me your fave girl you tubers who play Minecraft, mine is ldshadowlady :3!

The Top Ten

1 Ldshadowlady

Lizzie is such an inspiration that I am attempting to build her castle from crazy craft 3.0

Lizzy is always positive, she turns the negatives into funny jokes

She always makes me smile

She inspires me

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2 Aphmau

She is the only one with a pretty skin and always makes minecraft videos and don't make no other videos but minecraft

Aphmau is my favorite everyday I go on my computer to see Minecraft diaries or my street high

I like her prop hunt videos

Love her

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3 Vengelfe


4 Stacyplays

She was the first person that I've subscribed to. - Pegasister12

Best Minecraft Youtuber ever!

5 GamingwithJen

GamingwithJen is amazing! She should be in the top 3.

GamingwithJen is my favorite channel! She should be in the top 3.

Jen is an amazing youtuber she should be in top 3 am I right or not

She is awesome and her videos with pat always make me laugh. She my favorite girl you tuber ever😀😀😀

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6 Ihascupquake

It is ok that she’s 4th Minecraft female YouTuber because she don’t play Minecraft anymore. But if she plays Minecraft now, she will be number one! Because she has more subscribers than LDshadowlady aka Lizzie.
And she is the most subscribers female gamer!

7 Yammyxox

I love yammy cause whats not to love anyways?

8 ItsFunneh

She is the best ever but she needs to make more videos!

Probs the best - HarryBetts

9 Ohbabyitsmitty
10 Squaishy

One word or three I mean supper happy funtime

Don't know who she is but I voted her

Me again


The Contenders

11 Aurelian
12 Ashley Marie
13 TheaNicka

She’s amazing and funny

14 Kaleidow
15 Radiojh

I love HER

16 LaurenzSide
17 ItsNotFunneh
18 Amylee33
19 OMGitsfirefoxx
20 09sharkboy

Cool videos.
really funny
check him out.



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