Top Ten Female Naruto Characters

It has finally arrived! I wasn't planning to make this list before, but I thought to myself, if I called it "Male Naruto Characters" why not make "Female Naruto Characters?" So here it is!!

The Top Ten

1 Hinata Hyuga Hinata Hyuga Hinata Hyuga is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

I love Hinata. She is the most sweets and the most caring out of all naruto characters. She is the first girl to realized how naruto struggled and nobody loves him except hinata. She was there for him and even she jumped out when pein tries to take him away. That how much she cares and loves him. I don't want to mean but Sakura just stand there and let it happen. After that she confessed to him that she loves him that was truly stupid and I laughed when naruto reject her. I know that she is trying to stop naruto for chasing after sasuke. She could have come up with another plan than that. Hinata on other hand tells the truth. Sakura is alright an all but she needs to back off. She knows hinata loves him and why she confessed all the sudden is she jealous? That's why I am Hinata supporter and NaruHina supporter NaruHina will happen if not I will throw my computer out the window

Wait? Is this list for the best female Naruto characters because it say the ten Naruto female characters I am assuming it mean the best Naruto female characters. - Koui

I like naruto shippuden and I like many character on naruto shippuden. One of the most characters that I like is Hinata hyuga. She looks very cute. She is the cutest character on the whole anime. At the beginning at naruto series naruto was hated from every one in the hidden leaf village. Because of the nine tails. He was lonely and sad. But hinata was the first person to respect naruro and the only person who loves naruto the most. And for sakura. I hate sakura. Because she didn't show any respect to naruto in the whole series even in the latest episodes. She was always pushing naruto. She didn't even show any love to naruto and even if she told him that she love him she is only lying to him But hinata was really loving naruto. Sakura love sasuke and she will never love any one accept sasuke that's for sure. I also hate sakura because she is a cry baby don't get me wrong. I will tell you why. For example. When the leaf village was being destroyed by pain sakura didn't do any thing ...more

Sakura did a false confession just to free Naruto from the burden of his promise to bring sasuke back because she knows Naruto is in danger... Naruto rejected that confession because he think that she was lying that she still loves sasuke and not him that's why he didn't accept that false confession...

Hinata is my favorite female character of all the animes that I have watched, which include Bleach, Fairy Tail and One piece. The reason why she is my favorite female character is because of the bond she shares with Naruto. She was in the beginning not depicted a the main heroine, that's ok, but Kishimoto had big plans for her, because a love affection she has for Naruto sinds the beginning of the manga and the anime series as far as we know it, they understand each others pain of not recognized by other people and want to chance it. Sakura: she was just being bullied in her childhood unlike Naruto and Hinata. They both strive for the same goal for being recognized. First I had no idea of what Hinata would become (the same, cannot confess her feelings for Naruto, Not kicking ass). But the Shippuden series changed my perspective of her. And I must say its both emotional and intense of how far she is willing to go for Naruto. Her personality is the reason she is my favorite female ...more

Sakura and hinata are just the same, hinata always says Naruto kun Naruto kun while sakura always says sasuke kun sasuke kun... It just happen that their way of showing love is different.. And I think you don't need to have dark past just to be a hero or heroine... There are lots of heroes that don't have dark past... I like both sakura and hinata.. And they are friends...

Hinata is a queen! Best girl of Naruto no doubt. She is super determined, works hard even when her clan rejected her, wants to protect all her loved ones no matter what.She never relies on others and is so kind to everyone...

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2 Sakura Haruno Sakura Haruno Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

I've personally come to see a lot of myself in Sakura, like her ability to make mistakes like a child and learn from them (something all people do, which is laughable since so many people brand her as a horrible person for one thing she did), her humanity (which people say is a weakness because they don't like females who cry a lot, which is hilarious because they would cry too if it were them instead of her) and her determination to get stronger, even if she was completely out of everyone else's league. I'm not saying she is weak, but by being in a civilian family, she hasn't grown up knowing she would be fighting wars and doing elite missions all her life, until she met Ino. I don't truly believe she just joined the Academy for Sasuke, but I do believe that he is her drive to get stronger. She actually shows the progress of everything she has ever done to go as far as she has in the shinobi world, and her character, unlike most, has a reason for everything that they are: ...more

"which people say is a weakness because they don't like females who cry a lot, which is hilarious because they would cry too if it were them instead of her" Uh...I wouldn't cry because people would make fun of my forehead. I don't cry when my crush ignores me. - Hanah_Ant

Sakura is just awesome in her own way. Hinata can take the top all she wants, I don't mind because she's a good character (though a bit of a Mary-sue? ). But Sakura, she's just different. She's the closest to us, real life females. Her personality, her flaws, her temper.

