Top Ten Best Female Monster High Characters


The Top Ten

1 Spectra Vondergeist Spectra Vondergeist

From head to toe from mind to heart 100 pure

2 Draculaura Draculaura

She's the only Romanian character that I know of other than a villain from Totally Spies. She's awesome and really vibrant.

3 Venus McFlytrap Venus McFlytrap
4 Toralei Stripe Toralei Stripe
5 Frankie Stein Frankie Stein

I Love Frankie ❤️.

6 Cleo De Nile Cleo De Nile
7 Clawdeen Wolf Clawdeen Wolf

I love her! I knew I would like her as soon as I saw her! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

8 Lagoona Blue Lagoona Blue
9 Purrsephone Purrsephone
10 Meowlody Meowlody

The Contenders

11 Ghoulia Yelps
12 Twyla
13 Operetta
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