She started out having a huge crush on Sasuke and became an "annoying" fangirl but as time goes by, don't we all see the changes? She actually started loving the guy as a whole. Even after he betrayed them and left her on a ' park bench! Laugh out loud. But yea, while Hinata has this shy, loyal and long-term kind of love for Naruto, Sakura has a major developing one (Which all of us will pretty much be involved in).

As for her and Naruto. Don't you guys see how those two have this brother-sister kind of bond? Or maybe just best friends (with a huge friend-zoning)? Naruto loves her, alright. But Sakura, like all of us, she can't pretend to like a guy she don't right... I totally understand her. ...more

I don't like a mary sue type of character that much because it's beyond reality and overrated... I like characters with a bit imperfections because it's close to reality... And character with flaws are more relatable for me because people may see their ugly sides and it can teach them to change that flaws they and sakura have because may see how undesirable that attitude is... Sakura is not that bad, she has good sides too, but people only focused on her negative side and make it an excuse to degrade her character and throw her from being main character to a side character... And I don't like the way they degrade her...

Sakura is extremely intelligent and a great medical ninja. She also has super strength and the top stats in the data book when compared to every other female in the series. I like her because she is the most complex character in Naruto. Naruto (never gives up), Sasuke (revenge), Hinata (Naruto-kun obsessed). But Sakura sometimes can't make up her mind and may be emotional, but she has changed so much throughout the series. She no longer loves Sasuke and is starting to develop feeling for Naruto. She is no longer a weak little crybaby, but has the most skills out of any other female in the series, can heal herself in battle, was the first to kill an Akatsuki member (Yes, chiyo helped her during the first 1/2 of the fight, but she did everything else the 2nd half. And Naruto needed Kakashi to help him fight Kakazu, so she was not the only one who needed help.). This is quite a step up from part 1. And I love to see characters who start out w/ nearly no skills work their way up through ...more

What do you bad sakura photo?! 😡"

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3 Konan Konan Konan is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

I pick Konan because I think she is the strongest Female Character in Naruto. She almost took out Madara who is one of the strongest characters in Naruto madara only survived because of Izanagi. I also think she is the hottest Female in Naruto.

She's so storng, not to mention she survives as the only female akatsuki member. Plus her battle style is so original! Death by origami!

Sakura deserves to be the bottom of the list. Actually, she shouldn't be on the list at all. I like a lot of Naruto characters, especially Hinata, but Sakura is one annoying girl I can't stand. Unlike Sasuke and Naruto, she can't push herself at all! She wasn't willing to try harder, it was Tsunade that forced her. Tsunade is the best! She is awesome and stronger than Sakura will ever be in her entire life. As for Konan, she is amazing. She is also really really pretty! She had a pretty traumatic past. She was a war orphan when she was really young, but she found yahiko and then nagato (also known as pain). They all dreamed of a world where peace can exist, because they don't want anybody going through what they went through. They were trained by Jiraiya and got super powerful. Then Jiraiya leaves them, saying that they will do great things in the future. Then, the three form an organization called the akatsuki (the good version) and then what happens? Yahiko dies. Her best friend is ...more

What does Sakura has to do with Konan? If you don't like her, it's okay, but don't go bashing her on other characters section, that's what a retard does. Konan is amazing, beautiful and very strong, so is Sakura, to me, you disagree? It's okay, but don't bash her with such lame arguments when you're supposed to vote and support KONAN.

Ok, this is fortunately a place where you vote your favorite character and not the strongest because if it was I could go on and rant forever about the fact that Kaguya is the strongest and that she was the first ninja in the whole world, anyway I will explain why I love Konan so much, she has a kind personality, she would do anything for her two friends that, unfortunately had to die in front of her, she is one of those characters you can NEVER hate, she doesn't show her kindness in an emotional way, and she is a beautiful angel, just like her nickname, the story of her and her step friends made me cry all night and she is so strong, both mentally and physically.

My favorite characters ranking are:

1) Konan

2)Tenten (we all know that she is one of the best characters ever, with the VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY little screen time she had she managed to show her strength and kindness, she lost against Temari, alright, like Neji said she was disadvantaged, by the way ...more

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4 Temari Sabaku Temari Sabaku

Temari might be the best female naruto character in the serie! She can knock down each of the female characters in long range. Since she is the best long range attacker, and face it guys she has the best jutsus! GO! TEMARI

I understand that most Naruto fans will go for either two of the top characters in the long run; Hinata or Sakura. No doubt, they are fantastic characters, unique in their own way and we all love them. However I must say, what about characters like Temari? Tenten? Ino? I personally like Temari over all the other female characters because she has a very different personality than the other girls. To be honest, we all know that Sakura is a bit on the sensitive side (for example, whenever someone calls her 'ugly'... ) and Hinata a little too shy (but progressively finding her confidence I'm sure). But compared to the other female characters, Temari is a strong willed, proud and not-afraid-to-speak-her-mind sort of girl. She is unafraid to speak her opinions and unlike the other female characters, she serves as a formidable opponent in battle against her enemies in the Naruto series; has there ever been a time where Temari is depicted as weak or useless? Temari is a great character, ...more

"she will blow you away" sorry bad pun x]

I understand this how Temari is here

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5 Tsunade Tsunade

She has the biggest boobs in the village

The female Hokage who manages to beat the living daylights out of anyone who cross' her, and has the ability to heal them afterwards.


Great character

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6 Kushina Kushina

What is Kushina doing way down here? She is the bomb! Even as a kid in a new village she had so much spunk, and as Minato noticed, she could stand up for herself (within reason). She could hit hard, and had some amazing abilities stemming from her Uzumaki lineage. Her love for Minato was so adorable, and you know we all cried after we saw what a mother she could have been after sacrificing herself for her son. Facing hate is not easy, and given the ninetails she held within her, she must have been filled with so much love... Plus, I love her hair ;) But kudos to Hinata, I love her too.

Kushina is the most beautiful character in Naruto She should be the number 1

She was the second host for the nine-tails and nobody knew except for the 4th hokake and the 3rd hokage and her son Naruto as well

Should definitely be number 1

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7 Ino Yamanaka Ino Yamanaka Ino Yamanaka is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Ino is beautiful, but she is not weak! With her kekkei genkai, she can kick butt by mentally destroying her foe. All in all, she is a powerful asset to a team!

Ino is hardworking, when she is determine to workhard and surpassed sakura this show that she is a very hardworking girl and she is devoted to sasuke and this show how she cares for him. I vote for her because of her strength, at the same time her beauty, her eyes are very attracting to others that she almost look like a princess no matter what you guys said about her, I sincerly wish you guys could acknoweledge her strength.

I really love Ino as a character because she's beautiful and a talented ninja. Many people over look her abilities and overlook her as an awesome character because of Sakura and Hinata. Don't get me wrong Hinata is my second favorite female character and Sakura is my third but my first goes to Ino hands down. She trys to put on the tough girl act like when her and Sakura fought during the chunnin exams but she really loves all her friends. When Sakura was fighting the sound ninja by herself she had her team help her. I think that her character development in Shippuden was also one of the more impressive because I think she became the bravest female character during the war. When Shikamaru's dad told them they would have to fight their Sensei she didn't cry or hestitate. She put on her big girl panties and told Choji and Shikamaru to man up. She even saved Choji when he was almost hit by Asuma's jutsu. When her dad died she also bravely took his place communicating with the alliance. ...more

Best girl

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8 Anko Mitarashi Anko Mitarashi

she is crazy! that shows everything! also she was a student of orochimaru(means that she's strong) and she can show that she is ok even if she has gone through many things in her life..

Anko can kick your butt any time any where losers

She has the cursed seal of heaven. She can also go in level 2 like Sasuke. She has some of Orochimarus tricks & jutsus, & is very underestimated.


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9 Tenten Tenten

Tenten is one of those unique characters that can be improved so much if she wasn't pushed into the background. She's constantly being overshadowed by Neji and Lee because they have backstories that attract people, unlike hers, which (? ) is still unknown or unexplored.

She's not necessarily weak. Sure, all she uses is weapons. The fact that she has 100% accuracy is overlooked because many ninja throw accurately enough. She knows her strengths and weaknesses. In the anime, she's shown to be able to beat all of her teammates in a one on one fight. She uses more than just weapons- they're like an extension of her body. To those who find her plain because she doesn't use jutsu, she's like Neji without any of his fancy moves. She's unique in her own way. (I could argue forever about this. )

Tenten has the most realistic personality in Naruto, or at least to me. She gets along well with others. She manages to deal with Lee and Gai effectively, looking to them as family. She ...more

Definitely one of the stronger female characters, and I know most of us respect the fact that she doesn't have a fangirl-ish background, like Sakura or Ino (no offense, they're cool too). She stands up for herself and doesn't care too much about her looks and has a good handle on her emotions. Plus, you can't help but go 'Aww' at her and Neji's... conflicted love life? Well, they don't know what to call it either, so it's all good.
Many thanks to perhaps the ONLY tomboy-ish chuunin kunoichi in the series, showing us that not all girls are afraid to get down and dirty like their male comrades!

She's cool, and has a strong will and doesn't give up easily, unlike all other female characters. She's gifted with the ability to handle weapons too.

Sakura and hinata both have the will of never give up too... No matter how strong their enemy is, they are willing to fight them even they know they can't defeat them..

She is awesome to space buns!

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10 Mei Terumi Mei Terumi

The Mizukage. The woman that uses 3 elements and is also hot. she should be higher in this list!

3 elements and two kekkei genkai. She is hot and I'm sure we gonna see her full strength when she faces black zetsu. It would be cool, if she could use blue fire just like azula fron avatar.

Is anybody home? Mei is obviously the strongest female character in Naruto, she's the Mizukage for heavens sake. I mean for one, she could easily trap and nearly kill Sasuke (granted he was weakened) she can also use earth, fire and water release, as well as advanced nature lava release and boil release. This means she can use a total of 5 elemental releases. How many can Hinata use... How many can Sakura use... Exactly.

Mei terumi hinata hyuga tsunade senju sakura haruno ino yamanaka anko mitarashi tenmari sabaku and ten ten I love you all

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The Contenders

11 Kurenai Yuhi Kurenai Yuhi

Kurenai yuhi is the best and the hottest because she isn't the most popular. Most of the rest are over rated. Kurenai is 100% pure sexy. She isn't flashy or loud or annoying and even though she doesn't have sharingan her eyes still look like it. Tsunade is a distant second but even she is the typical anime bombshell and that's not always good. Oh and all we can do is wonder what she looks like under those bandages. THINKING!

Kurenai yuhi whats under those bandages yum. Her eyes look like sharingan

Kurinai is pretty women. She is smart and she is inteligent.. Her eyes is so pretty...

she hot

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12 Shizune

SHIZUNE should be higher! Sure her fighting skills are not that impressive, and sure, maybe she doesn't have an ass or chest to die for, but that doesn't undermine how beautiful she is! She has been working so much under Tsunade, she never really got to live her own life. She hasn't had a man in a very long time either. I love Shizune with ALL MY HEART. And it pains me deeply, knowing that a very loving, and caring woman like her, died without making a name for herself :'( GO SHIZUNE!

Sakura stole Shizune's place as the pupil of Tsunade. Shizune did her best protecting Tsunade when she needed it and did surgery for Tsunade's patients. Shizune is of course a very important person to Tsunade and should have an actual backstory with Tsunade. Don't you guys think so?

Medical ninja with a dress wow

Shizune is beautiful, but she always hugging a filthy pig which makes me a little bit disgusted

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13 Guren

Guren. I don't care what people say about her.
1. She is ' crystal style user and one of the only ones.
2. She goes against Kabuto and Orochimaru to help save Yuukimaru (sorry if spelt wrong)
3. She is experienced and has really good jutsus

Well, she is the only crystal user ever, oh and she can disintegrate people into crystal dust. And she develops over time and I just really like watching her kick some serious ass

I have been in love with this character for god knows how long. She is such an amazing character and her power? Unbelievable. I mean, who would've thought that crystal element would be a very strong as well as beautiful element? (Well apparent Masashi Kishimoto did)

But still! I love the way she handles Naruto's clones with her Jade Crystal Blade! The way the blade appears is awesome. Guren is a bit underrated, I must say. Sure she was the bad guy at first but she changed and at the end she received the happiness she deserves.

The reason why she is underrated by people because she is only a filler character...

I love guren and yukimaru's flute theme.

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14 Tayuya Tayuya

As a Sound Four member, she is the 2nd strongest in the group, she is one of the cutest chick in Naruto beside she has badass mouth, I love her hair do, my favorite hair female character so far.

I love Tayuya, she is actually my favorite character along side Hinata and Kin. She may have a foul mouth but I love her personality, I really wish that she was still alive because she is amazing and can play the flute too! She is strong and really cool! I also love her hair, I think she should be higher on this list but still amazing character! Also I really wish there were more fanfiction of her because she is amazing!

I personally wished she would have live. Yes she has a foul mouth but she was strong. Besidea I think she could have had a good relationship with Naruto. It would be like the Kushina to Minato. I wish they would have at least given more background information.

With her flute she can do almost anything - Narutomaster5000

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15 Yugito Nii

She's cool. Bee and her are an item!

Yugito nii I love her there should be a episode on yugito nii and every female character

Because she has a perfect boob

Ok but like.. shes hot and dresses well

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16 Temari Temari

Temari is very strong and beautiful she should be higher she is so underrated.

She is so confident lady.
She got very strong attitude. She and her brothers are all strong.

17 Rin Nohara

She became a main character even being dead. She's the reason why the 4th Ninja War started, arguably the largest of wars, and why the attack of the Nine Tails started. She was Tobi's motivation, his main force, that led him to cause so much wreckage in the world. Since her death, Tobi was motivated to perform the Eternal Tsukiomi plan and that led to the Nine Tails being stored into Naruto, thus fueling Sasuke's motivation to kill Itachi. After Itachi died, Tobi told Sasuke the truth of Itachi because Tobi wanted Sasuke for the war that the former was planning. Since the Nine Tails was sealed into Naruto, he became the war's target, in which Tobi was trying to win. Kabuto finding Madara was the reason why Tobi accepted Kabuto to be his ally. Tobi wanted Madara revived from the start, and there he had it. At the end, Tobi's defeat was what made the story end with Naruto being the Hokage, all this because Rin died. Her death was an extreme catalyst to which sparked the fire in which ...more

She has a very kind personality and always worries about Obito and Kakashi. She is a valuable teammate in her medical ninjutsu and as someone both of her other teammates can talk to personally. Unlike the other kunoichi's in the other teams, like Team 7, etc, she isn't arrogant or flashy but caring and will always listen to her teammates. Of course she falls in love with one of them, but that's typical of someone her own age, but she isn't like Sakura and Sasuke or Ino with Sai, who isn't even her teammate, who would say it to everyone and spread the rumor. Instead she worries about both seemingly equally and is a very sensitive person. Although she doesn't appear as much as everybody else, she still ends up being one of the deeper female characters in the series and one will have to read the manga in order to see this.

Unlike someone *cough cough* sakura *cough* even though she likes Kakashi, she treats them pretty much the same. She is kind and supportive to Obito and Kakashi, almost more so to Obito. She has guts, and is a strong ninja while not arrogant or bossy. Even when they argue she calms them down gently. - alicial28

Rin should be more appreciated. She is a role model, a girl with a perfect personality. She is the reason Obito went crazy, the reason Madara had someone to use. Had Rin never existed, Naruto wouldn't be the same. Not only was Rin the cause of many things in Naruto, but she wasn't like Sakura. She may have crushed on the protege of her team, being Kakashi, but she didn't push Obito away because he was a looser. She didn't rely on Obito and Kakashi the same way Sakura relied on Naruto and Sasuke, although she did need their help. She knew medical ninjutsu from the start, healing Obito and Kakashi. She was also great support for Obito to keep going towards his dream.

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18 Mikoto Uchiha

Mikoto supported Sasuke when Itachi overshadowed him. She offered to help Sasuke improve his skills before she died. Without Mikoto, Sasuke would definitely have been more lonely during his childhood. Mikoto was equally motherly to both of her sons. She also made it clear to Itachi that even though he had prioritized the village before his clan, that she loved him and was proud of him as a son. Mikoto was kind and understanding and even became friends with Uzumaki Kushina who was an outcast. It is unknown whether or not they became friends after the academy, however she was able to break Kushina's shell like Minato. To be honest, I think she's underrated since she died and was hardly mentioned. Besides, she didn't seem to be under the curse of hatred as she isn't seen hating the village (speaking with Kushina and Biwako who was the hokage's wife). She's also strong since she is mentioned to be pretty good with weapons and should know many fire style attacks.

Mikoto was very strong for excepting her untimely death because she understood that her son was only doing it to prevent further disaster. She is probably the bravest woman in the Naruto universe

18? Nani. Mikoto was practically the bravest woman who accepted her death and Itachi's choice. I mean, she still hoped for a future for her children.

Mikoto was one of the few female uchihas, and while she didn't have the greatest of screentime it doesn't mean she isn't a great female character. Shes probably the best mom in the series (currently battling for the top with Kushina) due to the fact that she loves both of her sons equally and was really supportive of Kushina during her pregnancy. She didn't favor Itachi over Sasuke like Fugaku, so she was more amazing than most of the other women in Naruto.

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19 Chiyo

She gaveup her life for gaara

Really people? Below a pig?

She Killed Sasori, an S-Rank member of The Akatsuki

Chiyo, best girl

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20 Shion

I know shes non canon but lets face it her barrier from the pendent she gave Naruto was amazing she wasnt willing to go out of her way to help any one in the beginning but she showed how courageous and kind she can be helping Naruto take down that demon of darkness plus shes one of the few characters who truly loved Naruto other than hinata and his parents I know shes from a movie but she ends up being pretty epic by the end

Shion and Hinata would have been rivals for Naruto, although Hinata would be calm and not get jealous to the point that she would hate Shion. They both look so alike.

She wanted naruto so bad she wanted him to have her kids and her clothes is see throught.

I love Hinata, but please make Shion hit the top. This is astoundingly wonderful.

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21 Ayame

She helps make ramen for Naruto! He wouldn't be able to survive otherwise. (She's also pretty hot).

Gosh WHAT WAS I THINKING?! I should have voted for her Hinata didn't need my vote anyways...

She is a strong willing person and will do anything for naruto and her friends.


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22 Kushina Uzumaki Kushina Uzumaki

She is so beautiful.

Why no picture

She is the best

Kushina would have been the best mom I would love to be just like her when I grow up I mean look at her she’s pretty and nice but can be the devil if you make her mad

23 Queen Sara

Pretty beautiful if you ask me. She and Naruto had something in the the movie The Lost Tower. If only they weren't twenty years apart, then those two would be perfect.

Most beautiful character after hinata, kushina, and sakura.

24 Hanabi

I like hanabi she is the best I think because she always loved hinata as a sister and wanted to be like her and shes tough and never gives up even though she got kidnapped but still manage to be strong just like hinata and that's my opinion

She's a strong character and who is very talked up in the series, even if we never really get to see her fight. We can only assume she is stronger than Hinata in the original series and maybe even Neji.

I feel good that Hanabi is the Hyuga's heir now, because if Hinata won the fight, she wouldn't have gotten the time to spend with naruto and the others.

Hanabi is the best!

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25 Fuka

Very sexy and hot and horny. No wonder why she lure her prey into kissing her

Fuuka is so sexy... but she is only in the filler


Nah Bruh Fuka should be number 1 and she is hot! '

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26 Samui

At first I was going to consider maybe ino or anko maybe even the Mizukage but then I saw Samui and I want insane she's defiantly the hottest Naruto character by FAR! Not to mention she's super strong and she has great "coconuts" if you no what I mean

The hottest girl

Definitely one of my top 10..

Samui is kunochi of cloud village

27 Fu

She is beast and she has a cute smile and awesome and she isn't a bitch of a flirty type girl like sakura

She is one of the prettiest girls in naruto

I love her personality and she is well balanced. Not overpowered, but not weak either

Hello? Strongest female Jinchuriki? While Hinata, Sakura, Ino, and Temari are way higher up on my favorite characters list, Fu is definitely the coolest.

28 Female Pain

She is extremely powerful, and also extremely attractive! I mean, she is basically one of the strongest paths of pain, and I am a huge fan of her. It is also very amazing how she could summon those extremely powerful beasts

I pick the female pain because her ability, style/appearance (even though it's the same as the other pains). Yeah she may be a corpse but she's pretty hot also. And her summonings are awesome. She also could't feel no pain which is pretty cool. Even though she didn't have a lot of info on her like her actual name and she died pretty fast she did cause a lot of damage in the Leaf Village

I think she is the most prettiest girls on naruto and if she wasn't emotionless I think she ll be cool.

You mean her name is ajisai not female pain

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29 Pakura

She was the hero of the hidden sand

The hero of the hidden sand and strong too

A her from sunogakure

Her kekkei genkai is awesome. she is awesome

30 Ameyuri Ringo

She is dope
You don't get in seven swordsmen of mist without being strong

A seven swordman or I could say swordwomen

31 Suiren
32 Mito Uzumaki

I adore mito she's one of the greatest woman in history plus she's cool. You don't see her bitching about the kyuubi she's my favorite character and at least she can kickasses!. Let not mention she is beautiful and strong she's not a kunoichi but a shinobi.

I think that Mito should pass Sakura, because of many reasons!

I love her hair and she a jinchuriki and she tsunade grandmother and she hashirama wite

Hjlsxjcicj? Lhxd geoscientist
McLeish Matalan
I don't hhgbnmkj

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33 Amaru

I love her! Her bond with Naruto was amazing!

Who is she and were is she from in Naruto?

Amaru, I think she is the girl from Ichiraku's Ramen Shop.

34 Hana Inuzuka
35 Sasame

Sasame was little and sweet. Plus she was persistent in finding her cousin.

Sasame are the best. Saved Naruto in anime, she is much beautiful.
But we 't seen her power yet...
Bring Sasame back!

36 Mabui Mabui

Mabui is really pretty

Smoking hot for such a minor role.

McManus is super hot

37 Yugao Uzuki

She is totally hardcore! Yugao is very skilled in kenjutsu and even carries a katana. Not many ninja do. Plus she is Anbu. And she's even gorgeous! I mean purple hair. Come on!

Yugao is Ambu Team member

She's just too cool

She puts others before herself. She would do anything for her people. - Moonheart

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38 Fuu

Cheerful and outgoing.. and most of all funny!

Fuu is the jinchuuriki of Chomei (Shichibi) but she is still optimistic and friendly (over friendly actually). I see Naruto in her so much. It is so cute that she wants to make 100 friends during the chunin exam despite it is a conpetition/test.

39 Himawari Uzumaki

Who ever said that she was horrible, weird or fat are just STUPID! I'm sorry for my bad language but I think that you people out there are just mad because she didn't turn out to be the one you like. If you don't like a character, just SHUT UP! I am a fan of Himawari and I hope YOU die. If you don't like Himawari, don't even bother typing on this page. Masashi Kishimoto did a great job and I think that he created great characters. So if you have nothing nice to say, be quiet and let other REAL Naruto FANS type cause you are taking too much space here. In my opinion, Himawari is better than Boruto. It's just an opinion. If you disagree please type and tell the world what your opinions are.

Himawari is 40? Come on this is crazy.. she is daughter of Naruto and Hinata, she supposed to be 10-15, that's not fair, she is very cute and nice like Hinata..

She is Himawari


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40 Hotaru

Hotaru is Utakata's student

I think this girl deserves to be in the 20's, because her bond with Utakata was amazing.And yeah she is really pretty!

41 Tonton

Tonton is a pig. I don't think pigs are very useful unless they are bacon or cooked. Seriously? A PIG is STRONGER tat Chiyo?

PIGS ARE NOT USEFUL? If you'll recall this pig got injured running important supplies to medical ninja during the war!

Really?!? The PIG? When I see a pig all I see is bacon... you have put bacon on this list!

Tonton is awesome.

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42 Karui

Oh my bad.. She is a powerful kunoichi. Pretty, too!

Yeah I find her cool. :) her eyes are like tiger eyes.

43 Moegi

She deserves a place on the 1-10 section because she has to deal with konohamaru all day

44 Karura

Karura is awesome imean she was one of the best mothers on the series. she despretly wanted to protect her kids plus she was very kind. I don't know if anyone noticed but she kinda looks like matsuri they're just alike I think

45 Mirai Sarutobi

She is a great daughter for the sarutobi clan. She looks like a male but she is actually a female. The only part that I actually saw her was in the manga praying and saying goodbye to his father, sauna Sarutobi.

46 Aiko Uchiha

Why there is no pictur3?

47 Chocho Akimichi

Chocho is the diva!

Chocho is awesome! She is an awesome character in Boruto and I feel like she'all surpass Choji!

48 Rinmaru
49 Kin Tsuchi

She bad bra

50 Kasumi
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